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Kid standing in a field in a traditional Polish farm with horses in the background

Poland with Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Every City

Let's take an amazing journey to Poland with kids and discover the most awesome attractions and places someone could visit in Poland in order to have a great family experience. 

Poland, Kids Friendly Travel

Poland is an amazing European destination where you can enjoy a relatively low-budget vacation, enjoy the beauty of nature mixed with tradition, and have fun with your kids!

Every period of the year has its own beauty, but I would definitely recommend warm months for a visit with kids. The best months are from May to the end of September, but any other time of the year will definitely amaze you!

Let's see some awesome places someone worth visiting in Poland with kids in the most famous cities but not only!


Definitely, you need to add Wroclaw to your list if you haven't done it already. Not only your kids will love this city, but you will love it as well. Except for the magical day trips to underground secret Nazi tunnels, the city offers great attractions for our little friends as well.

Wroclaw is also known as the city of 100 bridges but also the city of Dwarfs and there is a very good reason that Wroclaw was the European Capital of Culture during 2016.

Let's discover the best places to visit with kids in the amazing town of Wroclaw in Poland which has much more to offer than hunting Dwarfs across the city and shooting amazing pictures across the Oder river while taking a relaxing cruise.

At the top of my heart is the amazing Wroclaw Zoo with the Afrykarium, which definitely deserves a visit with your kids. Take a walk inside the see-through tunnel and observe the sharks, together with the rest of the sea world. Also, observe the penguins and the sea lions located in large water pools.

kids touching animal zoo poland

During the winter you might want to spend some time somewhere close and warm, but without something interesting, the kids will get bored very fast. It's time to visit the Museum of Games and Computers of the Past Era.

A place where the adults will become kids and they are going to spend some time explaining how the world of games was many years before. Are you ready to have fun in Wroclaw?

Another interesting and kids-friendly place in Wroclaw is definitely the Kolejkowo Museum and Theme Park. Time to join the wonderful world of the miniature in the largest Railway Model in Poland.

With  430 meters of railway tracks, 15 trains, 60 railway carriages, 162 buildings, and 1600 figures of people and animals, bridges, tunnels, and more will definitely keep you busy and reward you for your time being there.

Another idea is to combine a visit to the Japanese Garden in Szczytnicki Park together with the Multimedia Fountain at Pergola, but you can also visit the beautiful botanical garden of the University of Wroclaw and enjoy the beauty of nature.

If it happens to make it to the University of Wroclaw, then don't forget to Climb the Mathematical Tower where you can enjoy one of the best views of the city.

Finally, we suggest that you visit the Ostrow Tumski and also climb the Towers of St. Mary Magdeline Church, which allows you to go out on a walkway between the two towers.

Last but not least and when the weather is beautiful, you can visit the closest park and let the kids play in the fresh while you enjoy a coffee and relax planning for your visit to the next amazing city in Poland.

krakow kids playing with Bubles

Day Trips from Wroclaw

When you are going to stay in Wroclaw at least for 2-3 days, it is highly recommended to discover the amazing lowest closest area with your kids. I am sure they are going to love it. Secret underground cities and castles are the main attractions that will cut your breath.

One day trip you could take could be a visit to the Church of peace in the very old town of Swidnica, then you are going to see the Project Riese in the Owl mountains and finally the magnificent Grodno Castle.

The above trip is around 3 hours of driving  (154 km) and you are going to see the above very interesting places. Definitely, the kids will love the Grodno castle, but also the underground secret Project Riese (Giant).

Just remember to dress in warm clothes as even in the summer the underground temperature is around +5 ° C. Grodno Castle is a pearl among the medieval fortresses, built on the top of Choina hill and dominates the picturesque valley of Bystrzyca Świdnicka.

According to legend, in the year 800, an English knight established a quadrilateral observatory on this hill. A city prison was created, with various legends, which today introduce you to the magical world of this imaginary fortress.

Finally, the 2nd recommended day trip with kids from Wroclaw can be a combined visit to the underground city of Osówka, which is somehow connected to the above-mentioned Project Riese together with the amazing Książ Castle.

Ksiaz Castle is the third-largest castle in Poland and is located on a magnificent rock on the side of the river Pelcznica. Located 395 meters above sea level and surrounded by a beautiful forest.

