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DIY Trip to the Best of Poland in 7 Seven Days

Planning a Trip to Poland for a week but you are not sure what is best to include in your schedule? This article will help you plan and see all the best in Poland. But you might need to repeat the trip because Poland's best never ends.

Plan a Trip to see the best of Poland

The Magic of Poland will Bring you Back!

It is Recommended to Rent a Car for your Trip to Poland - Get a FREE quote

Suggested Route: Warsaw - Krakow - Auschwitz - Wieliczka - Zakopane

Suggested Time: 7 Days (DIY)

 Are you looking for an All-Inclusive Tour Around Poland?

Good to Know

Easily use Public Transportation Network in Poland - Install the application JakdoJade.

Instead of Taxi is better to use UBER (Get Discount) or Bolt (Discount Code: DRB9U)

Suggested Low Budget Accommodation in Poland is Airbnb apartments. Best for family and bigger groups. Get 100 PLN OFF to register now.

To travel from between different cities, use the InterCity Trains, the FlixBus and the BlaBlaCar

All you need to know about the money exchange in Poland.

WARSAW, The Capital:  DAY 1

Suggested Hotels in Warsaw

Choose the awesome Budget 4* Hotel close to the center of Warsaw: Radisson BLU (Underground Parking for 90 PLN / Night).

Direct connections to the city center and next to one of the Best Places to Party in Warsaw.

If you are just looking for the Best 5* Hotel in Warsaw's in the Best Location, then take a look at the Raffles Europejski and Bristol Luxury Collection.

National Stadium Warsaw Sand and Me with the Bag of my wife - ClassicThe national stadium in Warsaw - Visit during the winter.

We can start our holiday in Poland from the capital. It is located in the center of the country and it is a good starting point.

It is not a problem to start from Krakow and then depart from Warsaw to go back.

You can check the flights to both Warsaw and Krakow using our flight comparison engine. Then choose the best option according to your preferred criteria.

Just note that the travel time between Krakow and Warsaw with a fast train (EIP or IC) is around 2 hours and 30 minutes and may cost from 15 to 35 euros.

Warsaw has two airports, Modlin and F. Chopin. For more convenience, it is preferred to land at the Frederick Chopin airport.

The way to the city center costs only €1 with public transport, around €8 with a TAXI and around €6 with Bolt or UBER.

If it happens that you arrive at the Modlin airport, which is located around 45 minutes outside of the city, no worries at all.

All the options and information you need in order to: get from Warsaw Airports to the city center.

The rest of the day can be a free day. Get some rest, get out for a walk, eat something, and have a few beers in the close area.

In case you arrive early in the morning, you can drop your luggage at the hotel and then explore the city.

Trip to the Best of Poland: Day 2

Discover Warsaw

First, let's see some ideas for a good breakfast for just one zloty. This is why we suggest booking a hotel without breakfast.

In case you have a car rental it is suggested either to leave the car and go on foot or using public transportation or be very careful where you park the cark.

It is suggested to use paid parking or places you are sure it is legal to park the car. It is generally difficult to find good parking in the city center.

Tip: When booking a hotel, check the parking prices in advance or try to find a hotel with a free or at least cheap parking.

grunt i woda wislaWisła river beaches during the Summer 

How to Discover Warsaw?

In case you are on a low budget, then I recommend at least taking a FREE walking tour in Warsaw

You can just tip the guide 20-50 PLN, that's 5-10 euros per person which is nothing.

The quality of the tours is very good and it is the best way to see the city.

For my Greek friends, we offer professional private Greek-speaking tours in Warsaw.

As an English speaking private tour, we recommend this afternoon tour in Warsaw with hotel pick-up and drop off.

Finally, another good way to see the city without getting very tired is the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus. It might be great, especially with kids so you don't walk a lot.

For my little friends, you might find some interesting ideas about things to do with kids in Warsaw.

If you decide to stay one more day in Warsaw, I highly recommend that you visit Warsaw's countryside. Mostly when you have a car rental.

