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Easter in Poland: Traditions, Eggs and Basket

Easter in Poland is time for a family meeting. The most important fact ιs the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditions in Poland are fun. A lot of food, an Easter Basket, and painted eggs.

Poland money: Does Poland Use the Euro Currency?

Does Poland Use the Euro Currency? Where to change money in Poland? These are the most important questions every traveler needs to know about. Poland is in the last years in the process of adopting the Euro currency!

Valentine's Day in Poland: Surprise your Loved One's

In Poland, the Valentine's Day or Walentynki is a day associated with love, romance and flowers and celebrated on February the 14th. Many Polish people celebrate that day even between friends! Today is the best day to take action!

20 Pictures from Poland to Fall in Love

Discover the beauty of Poland in selected pictures. Amazing cities with awesome architecture and cut breathing landscapes. Discover beautiful Poland through the lens of a camera.

How to get FREE Walking Tours in Poland

Free Walking Tours are the cheapest way to get a guided tour in Poland. These tours are made by non-licensed guides. Usually, they do not require booking and they are executed on convenient hours. You can find them nearly in all the big cities in Poland.

How is the weather in Poland Lately

How is the weather in Poland Lately? It is hard to accurately predict how the weather in Poland will be. We will try to provide information so you can know how to check it and what you can only do. It is important at least when going to the seaside to have nice weather, otherwise, it will be not a good experience.