Ksiaz Castle is also called the Pearl of Lower Silesia, as it is one of the most remarkable castles in Poland.

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It is definite that you are going to walk the Kazimierz district, admire the Wawel Hill, see the dragon outside the Wawel Castle which through real fire from his mouth every few minutes and listen to the Trumpet of Mariacki, but you might consider doing something from the below.

If you like animals, you can visit Krakow's Zoo with more than 1,400 animals and a mini zoo with rabbits and guinea pigs, but they might like also feeding the pigeons at Krakow's Market Square.

Your kids might find the Rynek Underground Museum in Krakow interesting. They might also like the Museum of Polish Aviation or the Museum of Municipal Engineering based on their personal interests and their age.

When it comes to a Park, you can definitely visit Jordan Park where you can find a lot of things to do with kids, enjoy a peaceful evening or morning, drink coffee and let the kids play at the wooden castle or the colorful train. Another park is Bednarski Park.

kid horses poland

A very interesting concept, you can experience in your visit to Womai. Take a journey in the dark and feel like a blind person, afraid until you realize the power of your other senses. The second exhibition is a maze of colors, games of lights, and fun.

The same concept as in Warsaw, you can visit Krakow's Pinball Museum and ARCADE MUSEUM in order to play and have fun with your kids in a closed area. We also recommend the Museum of illusions not only for our little friends but also for the adult kids.

Take your kids to HistoryLand. Find yourselves in the very heart of events and learn the history of Poland in a way you have never known before! As the models are built from LEGO® bricks, they will definitely keep the kids busy and you will experience the history with all your senses!

Finally, you can definitely visit the Jagiellonian University with the famous Collegium Maius and watch the show of the music watch (9:00, 11:00, 13:00 or 17:00) which is very interesting, but you can also visit the Professor Garden.

Last but not least, you might want to visit Krakow's chocolate factory and take an amazing chocolate-making workshop and take your chocolates back home. The price is only 39 PLN per person.

For both things to do in Krakow, but also outside of Krakow, I suggest that you also read XY things you should definitely do in Krakow. In this article, you will also find some great ideas on where to eat in Krakow.

patataj horse ride outside warsaw

Krakow Day Trips with Kids

In case you need any transfer from Krakow to Zakopane, Energylandia, Wieliczka Salt Mine, or any other place, please send a message.

First will definitely be a visit to Energylandia which is very close to the fairy tale city of Krakow and is a place where the whole family will have fun for the whole day. Enjoy yourself in the waterpark, the extreme zone, and the family zone.

Everyone says about the Wieliczka Salt Mine and I also agree with that. But in case you have a car rental, I would highly recommend that you visit the Bochnia Salt Mine instead.

Also close to Krakow, it's the magnificent Tyniec Abbey, which is Poland's oldest working monastery and it is highly recommended to be visited on a bike from Krakow in order to discover the stunning Krakow countryside as well.

The Bochnia Salt Mine is also in the UNESCO catalog, fewer people visit the mine, it is cheaper than Wieliczka and you can have an unforgettable underground ferry crossing of an underground chamber flooded with brine (120 m).

Another awesome theme park from Krakow is located in the small city of Zator, and its name is ZatorlandIn this park, you can also find a Dinosaurs Park, a Greek Mythology theme park, and a Park of insects.

Last but not least see below, as a visit to Zakopane is a must-see from Krakow. More ideas in XY things you should definitely do in Krakow.

More About Krakow and Where to Eat
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Do you need a family-friendly transfer from Krakow to Zakopane?

Winter moves to Zakopane which is a small graphical town on the foot of the Tatra mountains, around 2 hours drive from Krakow. Zakopane is well known as the winter capital of Poland for a good reason.

A place where the amazing wooden architecture meets the tradition of the Polish mountains in the beauty of nature and with the smell of unique tastes in the air. For our little friends, a visit to Snowlandia during the winter is a must.

During the rest of the year and especially during the spring or summer, we highly recommend hiking the amazing routes in the nearby Tatra national park, visit the well-known Morskie Oko lake and also climb the mountain Gubałówka with Telerik.

krupowki zakopane with kid

Do not hesitate to try the tasty Oscypek that is produced in special huts in the Podhale area between May and September and is served grilled with marmalade while walking in the graphical streets of Krupówki.