Finally, for the night birds and party animals, here are the best party places in Warsaw.

Few Points of Interest in Warsaw

  • Kopernik monument and Museum.
  • Polin Museum
  • Frederick Chopin Museum.
  • Holy Cross Church (The place where Chopin's heart is kept).
  • The University of Warsaw and the garden of the University library.
  • Presidential Palace.
  • Pilsudski Square.
  • Tomb of Unknown Soldier with the Saski Garden.
  • St. Anne’s Church.
  • Warsaw Barbican.
  • Castle Square with the Sigismund’s Column.
  • Royal Castle (UNESCO World Heritage Site) - We do: Greek-speaking tours in the Royal Castle.
  • St. John’s Archcathedral.
  • Old Town's Market Square.
  • Maria Sklodowska-Curie Museum.
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum.

Krakow, Trip to the Best of Poland: DAY 3

Travel Warsaw - Krakow: 2,50 Hours (Fast Train) and 4 Hours (Car).

Find Your Hotel in Krakow


You need to arrive in Krakow at least at noon and you can visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine on the same day.

The same rules apply when you have a car rental, check the parking fees to be in the trip budget.

It is located close to Krakow - around 45 minutes with public transportation.

One way to get to Wieliczka is to take the bus 304 outside Galleria Krakowska using a normal €1 ticket.

If you are going by car, you need around 20-30 minutes and you will also need to find parking. Parking may cost from 10 - 25 PLN.

Underground Church Made Of Salt Wieliczka

Check all the information on How to visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine from Krakow and also more about the Mine.

Please note that it might be a big queue at the tickets between 9:30 - 13:30 and even later, during the summertime.

It is preferred for booking your tickets in advance. In case you arrive earlier, you can enjoy a coffee or a nice burger at the cafe opposite the entrance.

The tickets for an English tour in the Wieliczka Salt Mine cost around €22 per person.

Don't forget to visit the graduation tower after your visit to Wieliczka Salt Mine for 30 minutes. It is only 6 PLN.

Do you need private transport from your hotel in Krakow to Wieliczka Salt Mine and then Back. It costs around €70 per group of up to 8 people.

Just send a message and consider it done. You pay on pickup.

Points of interest in Krakow

  • Main Market Square - the biggest Medieval square in Europe.
  • Old Town.
  • Town Hall Tower
  • St. Mary’s Basilica.
  • Krakow's Barbican.
  • Sukiennice (Cloth Hall).
  • Wawel Hill.
  • Cathedral and the Royal Castle.
  • Kazimierz.
  • Rynek Underground
  • Schindler's Factory

You still can see the city using the free walking tours we mentioned before.

We also organize private Greek-speaking tours in Krakow and English-speaking tours to Krakow.

Finally, read more about Krakow, Where to Eat, and Things to Do in English and Greek.

Trip to the Best of Poland: Day 4 

Time to visit the horrible Auschwitz

Located around 1 hour and 30 minutes from Krakow. You can go by bus which departs from Krakow's Central Station (around €8 p.p. both ways).

A more convenient way is to book our private transport from your Hotel in Krakow to Auschwitz I - II and Back. (Cost: €100 per group up to 8 people).

In case you visit alone:

  • Buy your tickets in advance from the Auschwitz Official Website: «http://auschwitz.org/en/»
  • Depart from Krakow at least 2 hours before the entrance. You need to be there at least 20 minutes in advance.

The Nazi Camps of Auschwitz are located in the small city of Oświęcim in southern Poland with a population of around 44,000 people.

The city became infamous during and after WWII because of the most famous concentration and extermination camp, located there.

I Pili Tou Auschwitz IIThe main gate of Auschwitz II, Birkenau

Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II, Birkenau are included in the normal 3,5 hours tour of the museum and the English tickets cost 70 PLN.

All You Need to Know About Your Auschwitz Visit

How to Visit Auschwitz from Krakow

It is important to know that, it is better to book your tickets in advance, in case you want to go on your own.

