How is the Nature During Autumn in Poland - Maybe the most beautiful time - The weather is still not so cold in Poland and you can enjoy the Nature

How is the weather in Poland Lately

How is the weather in Poland Lately? It is hard to accurately predict how the weather in Poland will be. We will try to provide you information so you can know around how it will be. It is important at least when going to the seaside to be nice weather.

Poland's Weather lies in a moderate zone

Mixed continental and oceanic climate influences

Weather in Poland is usually unstable and hard to predict

Some companies forecast even 15+ days in advance but this cannot be 100% accurate when it comes to rain or snow.

Book your holidays and be ready for anything. In general, the weather is getting warmer the last years.

Certainly, you are not going to find snow from June to August, but maybe it will be windy and raining!

This Year, it was a lot of rain for 2 weeks close to the end of June, but not much rain or snow during the winter!


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Weather conditions in Poland

In Poland, the climate is continental, with very cold winters, often below -10 °C and warm summers.

The climate is milder along the northern coast, overlooking the Baltic Sea.

It becomes progressively more continental going to the south, where the distance from the sea is greater.

We have very good news. In the last 6 years at least, the weather in Poland started to progressively get warmer.

More hot and sunny days in the summer and also more sunny days during autumn and winter.

Finally, the only problem is that snow is also much less in the interior during the last years and temperatures are much higher than before. 

polish sea weather dog beach ball

May Weather Tradition

Be aware of the cold days in May. Usually, fall in the middle of the month.

Have you heard the old proverb: «Do not to plant until the Three Farmers have passed»?

The tradition comes from Northern Europe and is tied to the successive feasts of St. Mamertus, St. Pancras, and St. Servatius.

The three Saints days occur on May 11, 12, and 13. They are also sometimes referred to as the «Three Chilly Saints».

The people in the villages in Poland are always prepared for those days and they know this tradition very well.

If you ask them, they will say: The Three Gardeners

A study has shown that out 100 years of study, in the 95 years the tradition occurred.

The May 15 is called "Zimna Zoska (Cold Sophia)" in Poland. The last day of the visit to the "Three Gardeners"

Plan Your DIY Trip to Poland And Save

How is the weather at the Polish Sea

The weather will not be extremely hot but it is expected to be sunny from the last week of June and till the end of July.

Temperatures can reach up to 25 degrees and without many clouds as usual. Storms are expected until the middle of August.

The West Coast, near the German border, expects to have a few degrees more.

But at the end of July beginning of August rains and storms are usually expected.

Always be prepared and plan your vacation during the good periods. Most of the locations at the Polish sea are windy!

General weather information

It is now the first day of the spring (1/03/2018) and the temperature in Warsaw at 07:00 was -14 C.

The last days of February were the coldest days of the year here in Warsaw but there is a positive forecast that from

Sunday the temperature is going above 0 C and hopefully will stay.

Usually, we can say that the Spring starts maybe late March. Even early April, when can be considered to be the rain and sun period in Poland.

The rain and sun period (this is my name), is the period wherein a day might be raining, then have sun and then rain again.

I remember once it was a good sunny day, therefore I decided to go for a walk.

Dressed up and get out, walked 500 meters only luckily and it started raining.

So be prepared and buy an umbrella, it might save you from a lot of trouble, as this period can continue till the end of June.

Information and snow forecast - Weather in Poland

A good website where you can check the weather forecast in Poland is Meteoprog with a forecast of up to 15 days.

This can be used effectively when you are looking to plan your holidays in a few days.

If you are going ski-in Zakopane, then you definitely need a lot of snow and it has to be during the winter.

During the winter might not be always snow in Zakopane and also might be snow during the Spring or Autumn.

You can check this a few days before on this website: Snow Forecast in Zakopane.

If you are a city person, but you would like to try to ski sometimes, then if it happens that you visit Warsaw, we have some good news for you.

You can ski all year long and even without snow.

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ski in warsaw park in ochota new

Poland can be visited all year round and there are beautiful things to do and see at any time.

Below you can find some information that hopefully will help you understand the Polish weather and plan your trip to Poland accordingly.

If you are still wondering when is the best time to plan your journey through Poland, then read below our short guide.

Certainly, it can be a helpful planning tool, especially if you haven't visited Poland before.

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Be aware of the fact that the weather in Poland is a bit unstable.

Due to significant differences that occur from day to day and more increasingly from year to year, it is extremely difficult to predict what the weather is going to be like at any given point in time.

Poland lies in the temperate climate zone – therefore you won’t experience powerful hurricanes, arctic cold, or heat of the Sahara (although we must admit that due to the climate changes it is getting warmer and warmer each year).

For example 6 years before, during the winter it was a lot of snow even from April in the city centers and the temperature was reaching -25 C.

Now the snow is much less and the worst temperature this year was up-to -14 C.

Instead, there are 4 unique seasons and each season lasts around three months.

