Frederick Chopin statue in Sanniki Palace - on the way from Zelazowa Wola to Warsaw

Frederick Chopin in Warsaw and Zelazowa Wola

Follow the footsteps of Poland's greatest composer, Frederic Chopin in Warsaw and Zelazowa Wola. The birthplace of F. Chopin is located very close to Warsaw. He lived nearly half of his life in Warsaw, so there are a lot to track related to his life.

Frederyck Chopin lived half of his life in Warsaw

His heart was brought to Warsaw after he died

During his final days, Frédéric Chopin made this horrible request

"His heart should be taken out from his body and sent back to his home country,

knowing full well that his body would never leave Paris"

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F. Chopin Tours in Warsaw

2-Hour Chopin's Life Walking Tour

It is a fact that Frederic's Chopin music still plays in Warsaw! There are free concerts in town and there is also a Frederic Chopin museum.

You can also find workbench across the city where you can listen to his music, like the one below.

Frederick Chopin House FrontThe front view of Frederic Chopin birthplace house

This is a chill-out tour for 2 hours on the trail of F. Chopin. Travel back in time and to the 19th century in Warsaw.

You will see the places Chopin lived and spent his time. Discovering what shaped his personality and music and learn why he left Poland and he couldn't return back.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the places where Chopin grew up and performed his first concerts
    Find out what shaped Chopin’s personality and musical creativity
  • Visit the Church of the Holy Cross where his heart is located
  • Listen to his music

Warsaw’s most famous resident, Frederick Chopin, a great pianist, and a world-famous composer.

The musical genius spent 20 years of his life in Warsaw and left his footsteps all over the capital of Poland.

He grew up, learned music, made friends, and gave his first-ever concerts here. He met his first love in Warsaw and many years later he asked his heart to come back.

sanniki Cafe Chopin Life WarsawCafe in Sanniki Palace

This 2-hour walking tour will walk you on the trail of Chopin in a journey back in time.

Furthermore, you will visit the interactive Chopin Museum, one of the most modern biographical museums in Europe.

You will also experience the Saxon Garden, the Radziwił Palace and the Church of the Holy Cross.

You are also going to learn many fascinating facts about Chopin’s life and biography.


  • Certified tour guide
  • Guided tour of Chopin Museum
  • Entrance fees
  • Hotel pick up from hotels/apartments in the city center


  • English
  • German


Book - From €59

The birthplace of Frederick Chopin from Warsaw

Half-Day Chopin Tour to Zelazowa Wola

You are going to see Warsaw and Zelazowa Wola, the birthplace of Chopin. Have a coffee break at Honoratka Cafe.

In this cafe Frederic used to meet with his friends. His favorite dessert was a rum and chocolate chestnut mousse.

Tour Highlights

  • Relax and enjoy the countryside
  • Have a coffee break at Honoratka Cafe frequented by Chopin and try his favorite mousse dessert
  • Visit Frederic Chopin Museum at Ostrogski Castle
  • Family Friendly tour.

What you are going to see

This sightseeing tour is around 5-hours. You are going to visit some of the places associated with the famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin both in Warsaw and Zelazowa Wola.

On the way to Zelazowa Wola, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the Mazovian countryside.

This fascinating tour will take you to interesting places such as the following:

  • Łazienki Garden: monument to Frederic Chopin
  • The Royal Route: Belvedere Palace, Warsaw Univesity, The Academy of Fine Arts, Holy Cross Church, Convent of the Holy Visit, and Presidential Palace
  • Ostrogski Castle: Frederic Chopin Museum
  • Saxon Garden 
  • Żelazowa Wola: the birthplace of Frederic Chopin

sanniki chopin life


  • Professional guide speaking: English, Spanish, Russian, French, or German
  • Transportation by bus/ coach
  • Entrance fees to the museum
  • Dessert


From €147,50 / p.

Love Cycling? (Summer)

This F. Chopin Tour is a lifetime Experience

From Warsaw: Chopin and Nature Cycling 4-hour Trip + 2 Hours to Travel Back (Total 6 Hours) - More info and Booking

Chopin Bicycle Tour From Warsaw

Enjoy a wonderful 4-hour Masovian culture and nature sightseeing trip plus 2-hours of return traveling time.

Experience two completely different aspects of Masovian culture. The first part of the trip allows you to see the amazing nature of Kampinos National Park.

The participants will ride for about 30 km on bikes over dunes covered with pine forest, vast steppes without any trees but also on swamps and water meadows.

Visit two nature reserves with trees that are hundreds of years old, including the "Krzywa Góra," a true habitat for animals of primeval forests with badgers, boars, elks but also columbines, cranes, storks and many more.

Frederyck Chopin House

In the second part of the trip, see a place connected to Frédéric Chopin – a famous world-class Polish composer.

Here in Żelazowa Wola, Chopin was born and his music cannot be understood without dipping into Masovian nature from which he took inspiration.

From the top, see his manor and its surroundings of Masovian fields and meadows.

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