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The most inexpensive way to discover the biggest cities is by taking FREE walking tours in Poland

Let's see first some FREE things to do in Warsaw and FREE Museums - Then we can focus on what we like the most

As i am Greek, i am trying to get to Greek people some private Greek Tours to Auschwitz, Wieliczka and Krakow

I know, breakfast can cost a lot of money, but not when you read this article: Great Breakfast ideas in Warsaw for Just 1 zloty 

Transportation cost a lot as well, but i make sure you know the best Tips. Just read: The ultimate transport guide in Warsaw and Poland

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Hi! My Name is Thanasis and i am from Nicosia,Cyprus! Poland is a beautiful country and it worth to visit!

I am living here since 2014 and i learned a lot. I am here to help you plan your Trip to Poland!

Tours in Poland can be expensive and it may even cost more than your whole Trip.

Let me try to mimize the Tours Cost for you!

Tours around Poland!

Comfortable transport and all-inclusive tours!

Discover the beauty of Poland with the incredibly beautiful landscapes, rich history and amazing architecture.

Great personal service | good prices | awesome guides | greek travel service in Poland. Have fun with fun tours, food and vodka tasting, craft beer tours, bar crawling and more.

Visit the most Horrible Nazi Camps in Poland (Auschwitz, Treblinka, Stutthof and Majdanek)

Auschwitz Blocks Behind Electric Mesh

Auschwitz and Wielicza Salt Mine - UNESCO

The most visited cities of Poland are Krakow and Warsaw. The must see attractions in Poland, are definitely Auschwitz and Wieliszka Salt Mine. 

You can now book a Greek tour to Auschwitz, Wieliczka and Krakow. It can be from Warsaw and Krakow.

Although Auschwitz and Wieliczka Salt Mine are closer to Krakow, you can visit them from Warsaw as well.

Let me arrange an all-inclusive tour from Warsaw for you. Visit important UNESCO World Heritage sites in Poland.

Take a tour from Warsaw to: Krakow - Auschwitz and Krakow - Wieliczka Salt Mine.

The Queue Train Drezyna Railway Station Białowieza

Bialowieza National Park - UNESCO

The best time to visit Bialowieza National Forest is during the summer. Very beautiful place is highly recommend when you traveling with kids.

The national forest occupy an area of 2,162 km2 and is the home to 800 European Bison, Europe’s heaviest land animal.

The forest is also an UNESCO site in Poland. Check our all-inclusive tours to Bialowieza National Park from Warsaw. The tours can be executed in Single Day or in Two Days.

Malbork Castle External View

Malbork Castle - UNESCO

The massive Malbork Castle is the world's largest castle measured by land area and it made out of bricks.

This 13th century castle belongs to the Teutonic Order and is an example of a medieval brick castle. Also the castle is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Check this amazing tour that will take you to Gdansk or Sopot and Malbork from Warsaw.


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Ξεναγήσεις στα Ελληνικά

Κρακοβία, Βαρσοβία, Άουσβιτς και Βιελίτζκα

Auschwitz Ι και Auschwitz II (Ιδιωτική Ξενάγηση)

Wieliczka Salt Mine (Μετάφραση)


Krakow Tours in Greek --- and -- Warsaw Tours in Greek

Krakow | Cracow | Kraków | Κρακοβία

Admire the famous city monuments, see the precious treasures and undergrounds of Krakow.

Visit the most interesting corners and discover the great history of the city. Check my list of the best things to do in Krakow!

Kraków Cloth Hall Sukiennice History Old Town

Kraków (Polish pronunciation - ˈkrakuf'), also known as Cracow or Krakow. The second largest city and one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland.

Sitting on the Vistula River in the Lesser Poland region, the city dates back to the 7th century. Kraków has been one of the leading centers of  the Polish academic, cultural, and artistic life.

One of Poland's most important economic hubs and was the capital of Poland from 1038 to 1569. Also is the capital of Lesser Poland Voivodeship since 1999.

Source: Krakow - WikiPedia

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 Warsaw | Warszawa | Βαρσοβία

Amazing city that have everything i need - I prefer living in Warsaw than in Nicosia. Here is Why

The city was nearly destroyed during the World War II but was rebuild from the ashes like a Phoenix!

Check my list of things to do in Warsaw and also the list of things to do outside Warsaw! The countryside surroundings of Warsaw are amazing.

In my Warsaw Blog you can find a lot of interesting articles with Travel Tips about Warsaw! They can save you a lot of money!

 grunt i woda wisla

Warsaw is separated by the Wisła river. It is a wide city with a lot of Green areas and beautiful Parks.

It is a very bike friendly city with wide sidewalks and very good transportation. Destroyed during the second World War but Rebuild from the ashes.

Discover the old town, visit the beautiful Łazienki Park, take a Frederick Chopin Tour and admire the beautiful Nowy Świat - The new World!

 Awesome Warsaw Tours!


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