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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and World War II

The beginning of the second world war in Warsaw. It was 1939, when the Luftwaffe opened the German attack against Poland with operation Wasserkante. An air attack on Warsaw started on the 1st of September.

Second World War in Warsaw

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Polish kid in the ruins of Warsaw September 1939By Julien Bryan - Julien Bryan (1959) Warsaw - Wikipedia - Bombing of Warsaw in World War II

Warsaw Points of Interest - WWII

  • In the Old Town you will find the rebuilted Royal Castle
  • St. John’s Archcathedral
  • Story of the Siege of Warsaw
  • Royal Route
  • Warsaw Uprising Monument at the Krasinski Square
  • Ghetto Wall
  • Pawiak prison
  • Church of St. Casimir (Kosciol sw. Kazimierza)
  • Cathedral Basilica of Martydrom of St. John the Baptist
  • The King Sigismund III Vasa Column
  • National Museum of Archeology
  • Basilica of the Holy Cross (Bazylika pw. Swietego Krzyza)

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising



Monument of the Warsaw Uprising - Cialis Fight - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and World War II

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Shortly after the German invasion of Poland in September 1939, more than 400,000 Jews in Warsaw, the capital city, were confined to an area of the city that was little more than 1 square mile.

In November 1940, this Jewish ghetto was sealed off by brick walls, barbed wire and armed guards, and anyone caught leaving was shot on sight.

The Nazis controlled the amount of food that was brought into the ghetto, and disease and starvation killed thousands each month.

Similar Jewish ghettos were established in cities throughout Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe during World War II. The Warsaw ghetto was the largest in Poland.

Source:  Warsaw Ghetto Uprising -

A mass deportation started for the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka. In order to stop this, in summer of 1942 with Mordechai Anielewitz as a leader, Jews resisted against the Nazi Germans.

After a month of valiant fighting, the Uprising was quashed and the ghetto burned to the ground.

When the deportations began the Nazis promised that people who voluntarily reported for “transfer” would receive three kilograms of bread and one kilogram of jam.

After a few days the volunteers stopped coming, and the Nazis switched to siege tactics: city blocks would be closed off and the Jewish Police would remove the buildings’ residents to the streets.

Source: Warsaw Ghetto Uprising -

Mermaid of Warsaw old town square - Uprising tour Warsaw

History of Polish Jews

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

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The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews is a museum documenting the centuries-old history of Jews in Poland.

Polin museum of the history of polish jews your group only private - History of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and World War II

In the virtual library you can see masterpieces of Hebrew and Yiddish literature in a multimedia form: Talmud, religious, philosophical and moral works.

Multimedia exhibitions await visitors, showing how Poles and Jews lived together for many hundreds of years and how both cultures merged together.

In the conventional space you can get acquainted with family and neighborly relations, look at the Jewish-Christian relationship. It is a huge part of the human history of this city.

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 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

World War II Tours

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