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Hi, my name is Thanasis Constantinou and I am from Cyprus, Nicosia. I am the creator of this blog.

I moved to Poland at the end of July 2014 with my wife and kid. That was one of the best decisions we ever made.

In Warsaw Blog, you can find all the answers and why I love Warsaw so much.

During the time I am living here in Warsaw, I start to love Poland and I decided to start my own blog.

Actually, I started differently but in the end, I changed my character and contents to be more helpful to travelers.

Then I discover that Auschwitz and Wieliczka in Krakow do not offer Greek-speaking tours, so I thought it might be a good idea to make it happen.

Find here all the Greek-speaking tours from Krakow.

My main purpose is to help travelers to find interesting information in order to plan their trip to Poland and save money.

I am also trying to improve the quality of Greek tourism in Poland and provide awesome private tours at great prices.

Actually, it is a fact that the Greek-speaking private tours we provide are of higher quality and at a much better price than the English speaking.

Finally, here in Warsaw, we work together with the only Cypriot licensed guide in Poland, which is licensed also for Warsaw's Royal Castle.

Here, are all the necessary information about Greek-speaking tours in Warsaw.

Malbork castle in Poland - An UNESCO world heritage site


Share my Love for Poland and Cyprus, provide all the necessary information in order to plan an awesome trip.

Help travelers to get the most out of their vacation, but at the same time see more, while paying less.

Show to people very interesting places to include on their trip, but also give them the information on how to visit them.

There are many companies here that they provide very interesting packages around Poland.

We cooperate with a local DMC, and we can get you a 5% discount on any tour from Warsaw.

In my opinion, Poland is a country full of surprises but is also a little difficult to plan a trip alone. Although is getting better now.

For this reason, I am trying to provide as much information possible in order to help you with planning.

When you try to plan a long trip to Poland, you can find all the information you need on the Holiday to Poland Planning Articles.

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Short Biography

Hi, my name is Thanasis Constantinou and I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus.

In July 2014 we decided with my wife and kid to move to Poland.

Continue our working carrier and get new challenges and also learn new skills. 

This is: Where I Live in Warsaw!

The Flag of Cyprus  The Flag of Greece   The Flag of Poland 

I have never regret that decision.

Warsaw and Poland, in general, offer an awesome environment for growing up a kid.

There are a lot of beautiful parks, kids attractions, and playgrounds.

Also, there are a lot of work opportunities for me and my wife.

It is a relatively safe place with a high-level of education.

Currently working as an IT support specialist and automation developer in a great company.

At the same time, I started my blog with all the related social media at the beginning of 2017.

I am working part-time on this as a personal project and trying to achieve my mission.

my picture olsztynMy favorite place in Olsztyn


Cyprus not only offers guaranteed sunny weather but also beautiful beaches and rich history, which starts from the Stone Age period.

It is an amazing vacation destination to visit, although it might be very hot during the summer months!

Unfortunately, Cyprus is still occupied by Turkish since 1974.

It is the only divided European country.

From the ancient years, Cyprus was a target for many invaders, and history starts from the Stone Age.

Each one of them left signs on this beautiful island. Since 2003, you are able to cross the line from one side to the other.

A tale of two different countries with different religions exists on a small island.

The only definitely sure is the guaranteed sunny weather and the warm seawater.

Finally, the food in Cyprus is just awesome and I wouldn't change it with anything else.

Try the fish and meat meze, Cyprus souvlaki, Koupepia, Keftedes, Jacket Potatoe, and much more tasty staff!

You can find more information in my article: Visit Cyprus, Travel Tips and Recommendations


An amazing destination where you can enjoy the beauty of nature but also an interesting history of WWII.

Green areas in every corner, national parks, forests, lakes, and rivers, with the most important UNESCO's Bialowieza Forest.

Poland is located in the center of Europe and it was used in the dark plans of the Nazi «Final Solution».

Some of the related places which survived are Auschwitz, Treblinka, Stutthof, Majdanek, Mamerki, and Wolf's Lair.

Also, Poland is famous for the Amazing Castles, like Malbork, Wawel, Grodno, Reszel, Mirów, and Kziąż to name a few.

Very interesting and beautiful cities in Poland to visit except Warsaw and Krakow are

  • Toruń, the birthplace of Nicolaos Kopernikos
  • Wroclaw, in lowest Silesia, previously Germany. On the surroundings, you can also visit the underground project Riese and Osówka.
  • Swidnica, a small old town close to Wroclaw where you can visit the famous Church of Peace.
  • Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot on the beautiful Baltic sea.
  • Lódż with the famous Łódż ghetto.

Finally, it worth taking a look at some monasteries like Jasna Góra in Czestochowa and Sw. Lipka.


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We Do Not Forget Cyprus and Nicosia
The only divided European Capital! Since 1974!
Read also: Cyprus Problem & History - Turkish Invasion

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