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Awesome places at Warsaw's Countryside - Enjoy the Nature

Take a beautiful journey to the countryside from Warsaw. Escape from the noise of the city and get some fresh. Warsaw is generally a green city with a lot of parks, gardens, and green areas, but the surroundings are beautiful.

Warsaw, a green city with amazing Countryside

Certainly, something to see from Warsaw

Discover Warsaw's surroundings and enjoy the beauty of nature

Why Not? Book a Hotel and Stay for a night to relax away from the hustle of the City!

Check this amazing list of things to see in Warsaw countryside.

Wake Family Brwinów

This amazing place is located just 26 km from Warsaw and it's a summer place to go with kids and not only.

Wake Family Brwinów is the first and only big wakeboard lift near the center of Warsaw.

Also the first lift in Poland with an island attenuating the waves plus a two-post lift!

You will find clean water, silence, and relaxation on the beach among the greenery and a nice restaurant for food and drinks.

Under the supervision of instructors, everyone can try this sport in a safe way. You do not need to have your own equipment, everything is provided.

More info, pictures and directions you can find on their Facebook Page: Wake Family Brwinów

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Park of Poland

The best idea when you are with kids is to spend a day at the largest indoor water park in Europe.

Even you can stay for a night, as the place provides accommodation as well.

Find all the information on their website: «https://parkofpoland.com/en/».

The adults and teen whole day tickets are 99 PLN which is around 25 euro during the week and 109 PLN during the weekends.

Tickets include entrance to the Jamango zone which is a one of a kind water jungle (3,2 km total length of slides).

It is open every day from 10:00 - 22:00 and on weekends from 9:00.

Park of Poland is located in Wręcza, Mszczonów commune, 60 km from Warsaw – between the A2 motorway and S8 expressway. 

Directions to: Suntago Water Park from Warsaw

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Pa ta taj Horse Farm - Riding from Warsaw

The Horse Riding School in Warsaw "Pa Ta Taj" is the largest horse recreation center in the Warsaw area.

The place operates since 1990. The address is Kanie Street Krótka 9, 05-805. See the location on Google Maps.

PaTaTaj Horse Ride Warsaw Kids

SJK PATATAJ is currently one of the biggest horse riding clubs in the Warsaw area.

People of all ages, both individually and within organized groups can participate in the courses. 

They also run a number of promotional campaigns, like free horse riding for children from the second classes of primary schools.

Here you can find the complete price list for Horse Riding and Other Activities.

The most important is that in PaTaTaj you cannot only do horse riding.

You can make a bonfire, eat and drink, ride a bike and relax in the beautiful nature.

Finally, you can organize your kid's birthday party and much more.

BonFire Polish Style

How to get to PatTaTaj from Warsaw

The Patataj Horse Riding School can be reached within 35 minutes from the Central Railway Station.

Use the WKD railway and after 15 minutes walk you reach the place.

To get to on foot, you have to get off the WKD railway at Kanie Helenowskie station.

Once you are on the platform we go to the other side of the tracks and go to the intersection.

At the intersection, turn left into Strefowa street and go straight to the intersection with Górna street.

For simplicity, let us add here that this is the last intersection on this street.

Then we turn right and go straight, TALKING the intersection with Krótka street.

At the end of the road - before the wall - the forest turn left and we wander the road.

At the end of this road, we will find SJK Patataj.

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Konstancin tężnie - Healing Tower

The graduation tower of the Konstantin-Zdrój Health Resort is a therapeutic object - an external inhaler.

It was built in 1978 and is fed with brine from a nearby well, which, due to the mineral concentration of 6.5%, has healing powers.

teznia konstancin

The air around Graduation Towers, due to the evaporation of the brine, creates a specific microclimate similar to the climate that we can enjoy at the sea.

Minerals contained in it support the reconstruction and regeneration of the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract.

They also stimulate the immune system.

The elements iodine, bromine, calcium, and magnesium are particularly important for our health.

More Information on when to visit and the price list for using the Solar Tread you can find in «teznia.com.pl»

The graduation towers in Konstancin are not large. The entrance costs around 10 PLN (around 2,5 euro per person).

According to recommendations, you should not stay for longer than 15 minutes next to the mist spraying mushroom.

Also not longer than one hour inside the graduation towers and up to 3 hours outside.

