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Make Money Online from Home

Definitely, the majority of people are looking for ways to make extra money from home or even just stay and work from home on their own. It is possible but requires hard work and consistency to be successful.

 How to Make Money Online | Home

No, I am not yet another inspirational, motivational speaker and definitely, I am not that successful in making money online from home.

But I know very well that there are a plethora of ways for the few that will put an effort and take consistent actions towards a target.

What is most important to remember is that nothing works without effort, consistent actions, falls, consistent learning, and personal development.

For me, the secret for success in making money online from home is to keep moving, fall and get up, keep trying, what not works change it, adjust to new situations, but never give up!

Let's see some great ideas that definitely can get you some extra money and useful information I learned from my recent years of experience!

By the way, I suggest that you pick a book from my list of Life-changing Books. It will definitely help to keep you inspired.

Would you like to have a Simple Website for your Service?

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Who Am I

You definitely are now thinking, who the hell are you and what you achieved to be able to talk about making money online from home. Well, I am nobody and I haven't achieved much but I am still working on it.

I have managed so far to create this website/blog and I have around 3,000 unique visitors per month and growing. Note that I learned how to do websites on my own and I did it from scratch, learning about everything.

I never paid any Ads either on Google or on Facebook or any other Social Media channel. I only pay for the domain name and the hosting services, plus one plugin that I believe is necessary to have but that depends on the template/theme you choose.

Finally, note that I always had a full-time job, a family, kids, and not much extra time or even good peaceful moments of inspiration which are necessary sometimes to achieve something great. So you might be in a much better position than me.

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First Step in Making Money Online


Education is the only field you may freely invest money and it is definitely going to give you the best rate of return. Either you learn how to make websites, a new language or programming language, marketing, design, or any other skill, this will definitely help you in earning more money.

If you consider that already millions of blogs and other websites exist, then you need to create something great in order to get ahead of that and sell people your content/products or services.

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We need first to create a professional website and either become a blogger or start selling a specific product/s or a service. We recommend WordPress, which has some good opinions and it's one of the most widely used. You have also one of the best free SEO plugins you can use.

Let's get started then and let's find out how to make a great website. Better to invest a small amount and take an awesome WordPress online course to start learning and doing at the same time. It is important to do while learning.

In case you are just bored to learn and you want your website up and running by a professional, then no worries. You can invest some money and get it done. How? Using Fiverr you will find the best person for every job you need and the prices are very very affordable.

Let us create a Simple Website for You!

Extra Tips

Tip 1: Many companies now are working remotely, especially on IT, website design, and programming. Learning a few skills and landing a remote job might be the best way to make money online from home with a standard salary. Then you can start something extra.

Tip 2: Learn a skill and then sell the skill you learned using platforms like: Fiverr and PeoplePerHour, or any other platform from the hundreds that exist. It should not take more than 30 minutes to set up your profile and start making money online from home.

Tip 3: In case you are looking for a job in Poland, I suggest reading Warsaw Poland: How to find a Job article. Also, take a look at ADZUNA, make an analysis of the necessary skills to land a job, and start learning. In case you need a CV review for Poland, please let me know.

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When it comes to marketing, there is only one person you need to take seriously and I have good news for you. He is going to give you totally free all the necessary knowledge in order to build a successful online presence and start making money online from home.

Follow Neil Patel at «» and find the best tools in order to make great keyword research but also learn about marketing and how to improve your presence on the web.

Finally, when finishing with Step 1 in making money online, you should be able to make your own professional website and even more than one website, each one serving a specific market, service, or product and then people can find it when search Google.

Life-Changing Books to keep you Moving on

Second Step in Making Money Online

Getting your Website to Life...

A. Decide on Product or Service

Deciding on the type of product or service you are going to offer is very important and it requires a bit of research to understand the demand and your target audience.

It is important to understand that you need to provide something unique to your clients and definitely you need to offer also something for free in order to engage them and win more clients through time.

For example, if you are selling beauty products, it's not enough just to add your products with a button to buy and a description. You need to write about great beauty advice to engage your clients and then suggest your products which they should solve a problem.

To find what to write about, you can decide by checking specific keywords in the best free keyword research tool and see how many searches per month are made for specific keywords and how easy is to rank for each one of them.

For example, when selling accounting services, writing free guides on how to complete your yearly taxation may bring more people to your blog/website.

Finally, something to consider is that people are usually searching in order to solve a problem. Lately, I have been searching on how to troubleshooting your heating system and I found a great article from a company which fixes those systems.

Definitely, I couldn't get their services because they are in the UK, but If I was in the UK and my problem was not solved, they were going to be the first to trust, right? I hope you go to the idea.

