Horse Cab in Warsaw Old Town between the walls. Warsaw with Kids and Not Only Guide

Awesome but different things to do in Warsaw with Kids and Not Only

Warsaw is a beautiful city to visit and has a great history to discover. You can find a lot of things to do, many monuments, museums, and history to discover. Certainly, when you visit Warsaw with kids, it is a bit different.

Warsaw is a very fast growing urban center

The city invests and offers a lot for Kids and Families

Wisła river run across the city offers a beautiful view and paths in nature.

Bridges illuminations and sandy beaches creating an awesome atmosphere.

Looking for things to do with kids in Warsaw?

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General - Warsaw

What I enjoy the most in Warsaw is the plethora of beautiful parks and green areas. Nearly in every corner of the city, you can find green areas.

Warsaw is a green city, as almost 25% of its area is occupied by fields, green squares, and lush gardens.

Some of the parks are historical like the Łazienki (baths) and Wilanów park.

When traveling with kids in Warsaw, the number one is Parks and number two is awesome activities for kids at the Wisła beaches!!!

The idea is to get to places where both can have fun, otherwise, it will be a boring experience. You can read my article about Warsaw and find out why I Love it :)

Szczęśliwice (Happiness) Park in Ochota - Warsaw with Kids

Park Szczęśliwicki is located around 5km from the center, in Ochota district. It was designed during the 1960s and occupies an area of 30 ha.

There are plenty of interesting things to do there and it is my favorite park in Warsaw, especially when I am with my son.

Beautiful Parks in Warsaw where you can relax, specially with Kids

The park has 3 kid playgrounds, a public swimming pool, beach volley court, exercise machines, a big lake with ducks and a roller coaster.

The top attraction is the ski mountain where you can ski the whole year. There are many restaurants, bike, and walking routes and lakes.

If you are going to this park with the kid and the weather is good and during the weekend time, you mind find also special open events, inflatable castles, kid electric cars for rent and who knows what else.

I am sure your kids will love this park.

I forgot to mention the awesome Cukiernia - Ciastkowo, where you can find delicious sweets and awesome ice cream. Check the Park Website.

In case you are looking at how to get there, you might need to take a quick look at our article about how to use public transport in Warsaw (Warsaw Airports).

Take the Kids and go to Rope Course Bielany Park!

Rope park Bielany - Rope Course Bielany

New attraction for the entire family in Bielany! Park Website

The Rope Course is a fantastic place. You can experience an adventure with the rope at height, without the need for specialist climbing training.

You can feel the taste of risk, but without the risk and with a large dose of adrenaline. Great fun and active leisure in the open air.

Fun in the rope course is an opportunity to check your strength and character in extreme conditions on 5 routes with varying difficulty.

Great location – located at the borders of Bielany Forest, easy access (Wisłostrada-Gwiaździsta), or with bicycle lanes along Kępa Potocka.

Warszawa Ogród Saski fontanna

Visit the beautiful Saski Garden

Saxon Garden and other various hidden green gems around the area of Mokotów and close to the park Pole Mokotowskie.

Examples of beautiful modern gardens with a historic touch are great points for relaxation, for both Warsaw residents and visitors.

The Saxon Garden was founded at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries by King August II Mocny, on the so-called Saxon Axis, as a French-style palace garden near the Saxon palace.

The garden was partially destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising and recreated after the war. This is the garden website.

Today's Saski Garden is reduced by 1.11 hectares. The area is located in the north-western part, from ul. Senatorska, returned to the former owners - heirs of Jan Zamoyski.

Kampinos National Park

The park was created in 1959 in the Warsaw Voivodeship and was included in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reservation list.

The best is to go by bike as the park offers amazing never-ending routes.

Kampinoski National Park is located north-west of Warsaw, being the only national park which borders on capital with over a million inhabitants.

It is also one of the largest national parks of the European lowland, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Bug River.

The Park was founded on January 19, 1959, in order to protect the remnants of the Kampinos Forest in the old valley of the Vistula River.

The current Park area is 36,533 ha, of which 15% is under strict protection. 

Read more about Kampinos Park in Warsaw. See also a FREE Parking in Kampinos Park.

Kids experiment course in Copernicus Centre in Warsaw. Warsaw with Kids

An experiment in Copernicus Science Centre - Warsaw with Kids

Everyone likes experiments, parents, and children.

This is the best place to spend some quality time with your kid, as there are so many things to see and do in this museum and so many interesting engineering to discover.

Just visit the page of Copernicus science center and look for the Young Explorer's Club.

Young Explorer’s Clubs, young people, and children jointly conduct experiments under the eye of supervisors and individually gain knowledge.

Throughout Poland and abroad there are over 700 clubs.

When you plan your visit to the Copernicus Science Center, please take a look at the Planetarium - Niebo Kopernika.

This is one of the most modern planetarium in Europe, you can see films related to sky and space, nature and the theory of evolution.