Zagroda Ojrzanow - Traditional Polish Farm

Enjoy fresh air and green in a beautiful Polish farm located in the heart of a Polish forest.

Decorated with a beautiful lake where you can swim if the weather will allow it.

In case you do not have a car and you would like to visit this place, please read: «Escape to the Countryside from Warsaw».

ojrzanow zagroda warsaw polish farm

Meet the Polish tradition and try some interesting and very tasty homemade products.

If you are lucky enough, you can catch the production of a tasty fruity wine as well.

This place is located among the forests of Młochowskie, in the heart of Chelmno and away from the noise and pollution of the city.

Summer garden delights with fragrant herbs, lush vegetable garden, edible flowers, pumpkins, tomatoes, and more, while there is a farm with horses, cows, sheep, and other animals.

A wooden house on the lake is a sauna you can use, while you can also use a small boat to explore the lake.

You can find horses, ships, donkeys, pigs, and goats.

zagroda ojrzanow fit animals

If it's not too crowded that it is usually during the weekends, kids may be able to feed the animals and take pictures on a horse.

Also if you are going in a car, I suggest discovering the surrounding forests. You can easily spot a deer and maybe a wild pig.

Why not book a room and stay for the night. Prices start from 200 PLN, while the food is also very cheap.

More info about the place you can find on their website: «zagroda.ojrzanow»

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Kazimierz Dolny Art Town from Warsaw

Visit Kazimierz Dolny, one of Poland's art centers.

Follow the Vistula River to this picturesque town and see 3 Crosses Hill, the ruins of a castle, and various churches and synagogues.

You may even want to buy local folk art.

The small town is located in central Poland, on the banks of the Vistula River, and used to the main stop on the route between Krakow and Warsaw.

Kazimierz Dolny is also known for the artists who opt to stay and work there, deriving inspiration from the town's surroundings.

While visiting, take the opportunity to walk through the market square and admire or purchase the folk art sold at its stalls.

Kazimierz Dolny is located 140 KM outside of Warsaw.

It takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes by car or 3 hours and 15 minutes by public transport.

If it happens to plan to visit the Kazimierz Dolny, then it might worth combining this with the Magic Gardens below.

Especially if you are with kids :)

Magic Gardens in Trzcianek (Kazimierz Dolny)

Magical Gardens are the first family-themed park in Poland, created on the basis of an original fairytale history.

Among the hundreds of flowers, trees, and shrubs you will discover fabulous lands inhabited by extraordinary beings.

Magic Gardens Poland

Each of the lands is a sensory field of experience. Stimulate the development and imagination of your child.

All attractions are challenges that build self-confidence and a sense of value.

The whole park is an adventure, contact with nature, and an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids.

How to get to the Magic Gardens - See all the necessary information together with a map on the Magic Gardens website.

Zegrynski lake and Palace

Zegrzyńskie Lake is a retention reservoir. Established in 1963 as a result of damming up the lower Narew dam in Dębe.

The area of ​​the reservoir is 3030 ha, 41 km long (on the Narew River), up to 3.5 km wide, 94.3 m m³ capacity, and 12 m deep.

The connection with Warsaw is provided by a picturesque lake, 19 km Kanał Żerański.

It is thus an important section of one of the main waterways connecting the Masurian Lakes and the basins of Narwia and Bug with the Vistula River.

Zegrynskie Lake

A well-developed network of access roads links the towns directly above it with Warsaw.

See how to get to Zegrynski Lake from Warsaw and much other information.

There are a few worth to see around the lake and much more to do.

Some of the things: AquaPark, Pools, Water Sports, Fitness / Wellness, Beaches, Playgrounds, Shooting, Bicycle, and Water Equipment rental.

Check: Pałac Zegrzyński (19th-century palace) and Pałac Zegrzyński - Bungalows in case you would like to stay for a night.

It offers luxury rooms and apartments with a private bathroom, an LCD TV, and free Wi-Fi. There are free parking places on site.

The rooms at Pałac Zegrzyński come with an elegant bathroom with a shower and hairdryer.

They are also equipped with a minibar, safe and ironing facilities.

Palace Zegrzynski Lake Poland

The Zegrzyński is located over the Zegrze Reservoir.

It houses a restaurant serving international and regional dishes. There is also a cafe with a patio, available in the summer.

