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National Stadium in Warsaw behind the Wisła river during the night. Free things to do In Warsaw - Free concerts

Free in Warsaw Poland - Museums and More

Warsaw is a place where you can find a Free museum to visit every single day of the week. Also, free concerts and free activities to do with kids, especially in the summer.

Free things to do in Warsaw, Poland

List of Free Museums in Warsaw - Free Concerts and More.

Lazienki Royal Park Poland Warsaw Lake Autumn

FREE Chopin Concerts in Łazienki Królewskie Park

The concerts are taking place every Sunday between 12:00 - 16:00 from the beginning of May until the end of September during the summer. The location is shown in the picture above, just under the F. Chopin monument in the Łazienki Park in Warsaw.

This Year (2020), there will be also Free Chopin music piano recitals at Plac Konesera every Friday at 19:00 the whole of July and August.

Location: Plac (square) Konesera, Centrum Praskie Koneser (Praga) -- More Info: Facebook Event.

During the winter, the concerts are moved to Praga Koneser Center every Sunday at 16:00.

Location: Centrum Praskie Koneser -- Plac Konesera 2, 03-736 Praga, Warszawa, Poland.

From the end of October until at least the 16th of December.

About FREE Frederick Chopin Concerts, you can check also: University of Frederick Chopin Music - Facebook Page.  Since 1959, Chopin concerts with the participation of eminent pianists have been held at the Chopin monument in the park.

Therefore you can enjoy a great concert in a great park for Free! In case you are a fun of Frederick Chopin, see also: CHOPIN TOURS - WARSAW & ZELAZOWA WOLA

Open-air theater for FREE at Plac Konesera

Location: Plac (square) Konesera, Centrum Praskie Koneser (Praga)

Every Thursday at 17:30 for the whole of July (Performances by Teatr Polonia and Och-Teatr)

More Info: Facebook

In English for FREE: "Walk around the Z00"

Free Summer Walks Warsaw Zoo

Saturdays: June 27, July 25, and August 29 at 11.00 and 12.30. In order to take part, all the participants need to have a valid ticket to the Warsaw ZOO.

Well-versed volunteers will happily show you around the zoological garden. They'll share with you their knowledge and animal stories, which are as fascinating and breathtaking as they get!

Whether you are a foreigner visiting Warsaw or just want to brush up on your English skills, here you can spend quality time with perfect surroundings and people!

More Information in English: Facebook Event

FREE Cinema in Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw

At least it was last, year. We are hoping that it will be also this year. The free cinema was taking place every Tuesday (24 July until 4 of September from 21:00 to 24:00).

Free Cinema Lazienki Park Warsaw

More Information can be found on the Park website. See: «»

Free Walking Tours in Warsaw

I have tried the Orange Umbrella which is one of the most famous for free tours in Warsaw. Below are the images for the schedules of the tours and all information you need in order to book.

Free Tours In Warsaw

FREE Walking Tours Warsaw Winter Schedule

In case you are looking for more information, other companies and other cities, please read here Free Walking Tours In Poland.

Summer Concerts for Free in Warsaw

Summer is my favorite time in Warsaw. People get out, nature is at its best, no smog in the air and there are a lot of free events just around the corner! Some of the free concerts taking place usually in Warsaw:

  • The Music Gardens Festival (Festiwal Ogrody Muzyczne) - From 1st of July until 31 of July. The event takes place in the Royal Castle courtyard.
  • From July 6 and until the end of September. Every Friday and Saturday at 21:30. Multimedia Fountain Park Special Show.

26th International Open Air Festival (Jazz na Starówce) - 2020

Free jazz concerts at the Old Town of Warsaw on the stage of the Old Town Market.

Every Saturday at 19:00 until the end of August

More Info: «»

Free open-air jazz concert in Mokotów (2020)

Location: Park Dreszera (a park between Puławska, Odyńca, Krasickiego, and Ursynowska Streets)

Starting at 17:00 - Nearly Every Saturday (July and August)

More Info: Facebook Event

Free ‘swing step’ dancing event at Plac Konesera (2020)

Dance, music, and the atmosphere of the 1930s-1950s.

Location: Plac (square) Konesera, Centrum Praskie Koneser (Praga)

Every Sunday in July and August starting at 15:00.


Polska zobacz więcej - Weekend za pół ceny

Due to the need to reduce the risk related to the possible spread of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemics, it was decided to halt the promotion of the POLAND SEE MORE - WEEKEND AT HALF PRICE for now.

Starting with the next edition of POLAND SEE MORE - WEEKEND AT HALF PRICE it shall be increasing the number of promotional activities intended to encourage more tourists to join.

Free tour in Wilanów Palace (Warsaw)

Started from February 4/2018, weekend walks that focus on the history and design of the palace interiors. For the price of the ticket to the palace.

You can listen to educators talking about the stages of the building of the residence, the architects, painters, sculptors involved, and its famous owner - King Jan III.

You will decipher the symbolism hidden in paintings and sculptures, as well as the functions of rooms and objects that can be found on the sightseeing route.

