Best place to start a party and have some drinks in Warsaw early - Wisła River

Best places to Party in Warsaw, Poland

Are you going to visit Warsaw and looking for the best places to spend an unforgettable night out? This is the place to be. Below you can see the best places to party in Warsaw.

Amazing Party Places in Warsaw

Your best Night Out in Warsaw - Party Hard 

Warsaw is an amazing city with a lot of clubs and places to have fun. During the summer, usually, people prefer to sitting outside in open spaces when the weather is nice.

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During the summer months, the banks of the Wisła river are a magnet and you can also find very good bars for parties in Warsaw. It was a point in time that they removed some of them, but now they created them again.

If you would like to go down to the river, you will definitely find some good places to sit and enjoy a beer late afternoon, but also to party for later on. There will be a lot of people and even some concerts. Just follow the music. But let's see the best places to party in Warsaw.


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1. La Playa

warsaw beach bar PolandLa Playa During the Day :)

La Playa is a music bar located on the other side of the River, on the so-called Praga side. During the nights the bar is hosting great parties and you can enjoy an amazing view and awesome sunsets.

Before you visit, you can check the La Playa Website and also take a look at special events on their Facebook page. The prices for beers range between 10-18 PLN, while a glass of wine is 16 PLN.

Finally, a bottle of Vodka is 250 PLN, and bottles of whiskey range between 350 and 600 PLN. See the Menu of La Playa, which is definitely one of the best places to party in Warsaw. During the day, you can enjoy holiday relaxation. 

Lie down comfortably on deckchairs, play beach volleyball and take part in organized sports activities like Zumba! If chillout is not your strong point, you can also work remotely straight from the beach - thanks to the free Wi-Fi zone.

In the evening version of La Playa. From Monday to Sunday loudspeakers play the best hits. Depending on the day of the week, they play chillout, house, and explosive mix of hits. On Sunday, join a Salsa party, or the legendary parties Fiest en La Playa.

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2. Level 27

Level 27 is a stylish venue located on the 27th floor of one of the taller buildings in Warsaw.

It's definitely one of the best party places to be. A unique high standard place where you can definitely enjoy yourself The unique view of the city skyline makes the sunrises and sunsets amazing and this is the reason why they have the slogan: “Higher level of clubbing”.

Consists of two zones: the central part with an area of 355 m and an open terrace with an area of 450 m2. The club is not only one of the best places in Warsaw, but also an official member of THE WORLD’S FINEST CLUBS.

It is listed in the 92nd place of The WORLD’S 100 BEST CLUBS 2018, by the International Nightlife Association. The price of cocktails is between 19 PLN and 29 PLN but you can also get big pitchers of cocktails (150 cl) with 129 PLN - 229 PLN.

Beer prices are between 14  and 18 PLN. Finally, regular bottles of Vodka start from 245 PLN and Whiskey from 280 PLN. See the full price list. It might a good idea to reserve your spot on Facebook before you get there.

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3. 6 Cocktails

This is one of a kind in Warsaw. A historic apartment that is converted to a club is located at Mokotowska 57. Before you get there, please make sure you contacted them in order to send you an invitation.

When you get that invitation, you can arrive at the address and ring the bell beside the big iron entrance gate. Seems that the place is working only Wednesday to Saturday from 19:00 to 02:00. In this place, you can enjoy awesome music and great cocktails.

The best is to write them on Facebook. You can also find information about events and get instructions for Google maps.

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4. Paros Greek Restaurant

Yes, It is a Greek restaurant in the center of the town, which makes nice Greek parties. You know, dancing on the tables, throwing napkins and Opa :)

Parties Paros Warsaw

Open all day long and you can enjoy relatively good Greek food. The parties take place only on Friday and Saturday. During the wintertime, it is full of people but the summer is quieter because people in Poland prefer to be outside.

It is recommended in order to have a great time is to book a table around 21:00 (Friday or Saturday). Around 22:30 when you finish your food and the waiters start cleaning the tables, the party begins.

Get the opportunity to dance on the tables and have some real Greek fun in Warsaw. Here, you can find the menu of Paros but in order to make a reservation, it is preferred to write an email to them or use the contact form.

Don't forget to try OUZO, souvlaki, Greek salad, pitta with tzatziki, and octopus.

Mykonos is also a new Greek restaurant from the same chain where they also do some Greek-style parties with DJ and etc. Mykonos is located a little bit outside of the city center, so you might need a TAXI/UBER/BOLT to get there.