It is also a place to have a nice lunch or a romantic dinner. Kids can run around and play on the grass.

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Forest Park Outlet in Łomna

An outlet village in Poland planned by the Master Management Group. The destination for locals and tourists to spend the whole day shopping.

Forest Park Outlet in Poland will have a unique architecture in a 19,000 sqm. Later the area will be expanded to include another 30,000 sqm.

The Outlet Village will be located in Łomna near Warsaw.

Close to the national road No. 7 between Warsaw - Gdansk and the Modlin Airport.

In the buffer zone of Kampinos and an only half-hour drive from the center of Warsaw and Modlin Airport.

Shop well-known brands at affordable prices and spend a nice day out for shopping and relaxing.

Forest Park Outlet is much more than an outlet village.

The facility is a charming, green, suburban area. Designed also for relaxation and rest, it can be an attractive meeting point.

The architectural design of the facility is inspired by the surroundings, which is the Kampinos Forest. See below.

Kampinos Park - National Park from Warsaw

National Park in east-central Poland, in Masovian Voivodeship, on the north-west outskirts of Warsaw. 

The purpose of establishing the Kampinos National Park, along with nature protection, was to preserve the mementos of history and culture in the Kampinos Forest.

Historical Events took place in the park's area:

  • Tombs of insurrectionists from 1863 anti-Russian uprising.
  • War cemeteries from the Polish-German war of 1939 and tombs of members of anti-German resistance (1944–45).
  • At the Palmiry cemetery lay many inhabitants of Warsaw, secretly killed here by the Germans in the years 1939-1945.
  • At Żelazowa Wola on the outskirts of the Park, there is a manor house where famous composer Frédéric Chopin was born. See also related Chopin tours from Warsaw

You can spot a moose, deer, and even wolf and fox! You can even rent a horse and ride on trails whose total length is around 360 kilometers.

Poland Kampinos April 1Picture: Wojsyl - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Highly recommended to get there by bike and take advantage of the 200 KM Kampinos Cycling Trail. You can rent a bike from Warsaw.

You can find all the information about how to rent a city bike in Warsaw. Also all the available transportation options in Warsaw.

This is the Official Kampinos Park Website. See also the necessary information about FREE Parking at Kampinoski Park Narodowy.

Visit the Ukiel Lake in Olsztyn

Ukiel lake is the biggest lake in Olsztyn. There are pensions, hotels, and beautiful municipal beaches around the lake.

The surroundings are green and beautiful and usually, there are many attractions for kids.

Also during the summer and mostly during the weekends there will be amazing events to spend your day and relax.

One of the most widely seen animals in the area shown in the picture above. Always wait for some kids to give some bread.

Beautiful but dangerous, be aware that they can bite. You can rent a bicycle boat and make around in the lake but be aware of the fast jet skis :) 

I was in the Hotel Yacht Club Tiffi twice which is located next to the Przystan Hotel. It is the only 5* Hotel in the lake and it is just an amazing place.

I highly recommend this hotel for a weekend or even for a week.

The food is amazing and the view from the rooms is beautiful. See the picture below. There are not many rooms but recently they were expanding. 

Ukiel Lake Olsztyn Hotel Yacht Club

In case you are with kids, it might be better to book in Przystań Hotel and SPA that is exactly next to the Yacht Club Tiffi Hotel.

The reason is that Przystan has a nice safe beach with access to the lake. The kids can play there while you are enjoying the sun and cocktails.

But please note that even if you don't stay at the hotel you can still go and sit there so this is not a must.

Most of the activities and events are located on the other side of the lake. It is around 15 minutes walk from the hotels and you can also rent a bike.

Bike rentals are just behind the hotel and are something that worth doing.

Discover the beautiful green surroundings and the beautiful beaches, relax and swim in the lake.

How to get to Olsztyn?

You can check the trains from Warsaw Zachodni or Warszawa Centralna Stations to Olsztyn.

Get out in Olsztyn Zachodni station and take a taxi to the hotel. It shouldn't cost more than 10-12 PLN.

Farma Iluzji - Illusion Farm

This park of education and entertainment and the illusion farm is located in Mościska 9 near Wola Życka, 08-455 Trojanów.

