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Artistic Birthday Cake delivery in Warsaw, Poland

You are in Warsaw, Poland and there is a special occasion where you would like a cake delivery at your hotel or apartment in order to surprise your loved ones. Here is the place to find amazing cakes and get them on time at your place in Warsaw.

 Custom Artistic Cake with Delivery - Warsaw!

Worry no more, your cake will be on date/time at your place in Warsaw, Poland following any special instructions given by you!

Cake Order Process

1. Select your cake design from the images below, or find a picture of your dream cake anywhere on the internet.

2. Send us a message with more information.

3. We will send you the available ingredients for the chosen cake to choose from.

4. Finally, we confirm the final price based on the chosen ingredients and decorations, and you pay for your order.

Finally, your cake will be delivered exactly as you said, to your accommodation in Warsaw, Poland!

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Cake Designs for Kids

Definitely, you know what your kids love and we can prepare a wonderful cake. Feel free to check the designs below and choose the best one for your kid and get it with delivery in Warsaw, Poland.

Please note that any colors, names, and decorations can change according to your preferences.

Set A

cakes design kids 1

Set B

cakes design kids 2

Set C

cakes design kids 3

Set D

cakes design kids 4

Cake Designs for Adults

If the adult not feeling like a kid and wants to have something special according to what he or she love, then check those amazing designs, and your cake is delivered at your hotel or apartment in Warsaw Poland.

Please note that any colors, names, numbers, and decorations can change according to your preferences.

Set A

cakes design adults 1

Set B

 cakes design adults 2

Set C

 cakes design adults 3

Set D

 cakes design adults 4

Set E

 cakes design adults 5

Choose one of the above designs or just send us a custom design on a photo.

The flavors of the cakes are also available to choose from, but it's all about establishing the whole cake.

Cost of Cake with Delivery (Warsaw)

The price of each cake depends on the decorations and the number of portions

For example, a cake with a similar style with Number: 40 (for 8/10 portions) will be PLN 270 (approx. €73). This price includes pickup and delivery to your accommodation in Warsaw, Poland.

Cakes with flowers start from PLN 280 (approx. €75) and up, according to the price of the flowers and their quantity.

Finally, cakes with figures start from 290 PLN  (approx. €78) and up. All the listed cake prices include the delivery fee hand-to-hand at your hotel or apartment anywhere in Warsaw, Poland.

How many days in advance do I need to Order?

It is best to order cakes without figures at least 5 days in advance and in some cases not less than 3 days in advance.

For cakes with figures, it is preferred to be ordered at least 14 days in advance, but please ask the soonest possible for availability based on your chosen design.

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