Zubr in Bialowieza forest in Poland

How to visit Bialowieza Forest from Warsaw

Bialowieza forest and National Park in Poland. The oldest national forest in Poland and one of the oldest in the whole of Europe. Currently, Bialowieza Forest is the only natural UNESCO site in Poland.

Bialowieza Forest 

The last and only place in Europe where forests preserved in their primeval states

A magical place where you experience nature at it's best

Also in Bialowiza forest, you will meet the Polish Bison (Zubr)

Get a Day or Two-Day Tour to Bialowieza Forest From Only €96 p.p.

 Plan your Trip to Bialowieza Forest

How to Get to Bialowieza Forest from Warsaw

Border Crossing in Bialowieza

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The distance of Bialowieza Forest from the Center of Warsaw is around 240km (Driving time is around 3 hours and 10 minutes)

Bialowieza Forest in UNESCO List

The Białowieża Forest is named after the Polish village of Białowieża, which is located in the middle of the forest.

The village was probably one of the first human settlements in the area.

Białowieska Puszcza

Located on the border between Poland and Belarus, the Bialowieza forest decorate the green life of both countries.

There is also an ability to cross the borders between the two sides. Read More Information Below.

It is an immense range of primary forest including both conifers and broadleaved trees covering a total area of 141,885 hectares.

Situated on the watershed of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, this transboundary property is exceptional for the opportunities it offers for biodiversity conservation.

It is home to the largest population of the property’s iconic species, the European bison.

Thanks to several ages of protection the Forest had survived in its natural state to this day.

The Bialowieza forest in Poland was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1979 and extended to include Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Belarus, in 1992.

Source: UNESCO List - Bialowieza Forest

When to visit the Bialowieza Forest in Poland?

Every time of the year has its beauty. It is easier and better to enjoy the forest during a warm time of the year, but the winter has its beauty.

During Spring

One of the most beautiful times of the year, not only in Bialowieza forest but in whole Poland.

The best months are April and May when everything inflorescence and the weather in Poland start to get warmer.

European Bisons Bialowieza Nature Reserve

Great in Summer

This might be the busiest time in Bialowieza forest, as tourist and locals prefer to visit.

During the summer, there will be a lot of mosquitos, so be prepared and take your spray.

Golden Autumn

This is an amazingly beautiful time of the year. The forest starts to get ready for the hard winter.

It is called the golden period for a reason.

Winter in the forest

It is going to be very cold. But it worth the effort, as this time is the best time to visit the Bialowieza forest.

The animals are looking for food and it is very easy to spot them moving around.

Is it allowed to visit Bialowieza Forest without a Guide?

Yes, It is allowed. Only the reserved part off the Bialowieza forest you cannot visit without a guide.

The reserved part of Bialowieza forest demonstrates how the world would be without human interruptions.

Points of interest in Bialowieza forest

 Strictly Protected Area - You can enter only with a Guide!

European bison reserve

The Park Palace

The oldest building in Bialowieza forest

The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas

Orthodox Church Orthodox Religion Architecture

Towarowa in Bialowieza


Bialowieza Forest From Warsaw in 2 DAYS

The best way to see the Bialowieza forest is to plan for two days instead of a day trip.

This will allow you to get time to enjoy nature and have some free time in the forest as well.

What else you can do in Bialowieza for the extra time?

Visit the Ethnographic Park (Skansen)

Enjoy trekking in the beautiful nature

Discover the older oak trees located in the Kings Oaks’ trail

Do you know about the 20km of Hand railway in the wild forest?

Orthodox Pilgrim Cities Grabarka Poland

On you way back to Warsaw, don't forget to pass by Grabarka, the Holy Mount. See the picture above.

Book a comfortable trip to the forest in 2-days from Warsaw with 5% discount on the total price.

The prices start from just €195 euro per person for the 2-days trip to the Bialowieza forest.

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Plan your Trip to Bialowieza Forest

How to visit Bialowieza Forest

It is possible to go from Warsaw to Bialowieza forest without an organized tour.

As the traveling times are high, It is highly recommended to stay at least for one night.

This will allow you to see the forest, rent a bike and enjoy the place.

With the same day tour, you will not have the time to enjoy nature and relax!

The transportation time is more or less 7 hours to go and come back with a car. The distance from Warsaw is 240 KM.

The best way will be to Rent A Car From Warsaw. But there are also other options - keep reading.

Traditional place next to the Forest - Recommended!

I recommend a place is called Domek Jaskółka and it is a wooden traditional guest house. It is a low budget place to stay. 

For example, a room with a private bathroom can cost around 400 PLN for 2 people (4 nights) - that's €25 per night.

bialowieza forest

The path called zebra zubra starts close to the place. Also, the entrance to the protected part of the forest is nearby.

If you would like to do other walking routes in the forest, you can drive a bit by car to get to another part of the forest if you want as well.

Or you can rent a bike, there is a bike rental very close to the place.

Find Another Hotel in Bialowieza Forest



There are direct bus services from Warsaw (near the West Train Station-Warszawa Zachodnia).

The bus goes to Bialowieza by Ostrów Mazowiecka, Ciechanowiec, Bielsk Podlaski, and Hajnówka.

The journey takes approximately 5 hours (267 km). Check the timetables of Buses

On the website «https://en.e-podroznik.pl/» you can check also the current timetables of buses and trains in Poland.

The best option is to look for a train to a point and then go on a bus.

Just to not get lost, see some more info on this website about trains to Bialowieza.

In case you will go and come back the same day, then going on a bus might not work for you.

Renting a car is the first best option but as the ride is a few hours it might worth to stay for one night.


Finally, you can find and book a group tour of the place - if you need one.

You can also rent a bike and visit the Belarussian site of the Park. See below more info.

Check this with your hotel and get a nice Tour to the forest. You can find all available Tours to Bialowieza Forest.

VISA-FREE Border Crossing in Bialowieza forest

Visitors coming to Białowieża Forest have the opportunity to go to the Belarus side of the Forest without any visa.

In the first place to cross the border, you need a valid passport and an "online pass" or "permit"

You are allowed to stay only within the territory of the National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha".

The duration of one visit can be maximum for 72 hours.

Finally, you can only cross walking or by a bike in the one crossing point Białowieża-Piererow. In the case of "migration card", keep it also with you.

Working hours

  • Beginning of April - End of September: 8.00 - 20.00
  • Beginning of October - End of March: 8.00 - 18.00

Cross the Bialowieza National Park borders

Visit the National Park Website, fill in and send your visitor request to get a border pass "Permit" (cost about €5).

You should receive the pass by email in a few hours.

Get also medical insurance. You can buy the insurance in Białowieża village (PTTK tourist Office, Żubrówka Hotel, Białowieski Hotel).

The cost is about €2 per person and lasts for 3 days.

Finally, keep any "migration card" together with your passport. You can get to the crossing point on foot or by bicycle.

Tips about Border-Cross in Bialowieza

In case you are on a group, check the possibility to get a tourist agency that offers trips to the Belarus part. You can find them in Białowieża.

Mobile phone charges and time varies in the Belarus part of the Bialowieza forest.

Białowieża Hart Horns Antlers Demonstration Reserve

Do not buy any goods that you might not be able to pass through the border.

What worth to see in the Belarus Part

A visit to Kamieniuki, the place is located 19 km from the border. You can get there by bus.

The bus works between 10.00 and 17.30 CET. The cost of the ticket is around €7 per person with the return.

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