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Briefly about Me

My name is Thanasis Constantinou, i am from Cyprus but i Live in Warsaw!

Moved in Poland in 2014 and i never regret my decision

I am not a touroperator, but i work with many local licensed Touroperators in Poland.

Helping people to find awesome tours from Warsaw!

Also helping you to Plan a Tour and Save Money!!

Visit all the important Nazi Cambs in Poland: Auschwitz, Treblinka, Stutthof, Majdanek and Sobibor!

Tours for Greek in Auschwitz, Krakow and Wieliczka

Greek Tours in Warsaw

Ξεναγήσεις στην Κρακοβία και στην Βαρσοβία

Some of the Day Tours From Warsaw

  • Krakow and Auschwitz Day Tour From Warsaw - More info
  • Krakow and Wieliczka Day Tour from Warsaw - More Info.
  • Malbork Castle, Gdansk or Sopot Day Tour from Warsaw -- More info.
  • Treblinka Tour from Warsaw - Do it YourSelf with an Audio Guide!! -- More Info!
  • Bialowieza National Park Tour from Warsaw - Stay in the forest - Do it Your Self as well. More Info.
  • Czestochowa Tours from Warsaw - More Info.
  • Stutthof Nazi Camp from Warsaw - Do it Yourself!! - More Info.
  • Torun Tours from Warsaw - Do it Your Self!! - More Info.
  • Lodz tours from Warsaw - More Info.
  • Ask for it and we will try to help you make it Happen!!

Malbork castle in Poland - An UNESCO world heritage site

Some of the Tours in Warsaw

ALL Inclusive Packages in Warsaw and Poland

All Inclusive Tours can be from 5 Days until 16 Days in Poland. We can create for your group also custom made tours around Poland. There are also ready Holiday to Poland packages to see.

What other services i can offer to you!!

  • Tours anywhere in Poland. I cooperate with many different companies and tour providers. I can send you tours based on your needs and preferences in the best prices.
  • Greek Tours with Electric Cars in Krakow.
  • Travel Tips, What to See, Things to Do - Poland and Cyprus!!
  • FREE Walking tours, FREE museums, FREE events and FREE attractions during your stay!!
  • Information and Tickets on awesome Events and Concerts in Poland!!
  • Help with accomodation. Find the cheapest hotels in Poland
  • Social Media Support.
  • Car Rentals in Poland and Cyprus

cyprus protaras boat shelter

Short Biography

Hi, my name is Thanasis Constantinou and I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. In July, 2014 we decided with my wife and kid to move to Poland.

Continue our working carrier in order to get new challenges and learn new skills. This is: Where I Live in Warsaw!

The Flag of Cyprus  The Flag of Greece   The Flag of Poland 

I have never regret that decision.Warsaw and Poland in general offer an awesome environment for growing up a kid.

There are a lot of beautiful parks, kids attractions and playgrounds. Also there are huge work opportunities for me and my wife.

my picture olsztynPicture from my favorite place in Olsztyn

It is a relatively a safe place with a high-level of education. Lot of work opportunities. Currently working as an IT support specialist and automation developer in a great company.

At the same time I started my blog with all the related social media at the beginning of 2017. I am working part-time on this as a personal project.

Why i started this project

  • The need for extra income.
  • The father of my son's best friend is the local licensed touroperator here in Warsaw.
  • Knowledge of Polands and specially Warsaw. Events, Free things to do, What to see. I can provide useful travel tips and save you time and money.
  • Knowledge of Cyprus. I can also provide assistance and information for Cyprus.
  • Personal development. Although web development, Marketing and Social media is not my field. I Love what i am doing and i am learning my way.

mermaid warsaw old town square


My mission is to share my travel passion and Love for Poland and Cyprus. Help travelers to get the most out of their vacation. Have fun and enjoy the beauty of these amazing travel destinations.

Make people aware about the history and the dark side of humanity.


Cyprus not only can offer a guaranteed sunny weather. But also beautiful beaches and rich history, which starts from the Stone Age period. It is a nice destination to visit, although it might be very hot!!

Important Note. Last year - in 2017 Christmass i was in Cyprus. I have been to Nissi Beach and i was swimming. The water temperature was just perfect!! Weather was like a good Spring Day in Poland, maybe even Summer!!

Cyprus is still occupied by Turkish since 1974. It is the only divided European country. In addition, Cyprus offer a great and rich history starting from the stone age. From the ancient years was a target for many invaders.

Each one of the invaders left signs in this beautiful island. Now you are able to cross the line from one side to the other. Two different countries with different religions fit in a small island.

The feelings are mixed. Local people have seen their homes after so many years. Now other people leave there. It is something that worth to see!! There are Tours in Nicosia you can Join!!

Enjoy a guaranteed sunny weather and a warm sea water. Get some tanning and have some wild parties in Ayia Napa! In addition to that the food is awesome.

Try the fish meze in great hidden restaurants, Cyprus souvlaki, Koupepia, Keftedes, Jacket Potatoe and many more tasty staff!!

You can find more information in my article: Visit Cyprus, Travel Tips and Recommendations


Amazing destination where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Lot of green on every corner, national parks, forests, lakes and rivers. The most interesting part of Poland's history is during the second world war.

Also after the world war II. Poland is located in the center of Europe and it was used in the dark plans of the Nazi killing engines. Places like Auschwitz, Treblinka, Stutthof, Wolf's Lair and many other exist.

All these places uncover the Nazi crimes during the war.

Also places related to the Jewish history exist in the country and there are great tours in order to see them. While the country it is not offered for laying at the beach and drinking cocktails.

At least the most of the time, it has much more than that. Many amazing attractions, fairy tale places, castles, UNESCO sites and beaches across the river.

Finally is a relatively cheap destination. You can book luxury hotels and eat great food in great prices!!

You can find a lot of information on things to do in our Blog.


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We Do Not Forget Cyprus and Nicosia

The only divided European Capital! Since 1974!

Related Article -- Cyprus History and Turkish Invasion

Nicosia, a Tale of 2 Cities


Some links on this page are affiliate links. Meaning, at no extra cost to you, i will earn commission. Only if you click through and book a tour or a hotel.

Commissions are the only source of income. I recommend known products and World Wide, personally Tested Companies!

I am doing my best to help you plan your trip to Poland. Any feedbback is also appreciated!