Another place in Zakopane which is highly recommended is the Termy Chochołów, which are the largest thermal baths in Poland. Spend your time relaxing in the fresh air and regenerate your body and mind, while the attractions for our small friends are not missing from the place.

We also highly recommend that you visit the Hala Ornak, where you can try the one and only Szarlotka apple pie together with your coffee to relax and think about what's next.

Finally, in Zakopane check out the Be Happy Sweet Art & Illusion Museum, a place where dreams come true and imagination turns into a sweet and colorful experience. Something our little friends will definitely remember many years later.

tradtional polish farm poland kids animals

Last but not least, you can check two very unique experiences from Zakopane and in some cases from Krakow. One is rafting the Dunajec river and it is for the summer months and the other is the Sleigh Rides (Kuligi) in Zakopane during the winter.

Sleigh Ride's work from Zakopane. They pick you up from your accommodation in Zakopane or Koscielisko and they organize an amazing experience for you for around 3 hours. Price is around €30 per person (kids up to 3 years old are free) and the experience is as below:

You leave Zakopane by bus and drive for a 25-minutes to the point where the horse-drawn carts are located. Then, you have a sleigh ride for approximately 1 hour and finally, you have a feast with a bonfire in the open air with a live highlander band, tea, and self-bake sausages.

In case you want to book the Sleigh Ride, please let us know. We can arrange this for you. When there is no snow, the sleights are replaced with carts. The sleigh rides can take place despite the weather conditions. They only not organized on 24-25 of December.

Also, in case you don't have a car rental and you would like to visit Zakopane from Krakow, no worries at all. Our experienced English-speaking drivers will definitely make your day at the best price you can find. Just send me a message and get all the available options.

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Gdansk is a city you have to visit in Poland because except for the 1000 years of history and the recent world wars relation, it is a very beautiful city on the Baltic sea with a lot of things to do with kids.

First, on the list, we definitely recommend that you walk around the city and maybe get into a free walking tour around the city or a private walking tour: Legends and Facts which might be more interesting for the kids and it will be only for your family, provided into many languages.

A walking tour is the best way to discover the most important sites of the city and learn a few interesting information about the history of Gdansk. But most of the fun goes to the water. One way is to join an organized cruise on a Historical Boat.

Another awesome way will be definitely a boat trip to the old town by renting your moto water bike and sail to the Gdansk waters.

Another interesting walk might be the Gdanski Bazar Natury, where you can buy delicious jams, cakes, and other traditional products. 

The next destination might be a visit to the city's park called Oliwa (olive) and also to the Oliwa Zoo. :) But I guess the kids might more appreciate the Amber Sky Big Wheel from where you can admire a unique view of the beautiful city of Gdansk if it's not too crowded.

When the weather is good enough, you can take the kids down to Jelitkowo Beach, which is very nice for swimming, running, and playing with the sand. Also, visit the Brzezno Pier and Beach, which a great place with plenty of attractions for the kids.

wisla river warsaw sand kid

When it comes to museums, you might want to try the Hevelianum, which surely will make a good impression on the kids rather than any other historic museum. Also the Museum Starych Zabawek (old toys), with a large selection of old Polish toys, might be interesting for the kids.

Finally, you can visit the Osrodek Kultury Morskiej, which is a great exhibition with interactive and smart games with ships and ship parts. Also, it contains a lot of attractions for kids. Don't forget to take a look at the European Solidarity Center, which might be of interest to both older and younger kids.

Last but not least, and in case the weather is very bad and the kids have no place to spend their energy, we recommend taking them to Jump City, which is the largest trampoline park in northern Poland. The prices to book online are 28 PLN per hour and on-site 32 PLN per hour.

Kids-Friendly Trips from Gdansk

Definitely, the first destination is the massive Malbork Castle, which is the largest castle in the world measured by land area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When it comes to interesting castles, Poland is a paradise and definitely, you are going to find one in every corner.

Not sure if you ever heard of the term Tri-City, but this is a reference for Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot and all the cities are very interesting seaside cities close to each other, so an interesting trip might be to visit the rest two cities Gdynia and Sopot.