Every season has its own beauty and offers something special and unique.

The warmest area of the country is the Silesian Lowland in south-western Poland, while the coldest place is the town of Suwałki in the north-eastern part of the country.

The average annual temperature is about 6-8 degrees Celsius and the rainfall is estimated at 700 mm.

Hand Railway train in Bialowieza National Forest. Weather in Poland. Beautiful Spring

Weather During Spring in Poland

Not without a reason, the favorite season of many Poles in the spring, which runs from 22 March to 21 June.

That’s when nature comes to life and wears the most beautiful colors.

Be aware of the zimni ogrodnicy (cold gardeners) which is followed by zimna Zośka (cold Sophia) on the feast day of St. Sophia, which falls on May 15.

Those days are cold and rainy days in the heart of May.

It is getting warmer and the air is filled with amazing fresh fragrances, as the flowers starting to grow and the birds to fly.

Spring is the perfect time to have a relaxed trip, especially if you are traveling with kids.

During this amazing season, there are many awesome places to visit and great things to do and see all around Poland.

Beautiful green areas, especially in the countryside and in the big cities parks and gardens.

In general, Poland is a green country with many protected National Forests and the beauty of nature is amazing.

We particularly recommend a visit to Białowieża Forest where you can see for yourself how nature and the animals awake back to life after the long cold winter break.

It is an amazing place to discover. All you need to know about how to visit Bialowieza Forest from Warsaw.

Finally, you can organize your awesome trip to Poland during this time as nature is at it's best.

Malbork castle at the Polish sea side. Behind the river during the summer time in Poland - Weather is great for sightseeing

SUMMER time Weather - My Favorite

Summer is the period with the highest temperatures and the largest number of tourists, while it happens to be my favorite as well.

At the end of June, children start their holidays for two months.

From May and until the end of September, it is my favorite weather in Poland. I even prefer more to be here than in Cyprus that is too hot.

Many Polish families go on vacation for several weeks so the main attractions at the seaside, mountains, and lakes around Poland become crowded.

On the other hand, the city centers become much quiet and this is the reason I like that time in the city.

Polish people usually choose the Baltic Sea, mountains, and the Masuria Lake District, while summer encourages active leisure and summer sports all around Poland.

Ideal for the summertime can be considered a visit to Gdańsk or Sopot and Malbork from Warsaw, which combines the beautiful Polish coast with a visit to the amazing brick castle of Malbork.

This castle is the biggest castle made of bricks in Europe, the largest castle in the world measured by land area and it is a UNESCO world heritage site in Poland.

Summer sports in the beauty of nature can be the best option in order to have great fun in Poland.

Trekking, Kayaking, and Rafting in Poland can be considered as the best options that will definitely help you discover the real beauty of Poland and get a good physical condition.

Beautiful pictures from the golden period in Poland. When the trees become gold.

AUTUMN - Beautiful, Weather is still ok

Many people believe that autumn is the most beautiful period of the year.

You can see how beautiful it is in the picture above. The landscape changes significantly.

The weather in Poland is still encouraging and it is still nice to get out for a walk. Enjoy the amazing parks and see the beautiful colors of the trees.

Golden Polish autumn, (Złota Polska Jesień) – is a phrase commonly used to describe autumn in Poland.

As the summer is gone and the winter approaches, while the weather is still not cold, it's time to discover the magic in colors, as the trees are golden and rusty.

Polish autumn starts on the first day of September.

The sun rises around 4.46 a.m. and goes down around 6.24 p.m. It is a long day, as it lasts around 13 hours and allows you to discover the beauty of nature and make awesome pictures.

A visit to Warsaw's beautiful parks like Łazienki park and SZCZĘŚLIWICKI Park can definitely enrich your picture collection with amazing material.

November is the last month of the Polish autumn and it is definitely colder and more humid than in September.

The last skylark (bird), leaves Poland for warmer countries, and all the nature in the middle of the month is usually prepared for the hard winter season.

winter poland cold snow

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WINTER - Take me away

This is the last season and is the hardest for the people, animals, and nature as well.

Certainly, people who ski are really enjoying that time in Poland. Perhaps when there is much snow, because it happens to be cold without snow.

The weather in Poland during winter is much better in the last years. The temperatures during the winter are between 10C and -20C.

Usually, the coldest time in the middle of December.

Many places can be covered by snow, but it doesn’t mean that you should stay at home and wait for the arrival of the new season. 

On the contrary, it is the perfect time for Cross country skiing or ski/snowboard.

There are a lot of beautiful places where you can fully enjoy these activities in Poland.

If you are asking me, it is not the time for long walks and visits to Parks. Also walking tours and sightseeing might be more difficult.

Just bring your warmest clothes, gloves, umbrella, and cap, and everything will be ok.

Hope you know How is the Weather in Poland!
Whatever will be Will Be! Just be ready for anything!
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