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5. Teatro Cubano

This is one of the busiest places in Warsaw. It is a little hard to find it as it is located just next to the monument of the unknown soldier in Warsaw. The place is huge and has 3-4 arenas. You even have a smoking place downstairs where you can smoke, drink, and dance.

Location: Aleksandra Fredry 6 in Warsaw. There is also one in Krakow but much smaller.

Teatro Cubano is a Cuban lounge and club in Warsaw where you can dance to the rhythms of the Caribbean and other hits. There are several bars and it is relatively easy to get a drink.

You can find more info on the Teatro Cubano Facebook page. The prices for drinks are logical with beers to be between 12-14 PLN.

Please note that Friday and Saturday there is an entrance fee of 20 PLN. The club works every day of the week and is busy nearly every night. It might be the best place to visit during the week because you are definitely going to find many people around.

Especially if you are dancing Latin dances, this is one of the best party places to be in Warsaw. There are 2 arenas inside Teatro Cubano on the ground floor, which they play different music and also the underground place where you can also smoke.

It worth trying is Rum + Pepsi which is only 10 PLN, but you need to order it as Kuba Libre and take the white rum :)

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6. The View Club Warsaw

There are a lot of places to party in Warsaw but there are some of them that are above all the rest. The view is definitely one of the best places to party in Warsaw. The View is a nightclub like no other in Warsaw. All-night party on the rooftop of the highest building in Warsaw.

Over 1000 square meters of space on two floors with plenty of places to dance. Professional stuff behind the bar ready to make any drink, which will provide you with a great dose of energy to party.

Every weekend The View Warsaw becomes a venue of unique events hosted by DJs with international experience. The place has gained popularity and it’s considered one of the best music clubs in Warsaw.

Menu: - Location:

7. Syreni Śpiew Koneser

Syreni Spiew Koneser Warsaw PartyFacebook - Syreni Śpiew Koneser

The club was closed for some time and reopened on the 7th of September 2019 at a new location. Definitely, the new location itself is very interesting, as the club is now located in the 19th century Koneser Vodka Factory.

It is now one of the biggest party places in Warsaw with 4 levels including VIP, many bars and stages, and a magic garden. I have been once to this place before at the old location and it was a nice club.

Finally, it is worth to mentioned that I have seen written some bad reviews about this club, but they are possibly related to the staff behavior which is normal in many places in Poland.

Just be careful and have a good party in Warsaw. This place definitely deserves a visit.

Address: Plac Konesera 4, Warsaw

Facebook Page: Syreni Śpiew Koneser

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8. Alternative Party Ideas in Warsaw

Warsaw is full of cafeterias, bars, outdoor bars on the Vistula river during the summer, and trendy clubs. Check below for some more ideas to make your night much more interesting.

Hala Koszyki (Koszykowa 63)

Nice place with a few restaurants, places to sit inside or outside, craft beers, and a nice atmosphere. See more Info

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Nocny Market (Towarowa 3)

Cool night market spot. Wide variety of foods and drinks, cool music. One of the best spots in Warsaw - Find more on Facebook

Zbawiciela Square (pl. Zbawiciela)

You can find many cafes, bars, and bistros. Also, take a look at Plan B. It's a nice place for casual people.

Warsaw Praga

Clubs and bars in former factories, like the one mentioned above. Famous streets are Zabkowska and 11 Listopada


For the Metal Heads, maybe you should take a look at the club Progresja. See more info on

Wisła River During Summer (Vistula Boulevards)

Last but not least and if it's summertime, then stroll to the banks of the Wisła river and follow the crowd and the music. Before some time, there were some nice bars and open spaces with good music. Now they closed those.

But you can find a lot of places to sit and have a drink and for sure more will open the next summer.

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Party Streets in Warsaw

Finally, some people like to crawl to a few bars see a lot of people walking around, so let's see some good options. The main streets and locations with many clubs and bars close to each other in Warsaw are:

  • The famous street of Mazowieczka is very close to the city center. There are bars, clubs, and even striptease clubs. 
  • Pawilone, is a closed place that you might not even notice with a lot of bars close to each other, shot bars, and fast food. It is in Nowy Swiat, look for it.
  • Zuravia and Parkingowa streets are located just behind the Novotel Centrum hotel. You are going to find everything for a good party night.

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