Beautiful Lake view from a wooden house - Polish countryside from Warsaw

Escape to Polish countryside from Warsaw

Discover the Warsaw countryside. The most amazing part of Poland. Rather than the noisy city and traditional tours. Let's do something different this time. Let's visit the beautiful Polish countryside and see an amazing place, enjoy the fresh air, swim and have some fun.

Zagroda Ojrzanów (Soul Farm Ojrzanow)

A very unique place for exceptional people

Just 30km outside of Warsaw, In the heart of the Młochowskie forests.

You are going to discover a beautiful Traditional Polish Farm, mostly made of wood.

Enjoy the Polish countryside, relax and have fun!

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Very few information is available about the village online, source Wikipedia. 

Ojrzanów is a very small village in Poland located in the Masovian Voivodeship on the Utrata river and around 30Km outside of Warsaw.

touching goats kid polish farm

There is quite an easy way to go by car but it is very difficult to get there using public transportation. 

The noble village of Ojrzonowo was located in the second half of the 16th century in the district of Tarczyński in the Masovia Province in Warsaw.

From the fifteenth century, there was a wooden parish church in Ojrzanów, now no longer existing.

The present church is located in neighboring Żelechów, although the parish is called Ojrzanowska.

The parish of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ojrzanów belongs to the Tarczyn deanery, the Archdiocese of Warsaw.

Nature Reserve Młochowski Grąd

A natural reserve is located in Nadarzyn, in the Masovian Voivodeship 28 minutes walk from the place.

The purpose of protection is to preserve fragments of the natural forest communities with high oak and mixed coniferous forest communities.

Also in 2003, a group of fallow deers was acclimatized. The trail runs along the edge of the reserve:

Zelechów green tourist route - Młochowski Łęg reserve - Młochowski Grąd - Młochów reserve

What to expect from the visit

I will pick you up from your hotel in Warsaw and we are going to Ojrzanow. The place is located around 30 minutes drive from Warsaw.

We are going for a short ride with the car into the surrounding forests to enjoy the beauty of nature and hopefully spot some deers.

Then we will get to Zagroda Ojrzanow. This is a beautiful traditional Polish farm inside the forest and next to a beautiful lake.

We can drink coffee or wine, eat some tasty soup, swim, relax and enjoy hopefully a beautiful sunny day.

Finally we can go eat something on the way back or eat something in the place. They usually prepare some food but sometimes they don't.

We might be even able to make a bon-fire if the owner of the place will bring us some meat and the place is not too crowded.

Enjoy fresh air and green in a beautiful Polish farm located in the heart of the forest.

feading horses polish farm warsaw

A beautiful lake decorate the place in the best way. You can swim if the weather will allow it.

Meet the Polish tradition and try some interesting and very tasty home made products.

If we are lucky enough, we can catch the time when they produce a very nice tasty fruity wine.

This place is located among the forests of Młochowskie, in the heart of Chelmno and away from the noise and pollution of the city.

Summer garden delights with fragrant herbs, lush vegetable garden, edible flowers, pumpkins, tomatoes and more, while there is a farm with horses, cows, sheep and other animals.

More about the place - Polish countryside from Warsaw

Place directly dreamed of active relaxation, regeneration of the body through cleansing and oxygenation.

feading ships polish farm warsaw

We recommend swimming in the pond under the sky preceded by a visit to the sauna located in the cottage on the water.

The surrounding areas are great cycling trails, many hiking trails, which are also worth crossing in the winter on cross-country skiing.

You can often find hawks, pheasants, herons, roe deer and fallow deer.

Duplex house: cozy interior, paintings, old tile stove and comfortable furniture. On the ground floor, kitchen with dining area, higher hotel rooms with bathrooms.

They are also doing Yoga classes during the weekends.

playing horses kid polish farm warsaw

From the terraces there is a view of the countryside: pasture of sheep and goats, horse and donkey paddocks, ponds of pow. 4 ha, vegetable garden, barn, shed and glass hall where gyms are held.

Its transparent walls give the feeling of open-air exercise, fascinating regardless of the weather and time of year.

The cuisine serves vegetarian dishes, goat's cheese, rapeseed oil, sauerkraut, beetroot, lamb and poultry. Everything from the farm.

Options on How to visit the farm

Unfortunately there is no public transportation to the place.

You can only rent a car and easily get there. You can also rent a city bike from Warsaw.

Let's visit the place together

This is not a historic tour and there will not be a historical information. But I will tell you a few things.

I will pick you up, take you to the place, see the surrounding forests and help you get around, then return you back to Warsaw.

This is only applicable for up-to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 Kids just to be comfortable in the car. I can provide a car sit on demand.


  • Hotel pickup from Warsaw.
  • Transport.
  • A 30-60 minutes ride and walk on the surrounding forests to enjoy the nature and spot some animals.
  • Baby car sit (optional).

Important Note: Polish countryside from Warsaw is for fun, relax and fresh air. Escape from the city and see something different.

You are going to try some nice home made products, walk in the forest and see some animals.

If the weather is good, you can swim in the lake.

The reason for this tour is to relax and enjoy the beautiful Polish countryside from Warsaw.

This is an awesome place specially for kids!

Language: Greek or English

Cost: €100 (Group of 1-3 People)

(Only available during the Weekends: Saturday or Sunday - April to October)

It might not be available due to that the place might be booked for a wedding

Please ask for Availability at least 3 Days in Advance

There might be ability to Stay for one or More Nights

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