Polish Zloty Paper Notes. Does Poland Use the Euro Currency

Poland money: Does Poland Use the Euro Currency?

Does Poland Use the Euro Currency? Where to change money in Poland? These are the most important questions every traveler needs to know about. Poland is in the last years in the process of adopting the Euro currency!

Poland is not using the euro currency

The Polish Zloty (PLN) is used!

Attention! Do Not Plan to Exchange Money in Airports & Train Stations in Poland! It is suggested to Exchange Money in Banks and Good KANTOR's. It is better to check the rate in Advance.

Beware of «Kantor» which are open late at night. Most, if not all will pay very poor rates. Be Very Careful and Even avoid using your Credit Card on ATMs in Poland.

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About Poland Money

The currency in Poland is currently the Polish Złoty (short name: PLN), 1 PLN is equal to 100 groszy. Coins exist in the forms of 1 PLN, 2 PLN, 5 PLN, and also 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 groszy. The Polish banknotes are in notes of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 PLN.

In some larger stores, such as hypermarkets, and at some cash-only windows, you can pay in Euro. To do this, you must first ask the cashier that you will be paying in Euros and if it's ok. Please note that it is not a popular currency in Poland yet so there might be difficulties in transactions.

Currency should be exchanged ONLY at the registered exchange point, called KANTOR or at a Bank. Usually, there is no commission for exchanging major currencies. Note that cash should NEVER be exchanged in the street or in front of other people.

Interesting facts about Poland Money

  • The plural for zloty is zlote.
  • The word “zloty” means “golden” in Polish. The old gold coins were firstly called like that.
  • Grosz comes from the German word “groschen”, which means penny.

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Does Poland use the Euro Currency?

The answer is no, Poland still has the Polish zloty. You can certainly travel to Poland with the euro and at the airport, you can pay with the euro. Also at the airport, you can find exchange points where you are able to exchange the Polish zloty. But this is not recommended.

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Certainly, we suggest changing only very little money just to get to your hotel because the rate is very bad at the airport. You can use Taxify or UBER to get to your hotel or even using public transportation and pay by card.

The Polish zloty is the current currency of Poland and it ranges from the last years between 4,10 - 4,30 of the Euro. This means that 1 euro is 4,20 zloty on average. During the Coronavirus time, the EUR was even 4,6 zloty at some times.

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Where to check the exchange rate for Polish zloty?

It seems that a very good option is Bank PKO (Bank Polski). But it might be hard to find it and can be also a queue. In case you are going to exchange a lot of money, it might worth looking for it.

You can compare the Bank PKO Exchange Rates with the closest KANTOR rates. If it worth it, then take a ride. The most accurate information can certainly be found on the European Central Bank Website.

For example here are the euro foreign exchange reference rates Therefore you can visit the page and check the rate in advance. The rates are usually updated around 16:00 CET on every working day, therefore you can check it online.

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Where I can change to Polish zloty?

It seems that a very good option is Bank PKO (Bank Polski) and the KANTOR exchange points. If you have a Revolut card, then you do not have to get into this. You just use your card with the best exchange rates.

You can compare the Bank PKO Exchange Rates with the closest KANTOR rates. KANTOR's are doing this job and they seem to exist in every corner of every big town and also in every good shopping center. 

What you need to look at is the rate to be close enough to the suggested rate of the bank we mentioned above. The price should be always listed outside and you should be able to see it before proceeding for changing money.

Therefore if the price is good you can change money. Perhaps some places, like good restaurants and shops trade in the euro as well. To avoid any confusion, annoying waiting and bad rates are best to change in advance.

You can also change money in post offices, hotels, banks, and central train stations as well - but the rate is usually bad. Besides, there might be better exchange points across the city. It is best to find your closest KANTOR to avoid any extra troubles.

Hope we answer the two main travelers' questions: "Does Poland Use the Euro Currency?" and "Where to change Money" To finish, I usually change to the KANTOR located in Blue City in the Ochota area in Warsaw. The prices are good and also, it is a nice shopping center!

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KANTOR'S in Poland - Money Exchange

All Kantors are reliable and reputable (except airport or railway stations which are too expensive)? Well, this is true but read also below.

There is quite a lot of Kantor's that scam their customers by applying outrageously low buying rates. They are easy to identify and to avoid - just remember to check the rate table carefully.

Pasting my usual advice on how to avoid "black sheep" among Kantors below. Most "Kantor" moneychangers offer very good rates for major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP).

They are honest but you should always check the current rate online on the internet (e.g. on xe.com). Finally, compare with the offered rate. Avoid changing at the airports, ATMs are more sensible options there.

Best KANTOR exchange in Krakow

  • Cool Kantor EXCHANGE Krakow (5.0) - Długa 8, 31-147 Krakow
  • ROYAL KANTOR Krakow (4.8) - Szewska 19, 31-009 Krakow
  • 2 x J. Exchange (4.8) - Sławkowska 11, 31-016 Krakow
  • Kantor Mercury Wielopole 10 (4.7) - Wielopole 10, 31-072 Krakow

For convenience, also the Kantor in Galleria Krakowska on the same floor where is Carefour is a good one. You can find the best exchange points in any city. Just search Google: KANTOR CityName, then check the Reviews.

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Best KANTOR exchange in Warsaw

  • Tavex – Złoto i Kantor Warszawa (4.8) - Świętokrzyska 32 1U-93, 00-116 Warszawa
  • Polres & Cris (4.4): Kantor.com.pl: Klonowa 22, 00-591 Warszawa

I am usually using the KANTOR located in BlueCity - Reduta or E.Leclerc shopping centers close to my area (Ochota).

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Identify a bad rate KANTOR in Poland

To identify an honest "Kantor", always pay attention that it should display TWO rates for each currency - selling and buying rate. You will get a lower (buying) rate.

The buying and selling rate should not differ by more than 0,05-0,10 zlotys on major currencies like EUR, USD, or GBP.

Check it carefully and if the difference is bigger, just go to another place. The best "Kantor's" operate on margins as low as 0,02 zloty. That makes the actual cost of changing money in the 0,25% range. Usually, there is no commission but to ask to re-confirm.

If there is only ONE rate displayed for a currency, it is most likely an effort to cheat distracted or gullible tourists.

The rate displayed is the selling rate, while you will be paid a much lower buying rate (losing 30% or so of your money) which is displayed somewhere else in small print. Avoid such places like plague.

The most notorious of those tourist traps are those with big signs labeled "change" or "change/Kantor" and a very visible blue or yellow-orange "modern" outfit, located in central places.

On the street, they advertise only one rate in big letters with a "today we sell" heading. That's their selling rate (i.e. when you buy the currency from them). If they buy currency from you, they pay usually about 20-30% (yes, even one-third!) below the fair rate.

This buying rate is either hidden somewhere in small print or shown on a screen inside in the hope you won't notice.

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Some others practice a more "innocent” trick by slipping a zero into their rate, for example, their buying rate for the US dollar, duly indicated in the rate table, is 3,0895 instead of 3,89.

If you decide to use an ATM when withdrawing from an ATM always select the option to be billed in PLN, not in your home currency. Exchange rates offered by ATMs are very bad, those used by Visa/Mastercard or your bank will be better.

The same applies to pay by credit or debit cards - always select to be charged in PLN.

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