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Create your Simple SEO friendly Website or Advertise With Us.

Do you provide services in Poland or Cyprus and you need a simple website? It's the best way for someone to be able to find your services and also you will be able to share your information with potential clients anywhere in the world.

Get your Simple Website to Life!

Check the 4 options below and decide what's best for you.

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We Host Your Simple Website Here

We host your Simple website under our domain. Your URL would be: «tourspoland.com/my-website-or-company-name». Free: Setup + Keyword research + changes and Assistance. Pay monthly 45 zlotych (Only Poland and Cyprus).

Only for local Services located in Poland or in Cyprus or even Greece. In this case, you are going to have a Single Page under the Services menu item that will be only dedicated to you. An example is this article you are reading.

Just send the information you would like to published and a few nice pictures (3-7 pictures will be fine) and your page will be in life in just 2-3 days. You will be able to host a description of your services, price list, pictures, about you, and any other section you prefer.


  • SEO keyword research around your service name and update your content to be SEO friendly.
  • Mobile-Friendly.
  • Analytics every month of how many visitors your page has.
  • Ability to create a picture Gallery.
  • Ability to customize/shorten your URL using Google or Rebrant.ly or any other service.
  • We create everything for FREE.
  • Ability to make changes for FREE at least 2-3 times per month.
  • Share your page with your friends and potential clients.
  • We share your page on our social media.
  • We add back-links to your page from other Articles with existing traffic.
  • Ability to stop the service anytime after the first 3 months.
  • Easy Share of the Article on Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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  • Hosted under our domain: tourspoland.com.
  • Only a Single Page Article.

Here you prepay for the first 3 months the total amount of 135 zlotych (or €32). After the 3 months, you can choose whether to continue using our service or quit without any additional payments, complaints, or anything.

If you decide to stay with us, you can start paying either every month 45 zlotych (around €10), or every 3 months (5% discount), 6 months (7% discount), or a year with a 10% discount.

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Simple Website Under YourDomainName

Let us create a Simple Website for you (Joomla or WordPress). Then we will host it under the domain of your preference (www.yourdomainname.com). Prices start from 700 zlotych (Once) + Template (Once) + Domain Name (Yearly) + Hosting (Yearly).

Either you are trying to make money online from home, or just to sell your services or products, this is a mandatory step to have. Due to the fact that there is a lot of competition in any field, it will be a competitive advantage to have a good professional website.

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Choose a Domain Name

In order to create your own website, the first you need is the domain name. There are cheap domain names but also expensive domain domains. The domain name is your base address. For example, in my case is tourspoland.com.

Domain names start even from 5zl per year, but in order to be sure what your price will be, check the price for the name you are interested in «dimain.com» or «godaddy.com».

I am paying around 91 zloty per year, which is around 7,5 zloty per month. Of course, the more years you buy, the cheaper can be. You pay for the domain at least once per year but you can also pay for two or three years.

It will be a good idea to choose a nice short, catchy domain name for your business, even containing a keyword related to what you do.


After you have your domain and in order to start working you will need a hosting server where we are going to build your Template or Theme. Usually, a good basic hosting server costs around €10 per month, so let's say 45 zlotych per month.

Again, the more years you buy, the cheaper per month should be and you usually have to pay for this at least once per year, but you can also pay once for two or three years.

So far and in order to maintain a simple website, you need to pay around 50 zlotych per month just for the domain name and for the hosting. The first option is only 45 zlotych per month, and you also do not have any additional setup costs.

Feel free to check the hosting prices in one of the best hosting companies that exist on the field.

Theme / Template

After the hosting, we also need to find a good theme or template for our website. We could of course build something from scratch using Wix or any other website builders, but it is highly recommended to build either on WordPress or Joomla, just to have the ability to use existing plugins and tools.

Definitely, you can find also free themes or templates, but in order to do a proper job, it might be better to buy your own. Consider a good theme or template will cost on average around €30 which is around 135 zloty (one time cost).

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Setup Website

Finally, you will need to put your website in life using your contents and own images. But there are much more than that to consider. We need to be aware of SEO, Google Analytics, Sitemap, Security, Speed, Image optimization, and many more.

On top of that, you will need to get educated and learn either WordPress or Joomla, in order to be able to maintain your own website like change contents, add or remove contents, install plugins and etc.

Website setup for simple websites starts from 700 zlotych (€160) and they might cost up to several thousand's. The cost always depends on what exactly you are looking for, how many pages you need, and what features you need.

In this case, you will need to provide your content and some images. We can also find related free images. Finally, we are going to put everything together, setup, and optimize everything necessary for the website to be SEO-friendly and fast. Last but not least, we need to show you how to create new content.

First Year Up and Running

Let's put it all together now. The cost for the first year will be around 1500 zlotych (€335 euros) and contains the domain name purchase, the hosting, the theme, or template and also setup costs in order to bring a nice professional simple website up and running and finally teach you how to use it.

After this, it will be around 53 zlotych per month (€12,5) in order to maintain the domain name and the hosting services.

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Place your Banner on Our Website

Place your Business Banner on our website for a monthly fee starting from only 5 zlotych per month. Choose any position you like, either on the sidebar, sidebar-top, or in any article of your preference.

In case you already have your website or your Facebook page and you are not interested in a new simple website either under our domain name or another, then you might want to advertise your business on our website.

There is an ability to add a banner in many different locations on our website and the cost starts from only 5 zlotych per month (€1.20). The minimum payment period is at least 3 months. During those months, you can refresh your banner as well.

Please note that it will be good if your service is related to the specific menu item or it is somehow relevant to the travel industry. A banner will contain a link to your website so it will also work as a back-link.

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Positions Available for a Banner

Ability to purchase multiple positions even in a single article. In case you would like to see some examples, please let us know.

Menu Item - SideBar Top. The prices here start from 10 zlotych per month (€2.50) and the price depends on the menu item, the number of articles under this menu item, and the monthly traffic the menu item receives.

Menu Item - SideBar. The prices here start from 5 zlotych per month (€1.20). Also, the price depends on the above-mentioned criteria. We do not add many banners and we are not going to add competitive banners under the same menu item.

Article Banner/s. A single article may contain up-to 5 banners and this also depends on the length of the article. Usually, it is preferred to have only 3 banners, one at the beginning (from 7 zlotych per month), one in the middle, and one at the end of the article (from 5 zlotych per month).

For article banner placements the price also depends on the article traffic. You also have the ability to choose the exact position you would like to place your banner. Finally, for longer articles, we may have more than 3 banners in a single article.

Buy any 6 positions + Pay for 3 Months and get a 10% discount on the total price.

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Let's cooperate

Do you have a transportation company, are you a guide in Poland or Cyprus or you provide any other useful service to tourists who are visiting Poland or Cyprus? Then we can cooperate.

Do you have a car rental company, a nice accommodation place (hotel, apartment, villa) or you provide an interesting unique tour in Cyprus or Poland, then we can also cooperate.

What we need, is your text and a few nice pictures and we are going to prepare an article on our page for your service. Then our visitors can book your service through us.

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We wish you all the Best and Great Success!
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