You can also take a look into Heaven of Copernicus (Niebo Kopernika) for more info.

Blue city shopping center in Warsaw

Visit Blue City for shopping, cinema and more

Blue City is a shopping center and it is very close to Szczęśliwice park. What's the deal with this Blue City in the time that there are so many shopping centers in the town?

You can drop your 5+ years old kid into an amazing secure playground where there are plenty of things to do and just go shopping, have a coffee or eat something nice.

Inca playground is on the last floor of Blue City next to the gym and they are going to call you in the case something happens.

Usually and during the weekends they make some nice activities in the basement for kids and for adults. Make some model car race or look at the dancing fountain.

Soon Blue City is upgrading the indoor Kids playground, creating a huge gym and also Cinema.

Finally, just opposite Blue City, there is another smaller and quieter shopping center, called Reduta.

Reduta is a nice small shopping center where you can spend a quiet day, especially when it's cold.

You can find a nice quiet and not expensive cinema, nice shops with good offers and Mleczarnia.

In Mleczarnia, you can enjoy the cheapest Polish food you can find. There are also 2 free playgrounds for smaller kids and a Carrefour shop.

piwpaw beer heaven in warsaw

Beer taste in PiwPaw bar in Warsaw

I know, I said with kids but everyone needs some time for personal treatment.

In case you have the comfort to get some quality free time or you can drop the kids with grandmother then this is the time to visit PiwPaw.

PiwPaw is a BeerHeaven, located in Foksal 16, very close to Nowy Swiat. There are more PiwPaw bars around Warsaw but this is one of the best.

PiwPaw Beer Heaven is a real paradise for beer lovers, as there are 95 taps with a good beer waiting for you and you can try any beer with just 1 zloty.

You can try as many beers as you want, actually, you can get drunk trying.

Another awesome craft beer pub in Warsaw is the Kufle and Kapsle.

This bar is located in ul.Nowogrodzka 25 - exactly behind the Novotel hotel in the City Center. Pub with 16+ taps with regional and craft beers.

Eat at KAVOS and Party at Paros Greek restaurants

It's not that I am Greek and I love Greek food. KAVOS Greek restaurant has great Greek food so I suggest that you try it.

I usually go every two weeks if I am lucky and I mostly east souvlaki, tzatziki, steak, pitta, and Greek salad.

My favorite drink is Ouzo but they have nice red wine as well.

The restaurant is located in Jasna 26 street close to metro Swiętokrzyska . In the case, you are from the lucky people that they have someone to take care of the kids.

After you have a nice meal at KAVOS, walk just a few meters to Paros and have some fun. This place has live Greek music and after 23:00 people used to dance on the tables.

grunt i woda wisla - Bar on the Wisla River - Specially for kids

Head to the banks of the Vistula river - Warsaw with Kids

This is my favorite place and I enjoy going there with my son every time. There are many places on this site to see. Walk across the river, have some beers and eat something nice.

My favorite place was called "Grunt in Woda - Land, and Water" and it was the best place for kids, but unfortunately they removed all the wooden bars from the river :(

I will need to discover a new place this year. The summer is close and we are going to have time to discover some new places in the city.

I will keep this updated as soon as I have something new.

Warsaw Hop on Hop Off Bus

Book the Hop-on Hop-off bus and go around the city the whole day

See the best of Warsaw at your own pace on this City Sightseeing hop-on and hop-off, double-decker bus tour.

You can see the city’s top attractions with tour stops that include Bank Square, Warsaw's Royal Castle, Old Town and much more!

Hop on and off at any of the 10 stops as many times as you like for a full day of independent sightseeing around Poland’s capital city!

Especially when you are in Warsaw with kids. The best way to get a good overview of the city and then concentrate on the areas you want to see.

The prices are as below

  • 24-Hour Ticket is €14,65
  • 48-Hour Ticket is €19,50
  • 72-Hour Ticket is €23

Find more info and Book online the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus. You can also book the bus from here: Warsaw Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Enjoy a Chopin Piano Concert at the place where he used to play

Chopin is to Warsaw what The Beatles are to Liverpool - when you're there you just have to hear some of their music live!

Frederyck Chopin Piano Concert Warsaw

Attend a classic Chopin concert in the place where he used to play as a teenager. the price of the concert including one drink is around €14. More Info.

Get intimate with the classical composer Frédéric Chopin - in the place he used to play as a teenager.

Hear exquisite Chopin numbers by unbelievably talented pianists in a cozy, personal venue and try a traditional Polish drink on the house!

wisla boat trips warsaw

Take a boat trip on the Wisła River - Warsaw with Kids

A great way to relax and see some beautiful sites in the city that you wouldn't be able to see walking.

Make some beautiful pictures and enjoy a different perspective of some quiet, green areas hidden from the rush of the city.

There are plenty of companies doing such tours, like Po Wisle and many other, but we have noticed the Foundation of Wide Water - "Fundacja Szerokie Wody".

