Wolfs Lair tour during Autumn - How to visit?

How to visit Wolfs Lair from Warsaw

Visit the ruins of Hitler's Headquarters in Wolfs Lair. Plan your trip from Warsaw and discover the place where the most famous assassination attempt made against the Nazi leader. Combine your trip with a visit to Mamerki, a complex of undamaged Nazi bunkers and maybe the sanctuary in Swieta Lipka.

Wolfs Lair, the place where Adolf Hitler spent over 800 days

Hiding in the forest and planning

Top secret and high-security site in the Masurian woods

Located about 8 km (5.0 mi) east of the small East Prussian town of Rastenburg

(Rastenburg in East Prussia - Now Kętrzyn city, Poland).

I am going to explain how to Plan a Visit to Wolfs Lair from Warsaw

Names: Wilczy Szaniec - Hitler called it "Wolfsschanze", which in English means Wolfs Lair

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Wolf's Lair

The high-security stronghold of the Nazi leader, hidden well in a Polish forest just outside Kętrzyn.

The Wolf’s Lair (Wolfsschanze), is the place where the famous assassination attempt was made against Hitler and the room where Operation Valkyrie nearly blew him, can still be found.

wolfs lair hilter safe

Built-in 1941, Wolfs Lair was one of the secret headquarters on Eastern Europe. Well-camouflaged concrete bunker buildings with multiple layers of security in a secret location.

The location was a well-kept secret, ensuring that the Nazi leaders are safe to take strategic decisions about WWII.

It is well known that Hitler spends around 800 days at the place.

Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg made it with a suitcase bomb into the meeting with Führer, following a plan to assassinate him and put an end to his crazy plans.

Unfortunately, Hitler survived the explosion, which was just next to him with just minor injuries.

However, Wolfs Lair was exposed and with the Russian forces approaching, the Nazis abandoned the place by the next year and destroyed most of it.


Worth to visit Wolfs Lair?

Certainly, it is not an easy task to visit Wolf's Lair from Warsaw as it is located in a remote location in a forest.

There are no direct trains to the place and are around 284KM from Warsaw.

This doesn't mean that it is impossible, but we will refer to this later on.

First of all, it is fascinating to visit this place, only knowing what happened there. It is also a very beautiful area and some more worth to see can be combined.

For those interested in second world war history, and also in the failed assassination attempt on Hitler that took place in Wolf's Lair on the 20th of July in 1944.

It is highly reccommended to see the film "Valkyrie' or the documentary "Operation Valkyrie" before you visit the Wolf's Lair. Valkyrie, the Plot to Kill Hitler.

Taking an English speaking guide to the place is a must. The guides are very knowledgable and they do excellent job.

They explain the site, each building, and how life was during WW2.

Finally, a guide will show you amazing before and after photos that will make you understand the place much better.

Wolf's Lair is the command center for Hitler from 1941 to 1944. It is an eerie place. The best idea is given by historical books of what once happened in these ruins.

The complex has consisted of 80 buildings that were built in 1941. There are also around 50 well-camouflaged bunkers. Some of them have around 6 meters thick walls.

In January 1944, the place was blown up by the Germans and a few months earlier Hitler left the Wolf’s Lair, just before the Red Army arrives.

There are also a few other worths to see in the surroundings. You visit Wolf's lair can be combined with important places which are close enough.


One of the best-preserved complex of German bunkers from World War II. Over 1000 m2 of the exhibition is located at this site. 

See the world's largest model of the Battle of Kursk 24 sq m. Mock-up of the Battle of Stalingrad 16 m2.

Sw. Lipka

The village has a population of about 200 citizens and was part of East Prussia until the end of World War II

The village is known for the pilgrimage church, Dear Lady of Święta Lipka, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture.

Reszel Castle

The last place of interest is the Reszel for its castle. If you are going to this place with a guide, you will listen to some very interesting stories from the past.

A Book of Interest

There is a great book to read to better understand the place. The book is called: The Wolfs Lair: Inside Hitler's Germany and is an easy read.

wolfs lair hitler safe new

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Mamerki Bunkers

The most important decisions for the Wehrmacht Army during World War II were taken in Mamerki.

Also from Mamerki, the historical order to put down the Warsaw Uprising was given.

Location: Masuria, on the Masurian Canal, 8 km from Węgorzewo, 22 km from Giżycko, 25 km from Kętrzyn, 18 km from Gierłoż.

Mamerki is one of the best-preserved complexes of German bunkers from World War II. 

In the years 1940-1944, for the needs of 40 highest generals and field marshals, 1.500 officers and Wehrmacht soldiers, about 250 objects were built.

Including 30 reinforced concrete shelters that have survived to our times.

