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Breakfast in Bed - Lady - Ideas - Warsaw

Breakfast for just 1 zloty in Warsaw - Śniadanie za złotówkę

The best breakfast ideas you can find in Warsaw. Some hotels charge a lot of money for a good breakfast but there are many places offering amazing breakfast for just 1 zloty. Enjoy them!

Warsaw City Breakfast Ideas for a Zloty

This is what you need for your Morning in Warsaw

Start your day in the best way and Pay in the Best Price!

Warsaw is an amazing place with international cuisine from all around the world!

Discover the Amazing Breakfast Markets (Targ śniadaniowy) and get lost into different tastes from around the world while relaxing in green areas.

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Breakfast in Warsaw

It is a bit hard to find what's best in Warsaw. I Love Warsaw as it is an amazing city with a lot of options, opportunities, and great food.

It has something very special to me. Some people will say that it is an architectural mess but for me, it is a nice mixture of the old and new architecture.

Where else you will find this amazing mixture of the old and new architecture styles?

In the last years, eating out has become very popular and many cafeterias serving breakfast around every corner.

But where is the best breakfast in Warsaw and more specifically at the best price?

Keep reading and find out the best breakfast ideas in Warsaw from just 1 zloty or in Polish: "Śniadanie za złotówkę".

When walking around the city center and you see a place where it is written outside "Śniadanie za złotówkę", then you just discovered another place.

Try it out and if you like it, please comment below with the name of the place so we can add it on the list.

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Breakfast Markets in Warsaw

Every weekend in beautiful green areas, in various Polish cities, in an amazing picnic atmosphere, you can enjoy an amazing breakfast with tastes from around the world.

Try regional specialties from all over Poland, exotic dishes, and a wide range of original dishes prepared with love by real enthusiasts.

Relax in nature and enjoy a casual atmosphere together with other people from all around Warsaw.

Eat treats, participate in various workshops, play with children on the playgrounds, or just lie on the grass and enjoy the moment.

It might be noisy, but it worth trying something different.

Check the Facebook Page: «» and discover the Breakfast Markets of Warsaw.

See How it looks like in the video below

Book a Hotel without Breakfast

Hotels in Warsaw charge for breakfast from 44 - 160 PLN per person depends on the hotel.

There are many places in the city center, which they offer a great breakfast at the price of a coffee. Keep reading and you will know about them.

Also, you have the chance to try a different variety of breakfasts in Warsaw. Why not try a different place every time?


AïOLI Bar Café - Breakfast for 1 zloty

Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 12:00

In Warsaw there is two AIOLI bar cafe, one is in Świętokrzyska 18 -- AïOLI Cantine Bar Café Deli.

The other is located in Chmielna 266 -- AïOLI Bread & Aperitivo.

breakfast coffee

Dedicated to Mediterranean cuisine and urban lifestyle. AÏOLI is one of the brightest stars of the Warsaw's culinary map.

In an industrial, yet cozy interior and intense rhythm meet with fresh and simple Mediterranean cuisine.

You pay your coffee (full price: 9 PLN) and add an extra 1 PLN for the breakfast.

For Example Delicious eggs and bacon breakfast with a cappuccino for 10 PLN (roughly 2,50 euros).

The menu is available in English. The decor is nice, very hipster with bare walls but the music can be a bit loud.

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NAVONA Italian Restaurant

Breakfast for 5 zloty (9:00 to 12:00)

Location: Bitwy Warszawskie 1920 nr. 19 | Ochota

Navona Restaurant offers an Italian feast in the heart of Warsaw.

The unique smell of herbs, warm, elegant interiors, and professional and friendly service will make you feel like you're in a real Italian restaurant.

breakfast setup warsaw

This restaurant is great but is located a bit out of the city center area. For those who stay close to the center and they would like to visit it.

Take any bus that goes to the "Rondo Zesłańców Syberyjskich" bus stop and from there is just a 5 minutes walk.

Also from Zachodni central train station is around 7 minutes walk.

The restaurant offers a great quality breakfast for just 1 zloty after buying a coffee.

Choose any breakfast from the list and a coffee and you pay only for coffee + 5 zloty.

Navona used to have breakfast for 1 zloty, but they changed it to 5 zlotych instead.

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Location: Plac Teatralny, Warsaw - Wierzbowa 9/11

Breakfast for 1 zloty

Momu offers amazing decor, a unique atmosphere, and good service. 

Most of the dishes are prepared on a stove, specially imported from the US.

Breakfast Info:

  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 12:00 (Breakfast for a Coffee + 1 zloty)
  • Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 - 14:00 (Coffee for a Breakfast for 1 zloty)

fried eggs and toast breakfast

Do you like French-style breakfast?

Charlotte might be your place!

The place is very well-known for the delicious homemade pastries. You can enjoy a lemon croissant but the most famous is the Charlotte breakfast.

The breakfast includes a basket of pastries served with various spreads while adding a delicious coffee will make your day.

Breakfast Prices are between 10 and 25 PLN. Pastries Prices are between 5 and 8 PLN.

Locations: Aleja Wyzwolenia 18 (Savior Square) and Plac Grzybowski 2.

fruits breakfast

Kiełba Polski Grill Bar - 1 zloty Breakfast

Polish grill bar! Excellent grilled meat, home-made sausages, chops, and pierogi. Huge selection of selected craft beers and breakfast for a zloty.

A small place where you can find awesome craft beers at relatively good prices.

Also, tasty breakfast for just 1 zloty when you buy a coffee or tea. The offer is only from Monday to Friday!!

I haven't tried the breakfast but the Polish style sausage burger was awesome.

Location: ul. Koszykowa 63 (Hala Koszynki)

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Find Your Hotel in Warsaw

Shipudei Berek

Berek is a kind of a holiday postcard.

The joy of the Mediterranean food and the hot climate of Tel Aviv streets, whose memory was transferred to Warsaw.

Located very close to the AIOLI cafe at ul. Jasna 24 seems to have a very good breakfast and a good food reputation.

The breakfast cost around 22 zlotych for two-person.

Review: «It was the best breakfast I ever ate. 

I ordered something like Jewish pizza with different toppings (sauce was from pepper bell, similar to Georgian Ajika).

We also get different small plates with bread and curd cheese, other sauces to try. 

My friend ate scrambled eggs. It was also very tasty. 22 zloty (5 euro) for two people.»

Source: TripAdvisor - Berek Reviews.

Restaurant Słoik - Breakfast for 1 zloty

Another place with a great breakfast at a good price located close to the center: ul. Złota 11 (Pasaż Wiecha).

Breakfast for 1 zloty when you buy any coffee or tea is valid for Monday to Friday between 9:00 - 11:30 Only.  Breakfast prices from 12 - 15 PLN.

MiTo Art Cafe Books

This is a nice place which offers a breakfast buffet during the weekends for 25zl

Location: ul. Waryńskiego 28

Have you Discovered an Awesome Breakfast in Warsaw?
Let Us Know About it in the Comments Below.
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