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B. Buy a Domain Name

Based on what are you going to write about, you might want to buy a relevant domain name. You can find cheap domain names and more expensive ones. In order to find out the prices for domain names, you can visit GoDaddy or any other company you prefer.

Usually, domain names are cheap and the more years you buy them, the cheaper they are. Consider buying a cheap but catchy and short domain name related to the field your website will be about.

C. Buy a Hosting

Finally, in order to have your website live on the web, you need a hosting service that will host the necessary files for you in order to be visible.

A very good hosting service company is SiteGround, which I use and I am very satisfied so far. The price of a StartUp is €5,99 + VAT per month for 1 website with 10GB of Web Space (Free SSL and other features).

Tip: You can set up also a Facebook Page + Posting regularly and promoting (using Facebook ads) specific products to a specified group of people. You can combine both a website and a Facebook page.

This is what most people do and this is the reason you see all those Sponsored ads on your personal Facebook. You need to be creative and influencing people with what you write. You also need to be consistent. It is like trial and error.

Extra Tips - Setup your Blog for Success

What you need to do before launching your travel blog in order to be able to make money online:

  • Establish your why (Reason to start and continue to grow your blog/mission / why does it matter / what do you serve and etc).
  • Choose a niche (what I know the best? / Is there an audience for this niche? / Can I earn money? / How much competition exists?).
  • Research your target audience.
  • Determine how you are going to make money.
  • Create a Blog Business plan

It is also important to know if you have enough ideas to keep you writing about your niche for the next 2 years until your blog will grow and the search engines will start to see you seriously.

Join an affiliate network with the best companies on the travel field like Travelpayouts. See more affiliate networks that worth joining above.

Finally, you can use Google Trends in order to analyze the popularity of keywords over time and look at how each keyword performs over a span of years. Is the topic trending upward or downward?

Last but not least, you can use some great tools like Buzzsumo to see the most shared content for any keyword and compare the popularity potential of different niches.

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Start a Travel Blog

Definitely starting a travel blog is one good idea, as you have more or less ready products and hundreds of companies are offering affiliates now. You write a nice article, you add some affiliate links to nice hotels, tours and if someone buys through your link, then you get a small commission.

You need a lot of traffic to make money, but the more traffic you achieve to get, the more opportunities to make money online from home you will have.

For example, if you get 20,000 unique visitors per month (you will know about this after installing Google Analytics), you can start attracting people to add an advertisement on your page and get paid monthly.

After you have ready your website and you are all set, it is time to join some great travel affiliate programs with great tools and start making money online. Let me suggest to you some of the best I already use and they are well tested.

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Best Travel Affiliate Programs to Join

First of all, you need to join the GetYourGuide affiliate program as you can find readily customized widgets, links, and also destination pages you can use. The most important is that they look nice on the page and it's totally free and easy to join.

GetYourGuide has also great analytics and they pay always on time. Finally, it is important that they accept without much trouble, so anyone is welcome to join and they even sometimes do online free training.

Next, you definitely need to join the Travelpayouts program. Here you can find hundreds of travel companies in the field of flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, hostels, holiday packages, and more. Actually, you have all you need for a travel blog.

Again you join for free and they also have amazing widgets that look nice on the page and they convert very well. Finally, this is another program easy to join, but some of the advertizers might not accept you if your website is not good enough for them.

Next, join the AWIN program. Not many of travel advertisers but it has great programs to join for clothing, travel accessories, car parts and accessories, and many other international web-based companies to recommend in your blog/website.

Finally, you can also join the Amazon affiliate program where you can find awesome products to recommend to your readers and also some great services you can write about in your blog in order to convert.

Last but not least, on any website when you have great content and a lot of traffic, you can try Google AdSense, which will allow Google to place advertisements on your website and you are going to earn money.

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Make money online from home or any other place in the world from your laptop is not as easy as it sounds. You need definitely to put a lot of effort and it is better to start working on something part-time until it starts to make enough money for you.

Briefly, the process is as below - you can do the steps at your own convenience:

  • Decide on a product, service, or category of contents to write about (fashion, travel, diet and etc).
  • Learn how to do a professional website on WordPress or any other CMS which makes the process easier, or hire someone to do it for you.
  • Buy a domain name and hosting related to the product or service you decided above.
  • Follow Neil Patel to help you all the way to write better content and find great keywords to write about.
  • Join affiliate programs to support your content with opportunities to make money online every time someone buys something.

I hope you find this guide useful and soon you start making money online from your home. Wish you luck.

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