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Visit Treblinka concentration camp from Warsaw

Treblinka was an extermination camp, built and operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland during World War II. Together with the camps at Bełżec and Sobibor, was one of the Operation Reinhard extermination camps. Find out how to visit Treblinka from Warsaw.

How to visit Treblinka from Warsaw

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 Plan your Trip to Treblinka from Warsaw

"It was hell, an absolute hell.

A normal person can not imagine how anyone could survive it.

Murderers, born murderers without a trace of conscience would kill any, even the smallest being".

Wrote Kalman Taigman, one of the few prisoners who survived the Treblinka camp, years later.


History of Treblinka

Treblinka is a small village located on the Bug river and is around 110 km from Warsaw. It takes around 1,5 hours by car to get there.

During the Second World War, it was chosen by the Nazis to be an extermination camp.

It was first established in 1942 within the framework of Operation Reinhard and it existed until 1943.

Over 850,000 people were murdered in Treblinka. This makes Treblinka the second place (after Auschwitz II, Birkenau) in the number of people murdered by the Nazi's.

Nazi Germans wanted to hide the traces of their crimes, so the camp's buildings were destroyed and the area was ploughed up and planted with lupine.

In Treblinka everything is symbolic. This is a thought-provoking place where humanity reached one of its lowest points in history.

treblinka fields

A lot of Jewish were departed from Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka during the Second World War.

That was one of the main reasons for the Ghetto Uprising.

Guided tour to Treblinka from Warsaw

The easiest way to visit Treblinka from Warsaw is by a guided, private tour.

You will visit Treblinka, the former death camp responsible for the deaths of 850,000 Jews within just a single year.

This tour takes approximately 5 hours and it is recommended that you take something to eat with you. There is no restaurant close to Treblinka.

The tour is conducted in the English language and you are going to be picked up from your hotel in Warsaw.

Tour Highlights (Warsaw - Treblinka)

  • Visit Treblinka II, the second-largest Nazi extermination camp after Auschwitz II
  • Learn about World War II and the Holocaust
  • See also the penal labor camp Treblinka I
  • Government-licensed private English-speaking guide
  • Transportation by private car/minivan

Your transfer will take 1.5 hours from Warsaw, with the whole tour taking between 5-6 hours.

The  Treblinka camp just operated from July 1942 to October 1943. During this one year, around 850,000 Jews from both central Poland and Europe were murdered.

It is a symbolic place marked by 17,000 stones. You can certainly feel the massive tragedy of World War II.

You will also have the option to visit Treblinka I.

This is a criminal labor camp which is located 1.5 miles from the death camp. In this place, the Nazis murdered more than 10,000 Polish people.

Important to know: There is no cafe or restaurant in Treblinka, it is recommended that you bring any drinks or snacks that you require.

Price for the tour

The tour price depends on the number of participants. Starting time: 9:30 AM.

  • For a group of 6 people will cost €466.68 (€77.78 p.p.)
  • For a group of 5 people - €412.55 (€82.51 p.p.)
  • Group of 4 people - €348.96 (€87.24 p.p.)
  • Group of 3 people - €282.99 (€94.33 p.p.)
  • Group of 2 people - €259.60 (€129.80 p.p.)

Prices may changes according to time of the year. Online Secure Booking. Reserve your Spot.

Review Treblinka Nazi Camp Tour From Warsaw

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Plan your Trip to Treblinka from Warsaw

Going with a tour-operator and in case you are the only person to visit Treblinka from Warsaw that day, you are going to pay €195. Let's plan it together in order to save money.

Renting a car from Warsaw and travel to Treblinka might be the best option. You can rent a car for one day for €30.

Treblinka Nazi Camp Warsaw Crosses

Not only you can go to Treblinka, but you can also enjoy some beautiful places in the Polish countryside from Warsaw.

Finally, you will need a guide, right? For this, you just need your smartphone and the internet. Install the application: "AudioTrip Treblinka".

There is a FREE audio Guide for Treblinka in English and Polish.

Considering a gas consumption of about €40. You save €125 when one person, €180 when two people and €188 when three people.

Another good option with transports from Warsaw is a tour that costs only €35,67 (per person when 6 persons) instead of €58. You Save €22,33 per person but the price for 1 person is more expensive.

Check this Treblinka tour from Warsaw and book online.

Important to know: There is no cafe or restaurant in Treblinka, it is recommended that you bring any drinks or snacks that you require.

Treblinka with Train from Warsaw

Trains to Małkinia (Treblinka) depart to either Białystok (and beyond) or Warsaw (and beyond).

There are two main destinations in Warsaw for these trains: Warszawa Wileńska (Koleje Mazowieckie - green / yellow/black/white trains), and Warszawa Centralna (Intercity trains, grey-blue).

Take the latter, as it is generally faster. Timetable: (Intercity trains only), or (all possible trains)

From the Małkinia station to the museum it's less than 10 km one way, so I don't think you'll pay more than 100-200 PLN. But I also don't think you'll find an English-speaking driver easily.

Basically this option will possibly cost more and it will take you much more time. See More on TripAdvisor!

Extreme Plan - Rent a Bike!

Renting a city bike from Warsaw center will cost you for 8 hours around €10. You load the bike in the train - see above for train info.

You get out in Małkinia station and then you drive with the bike to Treblinka. 

You get you Free Audio guide and you visit all the important parts of Treblinka - See above for audio guide info.

You will need also Google Maps. You can then return to the train station in the same way!

Be Aware! You cannot exceed the total of 12 Hours for Bike Rental because you are going to have a Penalty.

You can return the bike in any station in Warsaw! Check also our article about all the transportation options from Warsaw.

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