The maximum size of luggage you can take inside the premises of the Auschwitz Museum is 30x20x10 cm.

There is a small paid storage room outside the museum where you can save something bigger, so no worries.

Except for booking your tickets from the museum website and getting there on your own or with the bus to Auschwitz, you have also the options below.

Read More About Your Auschwitz Visit.

1. Group tour with transportation from Krakow

This is the most convenient option to see Auschwitz from Krakow with the minimum planning. Just book your tour online and that's it.

Be careful about what you are booking. You need to check that entrance to the Auschwitz Museum (I) and Birkenau (II) is included with a guide.

auschwitz 2 Birkenaou

Also, check what kind of transportation is included. Are they going to pick you from your hotel, or you need to be at a central location?

You are going to visit the Auschwitz Museum and Birkenau and then return back to your hotel.

Those are group tours conducted in English but also can be in other languages. Usually, you find two ways of such tours.

Great Options: All-Inclusive Tours to Auschwitz from Krakow.

Finally, in case there is not enough time, then you can see both in one day. Book a Combo tour to Auschwitz and Wieliczka on the same day.

2. Private tour to Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II

In case you are a group of 8-15+ people, it worth getting a private tour to Auschwitz just for you.

Are you Greek? Check private Greek-speaking tours to Auschwitz. We can also arrange English-speaking Private tours only for your group or family.

You can just send me a message with your available dates and how many people and I will give you the best price in the market.

Finally, you can book your tickets alone, but get private transport to Auschwitz just for you. The cost is €100 per group of up to 8 people.

3. Self-guided tour to Auschwitz

It is not recommended to visit Auschwitz without a guide, but it is possible to do it anyway.

In case you want to have more time in the camp/s, take pictures and videos, minimize the cost, or for any other reason, it's ok.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Just book your free tickets from the Auschwitz Page: «https://visit.auschwitz.org/?lang=en» in advance

Choose «Visit for Individuals», then pick your date and scroll to find: «Tour for individuals without an educator». The one with the "-" on the Language.

Usually, they are early in the morning and later in the afternoon.

In case you cannot find any FREE ticket on the Auschwitz website, then you have the option to take it from there at the kiosk outside.

If there are no free tickets, then they will possibly suggest an English-speaking tour instead, but it's always better to have tickets in advance.

Lately not getting your tickets in advance might be risky. In case you need any help, contact us.

Trip to the Best of Poland: Day 5 

Time for some nature, fresh air, and amazing architecture. It's time to visit the amazing Zakopane.

In case you don't want to visit Zakopane for any reason, check some great ideas to combine Food and Green in Krakow.

Zakopane has the title of the Winter capital of Poland and you can easily get there by our Private Transport as well.

The prices for private transport depend on how many hours you are going to stay and also on which and how many places you want to see.

Just send a message and we will find the best option for you.

Visit Zakopane and Tatra Mountains

Zakopane is a traditional resort town in southern Poland, at the base of the Tatras Mountains.

During the wintertime, it is said to be the winter capital of Poland and It is usually a very crowded and very cold place with temperatures reaching -20 C.

The summer in Zakopane is just amazing and it is a very popular point for climbing and hiking.

Rollercoaster Zakopane Kasprowy Wierch

Check some interesting hiking routes up in the Tatra mountains. Most are summer routes, as in winter it might be a little dangerous and very cold.

If you are going to Zakopane it might a great idea to stay for the night and enjoy nature.

In case you don't have a car rental, don't worry, our private transport can take you anywhere.

How to get to Zakopane from Krakow

Some other options on how to get to Zakopane from Krakow are.

1. By Bus

One of the best ways to get to Zakopane from Krakow is by FlixBus.

You depart from Kraków MDA, which is nearby the Krakow's central station (Krakow GŁÓWNY). You can even find tickets from €4,50.

The buses are very comfortable and they even have Wi-Fi. It might worth booking the return at the same time, except if you prefer to leave your plan open.

Travel time from Krakow to Zakopane with a bus is around 2 hours and 20 minutes.