More info on Wilanów Palace page

wilanow palace warsaw

Whole November Free (Royal Residences)

This event is named Darmowy Listopad, which means Free November. The idea is that for the whole month of November, you can enjoy FREE the below attractions/

  • Royal Castle in Warsaw - Zamek Królewski w Warszawie - Muzeum
  • Royal Baths Museum - Museum Łazienki Królewskie
  • Museum of the Palace of King John III in Wilanów - Museum Pałacu Króla Jana III w Wilanowie
  • Krakow: Wawel Castle - Zamek Królewski na Wawelu

Διασκεδάστε - Have Fun in Warsaw

Long Night of the museums in Poland (Noc Muzeów)

During that night, all the museums taking part, are free for the whole night. When Warsaw embarked on the Night of Museums venture 14 years ago, the project involved 11 institutions, all of the museums,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz.

In 2016 there were more than 250 institutions participating in the Night of Museums. Despite this multitude and variety, the Night of Museums has not lost its original profile. Therefore remains true to its core objective of promoting museum collections.

Night of the museums, Warsaw 2021

The Night of Museums for 2021 will take place on May 15 in Warsaw. With amazing exhibitions, cultural events, and the iconic bus and tram parade. Many interesting places, online attractions, and external activities that you can admire while walking around the Capital City of Warsaw.

More information on: Night of the Museums - Warsaw.

Read About the Warsaw Uprising

Find your Hotel in Warsaw

List of Free Museums in Warsaw

Source: Warsaw Tour


  • Warsaw Rising Museum (9.00-18.00)
  • Station Museum (10.00-18.00)
  • Legia Warsaw Museum (11.00-17.00)
  • Jewish Historical Institute (9.00-18.00)
  • Geological Museum (9.00-17.30)


  • National Museum (10.00-18.00)
  • Museum of Maria Skłodowska-Curie (12.00-18.00)
  • Museum of Caricature (10.00-18.00)
  • Legia Warsaw Museum (11.00-17.00)
  • History Meeting House (10.00-20.00)
  • Geological Museum (9.00-17.30)
  • National Technical Museum (10.00-20.00)
  • Museum of the Earth (9.00-16.00)
  • Money Centre (10.00-18.00)

palati koultouras politismou


  • Royal Castle in Warsaw (10.00-17.00)
  • Legia Warsaw Museum (11.00-17.00)
  • Katyn Museum (10.00-16.00)
  • History Meeting House (10.00-20.00)
  • Geological Museum (9.00-17.30)
  • Money Centre (10.00-18.00)


  • Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów (10.00-16.00)
  • POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews (10.00-18.00)
  • Museum of Warsaw (9.00-19.00)
  • Heritage Interpretation Centre (9.00-17.00)
  • Praga Museum of Warsaw (9.00-18.00)
  • Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporaray Art (11.00-20.00)
  • State Etnographic Museum (11.00-17.00)
  • Museum of the 10th X Pavilion of the Warsaw Citadel (10.00-17.00)
  • Polish Army Museum (10.00-16.00)
  • Zachęta National Gallery of Art (12.00-20.00)
  • Legia Warsaw Museum (11.00-17.00)
  • Katyn Museum (10.00-16.00)
  • Museum of John Paul II and Primate Wyszyński (12.00-19.00)
  • History Meeting House (10.00-20.00)
  • Geological Museum (9.00-17.30)
  • Asia and Pacific Museum (10.00-18.00)
  • Museum of Pharmacy (10.00-18.00)
  • Museum of Polish Military Technology (10.00-18.00)
  • Pawiak Prison Museum (10.00-17.00)
  • Museum of Independence (10.00-17.00)
  • Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom (10.00-17.00)
  • Museum of Printing (9.00-17.00)
  • Wola Museum of Warsaw (10.00-18.00)
  • Money Centre (10.00-20.00)
  • Warsaw Photoplasticon (10.00-18.00)

warsaw Royal Castle


  • Royal Łazienki Museum (10.00-18.00)
  • Legia Warsaw Museum (11.00-17.00)
  • Katyn Museum (10.00-16.00)
  • History Meeting House (10.00-20.00)
  • Geological Museum (9.00-17.30)
  • Money Centre (10.00-18.00)


  • Museum of Sport and Tourism (10.00-17.00)
  • Katyn Museum (10.00-16.00)
  • History Meeting House (12.00-20.00)
  • Money Centre (10.00-18.00)


  • Katyn Museum (10.00-16.00)
  • History Meeting House (12.00-20.00)
  • Geological Museum (10.00-15.00)
  • Museum of Literature (11.00-18.00)
  • Money Centre (10.00-18.00)

Royal Łazienki Park FREE Thursdays

You might be wondering what is worth seeing in Royal Łazienki Park? Every Thursday is the day of free entry to the facilities of the Royal Łazienki Park.

Individual tours only (there is no possibility of guided tours), reservations are not valid. The Łazienki Królewskie Museum, called "the happiest place in Warsaw", was the summer residence of King Stanisław August.

It consists of classicistic monuments and historical gardens.

You can relax, observe nature, and deepen your knowledge of Enlightenment ideas, visiting such pearls of European architecture as:

  • Palace on the Isle -- One of the most valuable Polish monuments in the classical style, with the Royal Gallery of Paintings.
  • THE ROYAL THEATRE AND THE OLD ORANGERY -- Royal Gallery of Sculpture and the Royal Theater.
  • THE WHITE PAVILION -- Houses the King’s Collection of Prints.
  • Frederick Chopin's Monument -- See also information about the FREE concerts during Summer Sundays.
  • Other permanent and temporary exhibitions.

I hope you enjoy the list of Free Museums in Warsaw Poland!

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