If it happens that you visit Gdynia or Sopot, then you can check the Kolibki Adventure Park with rope-climbing, mini quad-bike riding, and jumping castles. In Sopot, you can also visit the Sopot Fort which is the oldest living museum in Tri-city.

biale lake kid swim

Except for Fort in Sopot, you can also find the famous Sopot Pier, an Aquapark, a lot of Playgrounds, Water Sports, and many other attractions for kids and adults. Read more about Sopot with kidsSopot with kids.

Finally, in Gdynia, you can visit the Centrum Nauki Experyment, which is a science center filled with interactive exhibits and presentations for children and parents, and the Naval Museum for kids and adults interested in military history.

Last but not least, you might be interested to visit Hell on earth. Sorry, this is Hel and it's more like a paradise on earth. You can book a tour to Hel by car or by boat, or just drive the way with your car rental. Hel is also an amazing place with a lot of attractions for kids and an amazing beach.

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In Warsaw, we highly recommend that you visit the Kopernicus Museum, which is the most famous museum, especially when you are with kids in the city but in general Warsaw is a very kid-friendly city with a lot of parks and things to do with kids.

Another museum in Warsaw to have fun with kids is the Museum World of Illusion, which provides a  fascinating study for adolescents and adults thanks to optical illusions, paradoxes, and phenomena that contradict the laws of physics.

The last museum we recommend for a game in Warsaw is the unique Pinball & Arcade Museum, which is the first Interactive Pinball Museum in Warsaw and a collection of over 100 pinball and arcade games.

Definitely, my favorite park is the Szczęśliwice (Happiness) park in Ochota and is a place where you can find anything you need to spend half your day with your kids, having fun, drinking coffee, or eating in a traditional wooden house with a fireplace.

Another park which I highly recommend, except for the famous historic park Łazienki which you definitely have seen in every list, is the Pole Mokotowskie. A very nice park with big playgrounds, kids-friendly eating places, and a nice path walks with a lake and rivers.

Even in the back of the Unknown Soldier monument, where is the famous Saski Garden, you can find a beautiful playground where the kids can play. Saski Garden is the oldest public park in the city.

warsaw market square kids play water

Some more ideas are to visit the Warsaw Zoo and the National Stadium during the winter where they make a special setup with ice skating and other activities for kids and adults called Zimowy Narodowy.

Ice skating you can also find in the Market Square of the old town together with wooden houses which they serve nice hot wine, which I highly recommend that you try.

Finally, you can enjoy a unique free show at the Multimedia fountain, or just walk across the beautiful Vistula Boulevards with the sandy beaches, bars, restaurants, and kids attractions in every corner.

Last, but not least, take the kids to Manufaktura Cukierków, where they can buy some nice products, make their own lollipops, and watch different shows. I am not sure if they do some workshops in English, but you can ask them if it happens to pass from the place.

Do you Have a Birthday? 
Birthday Cake Delivery in Warsaw Poland

Warsaw Day Trips with Kids

On top of the list, I would highly recommend that you visit a traditional Polish farm, like Zagroda Ojrzanówwhich is a very special and unique place in Poland. The kids can see some animals, swim in the lake, and also take a self boat trip to the lake.

You can also walk in the surrounding forests and spot some deers or other animals, try some homemade products and soups and enjoy the peaceful nature of Poland. This trip is around 30-40 minutes from Warsaw.

warsaw beach bar Poland

As a second option, I would suggest that you visit one of the best JuraPark's in Poland. Bałtów Dinosaur Park. The park is located around 2.5 hours drive from Warsaw and you can enjoy almost a hundred life-size dinosaurs located along the nearly one kilometer-long didactic path.

It is worth knowing that the area of the present Bałtów was a Jurassic beach, on which dinosaurs wandered. The evidence for this is a dinosaur trail found in the local ravine. This discovery became the inspiration for the creation of the first Jurassic Park in Poland.

Check out the best of the Warsaw countryside and discover the most unique kids-friendly places close to Warsaw someone can visit for a few hours or stay for a night or more.

Definitely, a visit to the green UNESCO Bialowieza forest from Warsaw is a must. A magical place where you experience nature at its best and you can also meet the Polish Bison (Zubr).

One last trip from Warsaw and on the way to Lublin city, there is a fantastic place to visit with kids for a whole day program. The place is Magiczne Ogrody (Magic Garden) and is also a place where you can stay.

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 Here we came to the End of Poland with Kids Guide
Hope we see you in Poland soon!
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