Around 85 km from Warsaw and 80 km from Lublin.

farma iluzji warsaw

Illusion Farm is a unique composition of attractions for children and adults with a note of education given in a very friendly form.

It is also a place for active play, rest, and even free picnicking. They even provide barbecues and bonfires.

What distinguishes them is the unique, relaxed atmosphere that makes the majority of guests spend the whole day there.

When children go out they almost always ask their parents "when we will go back there".

The price for a regular ticket for 1 Day is 45 PLN. Children up to 100cm and disabled people pay only 1 PLN. Also, other options for families exist.

All you need to know about the park is of course on the Farma Iluzji Website.

Kąpielisko in Kąck

When it is very hot in Warsaw and you are looking for a place to cool down a bit, then its time to visit Kąpielisko in Kąck.

It is a unique place that is created for kids and adults. There are lakes and sand, bars, toilets, and free parking.

The place is located around 45 minutes drive from Warsaw and the road is most of the time very well. Just be aware of the Police.

kapielisko warsaw lake

The prices are also very good and you can also go fishing. The prices are 15 PLN for a day visit and 25 PLN for fishing.

There is a bar where a meal price to be only 20 PLN and the beer is 7 PLN. See more info on their website: Kapielisko Website.

Finally, the water is clean and there is a safe small lake for kids.

Park Kultury w Powsinie

The Culture Park is located on the upper terrace of the Skarpa Warszawska, in the southern part of Warsaw.

Just an all-inclusive place to spend a beautiful day with kids in the city of Warsaw.

There are so many things you can do in this park, so you can spend the whole day there. See below:

In the park, you can mainly see birds, such as tits, creepers, nuthatch, woodpeckers, jays, and owls. You can find also interesting trees like the English Oak.

Except for the many facilities in the park, there are a lot of events organized.

Especially during the summer weekends must be always something very interesting to attend. For more information, visit the Park Powsin Website.

How to get to Powsin Park?

You can check Google Maps. Take advantage of the offer of an all-year holiday center in the Culture Park in Powsin.

There are 75 beds available in two, three, and four-person houses.

Each bungalow is equipped with a bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. More Info Here.

Kayaking on Rawka or on Liwiec from Warsaw

Rawka River Kayaking

We recommend kayaking down the Rawka river due to its beautiful surroundings.

Rawka flows through the Bolimowski Landscape Park.

However, this is a difficult route because of the many obstacles on the river (like fallen trees, locks and etc.).

This route requiring the kayaker readiness to carry their equipment.

The trip can start from Rawa Mazowiecka, and we recommended the particularly lovely section to Bolimów.

Because Rawka flows into Bzura, you can finish at Moto Przystań or at the river's confluence with the Vistula.

More Information about the Rawka Kayaking from Warsaw.

Liwiec River Kayaking

Concentrated mostly on the environment that will allow everyone to get closer contact with the nature of the Liwiec Valley.

The river meanders among fields and meadows. The pinewood forest can be seen near the bank of the river.

Banks of the river are very safe, they contain sandy beaches.

Sometimes they are curved in the way that the system of sands can be seen. Vantage points are placed nearby.

Świder river near Otwock

Świder is a river in Masovia, Poland. It is a tributary to the Vistula. You go a little outside the city and you can enjoy nature at its best :)

Swider Skim Plaza Otwock WarsawFoto: SwiderSkimPlaza

There is a company organizing kayaking trips called River-Fun at ul. Wypoczynkowa 9 in Otwock - Wólka Mlądzkiej.

You can follow one of the best 5 routes between Kołbielą and Mlądz on distances from 5 to 21.5 km. Each route with a different degree of difficulty.

After the canoeing rally, you can rest at their marina and make bonfire or grill.

If you want to take advantage of the attractions, make an appointment by phone or email in advance telephone: 660 792 276 -- E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ciszyca beach at Vistula river - Warsaw

Around half-hour drive from the center of Warsaw. You can find Ciszyca beach.

A beach that matches the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic coast and where there are few people.

The perfect place for a short weekend trip. Take your family away from the city in nature. An awesome, safe, quiet, and beautiful place!

Ciszyca is the place where tanning enthusiasts want to be.

Thanks to the wide width of the beach, you can easily find an isolated place. Relax and read in peace or sunbathe.

You might want to check for transport options from Warsaw to Ciszyca and enjoy the sun and the golden sun.

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