The Germans did not manage to blow up the shelters. They were abandoned without even a fight by the Wehrmacht army in January of 1945.

The Ticket to the museum is only 17 PLN and if you are going in a car, you will also pay 5 PLN for parking.

nazi bunkers mamerki

On June 22, 1941, more than 3 million soldiers (from 148 Wehrmacht divisions), an unprecedented military force in history, attacked the Soviet Union.

Mamerki, the military command center of this huge military operation, was built in secret by the Todta organizations.

The Field Commander Field Marshal Walter Brauchitsch and the Chief of General Staff Franz Halder with a group of 40 highest-ranking

Wehrmacht generals came to Mamerki when the attack began.

Among them was Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, who personally developed a plan to attack the USSR with the code name Barbarossa.

Mamerki Bunkers Wehrmacht CommandMamerki Bunkers - Wehrmacht Command

Later, it was surrounded by the Red Army and captured together with 180.000 other soldiers.

Source: https://www.mamerki.com/

 Swieta Lipka

swieta lipka tour warsaw new

Swieta Lipka is a masterpiece baroque church and monastery. Inside, survived almost unchanged, sculpture ornamentation and wall paintings.

The complex is picturesquely located at the bottom of the valley surrounded by forests.

According to legend, the name Heiligelinde (Holy Linden tree) Święta Lipka - Holy Tilia (lime tree) - referred to a tree with a wooden statue of Mary under which miracles took place.

A chapel at the site was first mentioned in a 1491 deed issued by Johann von Tiefen, then Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights.

At this time Heiligelinde was already a pilgrimage site, with an inn. It was destroyed about 1525 during the Protestant Reformation, during which the region became Lutheran.s.

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How to visit Wolfs Lair from Warsaw

The Wolf's Lair is 284 Km from the center of Warsaw

What is Wolf's Lair?

The Wolfschanze was built in 1940-41 (many of the buildings were later on rebuilt or added to) and first occupied just before the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941.

The site was chosen because it is located in a densely wooded area, ideal for camouflage from aerial reconnaissance.

Also located behind a string of lakes that would hinder any ground attack from the east.

A convenient rail line ran through the middle of the site but it is not used in our days.

Although Hitler had other headquarters in the east, he spent over 800 days at Wolf's Lair and it was from there that the major operations on the Russian front were controlled.

At the height of the war, over 2000 military staff, guards, and support personnel worked at the Wolf's Lair, which consisted of over 80 buildings including several heavy bunkers.

The area was subdivided into three security zones: Sperrkreis I was the inner area where Hitler and his closest staff lived and worked. 

Sperrkreis II was an adjacent area where support staff lived and worked, and Sperrkreis III was an outer security zone that surrounded the other two.

A minefield of some 50,000 land mines and anti-personnel mines surrounded the entire area.

As the Soviet Army approached the area in late November 1944, the site was abandoned, and the buildings and bunkers were blown up by the retreating Germans on 24-25 of January in 1945.

A source with beautiful and unique pictures from Wolf's Lair - thirdreichruins.com/wolfschanze.

Plan your tour, see more and save

You were probably checking all the options to visit Wolf's Lair and found that the price is too expensive for you? It might even cost more than your whole trip in some cases?

Don't worry, you are going to see Wolf's Lair with the minimum you can pay.

Front Military headquarters WWII

Unfortunately, there is no way to get this tour alone at a better price. The distance is long and there are a lot of expenses for someone to make this tour private.

Hopefully, you found this article where I am going to help you plan your visit to Wolf's Lair and save money.

The first step is to get to the city of Kętrzyn. The closest big city, that might also worth to visit is the beautiful city of Olsztyn.

How to get to Wolf's Lair?

Using public transportation is not an easy task to get to Wolf's Lair. But it is possible.

Located inside a forest between the lakes Siercze and Moj, 9 km east of Ketrzyn. Kętrzyn itself is at least a one-hour by train from Olsztyn.

Even though Wolf’s Lair sits close to a train track, there are no trains from Kętrzyn to Wolf’s Lair. The rails are disused.

So, you have one of the options below to get there.

  • Rent a car
  • Book a direct train to Kętrzyn. Finally, from Kętrzyn you can take a taxi to Wolf's Lair (Around 10 euro).
  • Go to Olsztyn and then to Kętrzyn by train. There might be more connections. You can also stay for a night in Olsztyn.
  • Take an all-inclusive tour. They will pick you up from hotel, see Wolf's Lair and Mamerki and take you back to Warsaw. Cost around €310 for one person.

Get a guide in Wolf's Lair

You can send me a message and I can book a guide for you for a 2 hours professional guide in English.