The interesting about this foundation is that they provide Free sailing workshops on the Vistula river in Warsaw!

The "Szkółka" - classes are carried out every weekend in September, October, and November and on selected days of the week, determined individually with organized groups.

Find more info on Foundation Facebook Page.

Visit the 6 cocktails Bar

This is not a usual bar, as you cannot just pass through and walk in to have some drinks. This is a unique style bar in Warsaw with awesome cocktails and a great atmosphere.

6 coctails best bar in warsaw

Located in a hidden Historic apartment where the young owner of the bar created something very unique.

Enjoy some great cocktails, nice music and the social atmosphere of the bar, but remember.

In order to get in, you need to email the staff in order to send you an invitation and maybe some instructions on how to get in.

The bar is located in Mokotowska 57, Warsaw -- Email them: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -- or -- Write them on Facebook to arrange your visit

Papugarnia Carmen - Warsaw with Kids

This is a unique attraction for young and older people. You can find more than 100 different tropical birds flying around you.

You have the chance to touch them, buy some food and feed them and you can make some beautiful pictures while the birds eat from your hand.

This place also offers the ability to organize birthday parties for kids. In order to get there, you need to take any bus to the bus stop: "Łopuszańska".

Find more info in Papugarnia Website.

Warsaw's ZOO - Warsaw with Kids

The Warsaw Zoo and Garden was founded in 1928. It is hosting more than 12,000 animals from around 500 different species in a 40 hectares.

Bear Warsaw Zoo

The Zoo of Warsaw is open every day including Sunday's and another holiday's from 9:00 until 17:00.

The price of a normal ticket is 25 PLN, while you can buy a family (2+1) ticket for 50 PLN.


In addition, if you are in Warsaw with Kids - The Kids are gonna Love this!!

Rent a bike or take a Bike Tour

Renting a bike from one out of the 366 Veturilo bike stations located across the city of Warsaw is a must.

Renting a Bike in Warsaw is the best and cheapest way to see the City!!

Discover the city by driving your bike around the center and next to the banks of the Wisła river. Cross the beautiful parks of Warsaw and have fun in the forests that surround Warsaw!.

Taking a bicycle is very easy, as you just need to log in, pay PLN 10-15 and then you can use any bike. Also, there is a very easy to use application for bike rentals.

Warsaw has many cycling paths across the city and you can nearly go anywhere you like. Note that if you are planning to stay somewhere for long, it is better to drop the bike in a station nearby.

The first 20 minutes are for FREE and then for the 1st hour, the cost is just 1 PLN. Check more info on VETURILO Website

For more transportation options, check: Warsaw Transport Guide


Drinking alcohol and driving a BIKE is illegal in Poland. Getting caught after drinking as little as one or two beers will get you in trouble.

If you are lucky enough 300PLN fine, and spending 1+ hour in the back of a police car can be the least!!

Auchwitz Second World War Nazi Camb Poland

Visit Krakow and Auschwitz

In case you are going to visit only in Warsaw for a reason and you have one spare day. We strongly recommend that visit Krakow and Auschwitz in one day at least.

By train to go from Warsaw to Kraków is around 2 hours and 30 minutes and the ticket prices start from around 15 euro.

You can book your tickets on Intercity Website, which is the best place to look for train tickets.

Then my guide can pick you up from Krakow Głowny and start your tour in Krakow and Auschwitz (Greek, English or Polish).

From Krakow to Auschwitz are around 1 Hour and 30 minutes with a shuttle bus and cost around €4 per person one way.

This bus departs from Krakow main bus station, MDA, Bosacka 18.

You need also to book tickets to Auschwitz. You can book them from the Auschwitz Museum website or we can do it for you if you book with us a private guided tour.

Finally, you will travel back to Krakow and then back to Warsaw in the same way. You can even plan to stay for a night in Krakow and start your trip to Auschwitz early in the morning.

You can also join an all-inclusive tour from Warsaw to Auschwitz with Hotel pickup. There are many companies doing those tours in Warsaw.

Prices for an all-inclusive tour range from €96 when there is 8 person in the group. But there is the case you might pay even €150 and €350 if you are alone.

Show at the multimedia fountain in Warsaw

Fountain Multimedia Warsaw Light Water City Color

The show combines five elements: Water, Beautiful Colors, Lasers, Music and Timing. These five elements are synchronized to give you an amazing presentation which lasts about 30 minutes.

Multimedia fountain in Warsaw was opened in May 2011 as part of the city's ongoing attempt to increase its cultural and tourist attractions.

The 'Multimedia Fountain Park' is a visual delight located in a short walk north of the Old Town.

Shows take place on Friday and Saturday at 21:30 until 11 August. From 17 of August until 29 of September: Friday and Saturday at 21:00.

See more info at Warsaw Multimedia Fountain Website.

Hope you enjoy your time in Warsaw with Kids!

Hope to see you in Warsaw soon!

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