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Auschwitz Gate: Arbeit Macht Frei

Work will set you free, hangs above the main gate of the Auschwitz museum. Let's see from where this quote comes from and also the story of the famous  Auschwitz inscription.

Auschwitz Liberation: The Final Test

Prisoners who remained at the camp after the previous evacuations and until Auschwitz's liberation continued to live with the feeling of complete uncertainty about their life, but with the hope of regaining their freedom. On January 27, 1945, this hope became reality.

What city is Auschwitz in Poland (The city of Peace)

Let's discover the city of Auschwitz. Oświęcim is the Polish name for Auschwitz and this is from where the camp name comes from. In the area, there were 3 main camps and around 40 subcamps in the so-called Auschwitz interest zone.

Where was God in Auschwitz?

Every time something very bad happens, people used to say, where is God, and why God allowed this to happen. In fact, God has nothing to do with such incidents in history. Let's see the presence of God in Auschwitz.

Auschwitz Facts You Should Definitely Know

Many rumors and wrong information exist on the internet about Auschwitz. Here you can find the true Auschwitz facts taken straight from the Auschwitz Museum Book and based on documents and survivor testimonials.