You can go to Wolf's Lair by TAXI from Ketrzyn and meet your guide on site. Or go by a rented car directly to Wolf's Lair.

An English speaking guide in Wolf's Lair for 2 hours cost around €45 euro (for groups 1-10 person). The TAXI is around €10 to go and another €10 to come back.

Total price to see Wolf's Lair from Warsaw with a guide is only €45 + €50 transports. Taxi can be shared between (1-4 person) So, the price will be around:

  • 1 person: €95
  • 2 person: €125
  • 3 person: €155

Note that traveling with a train will take around 5 hours and 30 minutes to get to Wolf's Lair from Warsaw.

You will need to start early from Warsaw, around 7:00 and you will be back in Warsaw around 21:30 - 22:00.

Ability to combine your custom made a tour to include Sw.Lipka as well with a small extra cost. We can also book a guide for the whole day and you are going to see:

  • Wolf's Lair
  • Sw. Lipka
  • Reszel Castle

Cost and prices to visit Wolf's Lair

The entrance fee to enter Wolf's Lair is 15 PLN (around €3,50). For kids and adults, there are discounted tickets as well.

Wolfs Lair Hilter Bunker Poland

You buy your ticket from the booth at the checkpoint, where the carved wooden wolf statue is sitting.

The ticket is for the entire zone for a full day. The day starts at 9:00 and is usually until 17:00.

Note that in the wintertime, is getting dark around 16:00, so plan your visit accordingly. It is also best to check in advance the opening and closing hours as they might change.

There are 3 long walking trails you can do. You can walk on your own or pay for a guide. Tour guides are available in English, German, Russian and Polish. Also other languages on demand.

Each one of the trails is marked with a different color and you need approximately one hour to walk across. You can find information boards along the way.

Booking a tour of the place is possible as well. It will cost between 80-120 PLN (around €25) and for Polish 50 PLN.

Tour prices might vary depending on the season, language and group size.

You can find a big map at the entrance where you can get your bearings. Also, you can find a "GUIDEBOOK to Wolf's Lair - Wolfschanze".

You can buy those books from 6 PLN at the souvenir shop. The souvenir shop is located at the small entrance.

Important to see in the Red Trail is the bunker with number 13. That was the shelter of the Nazi leader, Schron Adolfa Hitlera.

Visit also Mamerki

Mamerki Bunkers - 30 minutes drive from Wolf's Lair

In case you have a car, it is a good opportunity to extend your tour in the area. A worth to see, close enough is Mamerki, the headquarters of the German command of land forces.

The car parking place is located in the center of the complex, so you can easily move around. 

From the parking, first, enter the zone located on the lake Przystań - a branch of the Mamry lake.

You can see there two heavy shelters with a six-meter thick ceiling. On one of them, a wooden observation tower was built in the shelter of the chief of military intelligence.

Visiting the entire lodge in Mamerki should take about two hours.

Stay Close to Wolf's Lair or next to?

Why don't you stay for a night and discover the place alone? Walk the routes in the forest, read your book guide and uncover the secrets of the place.

There are a few places to recommend. All the places mentioned below are located between 4 to 16 minutes drive from Wolf's Lair.

A taxi should not cost more than 10-12 euro (40 - 50 PLN) to take you to Wolf's Lair.

The only habitable structure is the former headquarters used for Hitler’s security. Today is a small Hotel and Restaurant. Would you dare to stay for the night?

Wolfs Lair HotelWilczy Szaniec

Joking :) Wilczy Szaniec is a budget guest house set next to Wolf's Lair. You can enjoy nice food and extra service, while in the day time you will discover the surroundings.

There is also a range of breakfast options on offer every morning. You can enjoy the garden and make some hiking. Finally, there is a Wi-Fi and heating to keep you warm :)

Stay in Olsztyn instead

There is only one hotel that comes in my mind, but it's a bit expensive. I have been there a few times and it worth the investment. It is the Tiffi Boutique Hotel *****.

This amazing hotel is located just on the banks of the lake Ukiel and very close to the train station.

In case you need something cheaper, no worries, I have the best tool for you just below. Just add your dates and click search.

For Olsztyn, the hotels are close to the train station. You can take a taxi from there and it should not cost more than 10-15 PLN to take you to your hotel.

The Taxi will wait just outside.

Hitler choose this place for a reason

This calm forest was chosen as Hitler’s headquarters mostly because of the isolated location. The obscurity and the fact that it is camouflaged from the air.

Tall trees and plants were used to cover any proof of the concrete bunkers that the Nazis built there. So it was the perfect place to hide and plan safely.

Some information is taken from this article:  The Wolf's Lair - Culture Trip

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