2. By Train

Visit the Intercity Website and set from Kraków Główny to Zakopane. If there are any trips, you might be lucky, but the trip might be around 3,50 hours.

The prices of TLK trains might be around 10-20 euros.

3. Get a Private Transport

We offer one-day trips to Zakopane from Krakow with English speaking drivers. They will pick you from your hotel in Krakow and take you whether you like.

Finally, they are going to return you back to Krakow. Some options you can choose from are (for a group of 1 to 5 people):

Bigger groups also can be transferred on demand. Just send me a message.

The prices do not include a Guide. Book Now and Pay on the Day of Pickup and Only if you Arrive.

  • One Way: Krakow - Zakopane is €120
  • Krakow - Zakopane - Krakow (6 hours total trip): €140
    You can walk in Krupówki and take the Telerik to Gubałówka. The Teleferik costs around 25 PLN p,p.
    With 89 PLN Ticket, you also have 2,5 hours entrance in Bukovina Thermal Baths.
  • Krakow - Morskie Oko Lake (8 hours total trip) - Krakow: €150
    Note that this requires around 18 km of hiking to get to the lake. You can go by horse which cost €12 p.p.
  • Krakow - Zakopane - Krakow (14 hours total Trip): €230
    You can visit Snowlandia, see the center of Zakopane and walk-in Krupówki, relax at the Termy Chochołów and take the Teleferik to Gubałówka or Ski the Kaprowy wierch.

For every case, you can build your own schedule at your convenience.

zakopane lake mountains snow

Where to stay in Zakopane

As it is suggested, if you decide to stay, it might worth checking for accommodation to Kościelisko, the neighboring village.

It is less crowded and is very close to Zakopane. Also, the prices might be much lower.

If you are a group of people, it might be a better option to book an apartment in the center of Zakopane.


Tours to Zakopane from Krakow

In case you are looking for some organized tours to Zakopane, you can choose one of the below.

Points of Interest in Zakopane

During the wintertime, you can definitely visit Snowlandia, which is a very interesting amusement park made of snow.

For sure you need to walk in Krupówki, try Oscypek, which is the Zakopane grilled cheese.

Do you love hiking? Then Zakopane is something to really enjoy. There are many different options and hiking trails.

One of them is the way to the famous lake Morkie Oko. The lake itself might not be the most beautiful you have seen but enjoy the way.

Definitely you need to climb Gubalowka and have fun on the Gravitational slide or just lay on Gubałowka Beach and have a drink while enjoying the view.

If you love to Ski. Then maybe you should visit Kasprowy Wierch, which is not only a place to Ski but also a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Visit the Giewont Mountain and admire the amazing view, but be aware that it gets a bit dangerous when coming down.

Join the amazing atmosphere and have fun at Wielka Krokiew - Ski Jumping Hill.

Spend some moments for relaxation and play some games in a magical scenery, at the Termy Chochołów.

Finally, for religious people, visit the oldest wooden church of Zakopane. 

The Church of Our Lady of Czestochowa, and the Kaplica Najświętszego Serca Jezusa.

Trip to the Best of Poland: Day 6

Choose: Czestochowa or Raft the Dunajec River

Either you wake up in Zakopane or in Krakow, in the end, you need to get back to Krakow and this is your last full day in Poland.

From Krakow, you might prefer to see the last capital of PolandCzestochowa, and the Jasna Góra monastery with the famous Black Madonna.

This is the religious capital of Poland as we mentioned before.

Another idea for the summertime is to go for Rafting at the Dunajec River and get lost in the amazing scenery of the Pieniny Mountains.

Finally, you can stay in Krakow, or Zakopane and complete the sightseeing, relax, eat something nice and have some fun.

Just remember to not drink too much and be in good condition when you go to the airport the next day!

READ: Things to Do in Krakow & Travel Info & Where to Eat

Trip to the Best of Poland: Day 7

Have a nice trip and see you soon in Poland!
More extensive Trip to Poland Planning: Plan a DIY Trip to Poland DIY.


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