Polish food - Goulash

Polish Food Tour and Vodka Tasting in Warsaw

Taste traditional Polish food. Discover why the Poles complain about the quality of the bread. Food without vodka, cannot be so you are going to taste Polish vodka as well.

Traditional Polish food Tours in Warsaw

Discover the Polish food and culture in Warsaw

Polish Cooking Classes in Warsaw

The best travel souvenir to Take Home

Polish Vodka Taste in Warsaw

Are you ready to discover the magic world of Polish Vodka? You might belong to the group of people who thinks that only the Russians are producing good Vodka?

Then its time to know the whole truth. This is a Private Polish Vodka Taste. Get ready for a lot of fun, listen to amazing stories, and spend a wonderful fun time in Warsaw.

Try 7 different shots of high-quality vodka, however of 20ml each, and start getting in a good mood.

To make it more Polish style, you are going to get also 3 types of Polish food bites. It's not like a dinner, but you have the chance to try also some Polish Vodka delights.

The vodka will include different types, from top quality ones (Goldwasser with pieces of gold inside or Baczewski), through herbal vodkas to flavored ones to try different things at the end.


  • 7 shots of premium & regional vodka shots
  • 3 food pairings to accompany the vodka
  • vodka expert teaches how to properly drink vodka
  • knowledge of productions process & history
  • stories on culture (incl. drinking habits in communism)

Availability is Monday-Sunday between 15:00 - 22:00


  • Groups (2-4 people): €42 per person
  • Groups (5-9 people): €38 per person
  • Groups (10+ people): €30 per person

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Why Polish Food and Vodka taste?

You spent a beautiful evening tasting the amazing Polish cuisine. The best way to discover Polish tradition.

When you think about Polish cuisine, there is probably one thing that immediately pops up into your mind. Pierogi (dumplings), the most famous Polish dish.

The Polish Food and Vodka taste Tour gives you the opportunity to taste fantastic Polish dishes and hear some stories behind them.

Table with a meat platter and other Polish food

Polish Food Tour in Warsaw (4 Hours)

Discover what pierogi, gołąbki, and schabowy are on this amazing food tour in Warsaw. Experience the flavors of the Polish cuisine.

Learn about the local food culture and history, and hear fascinating stories about the Polish relationship to their gastronomy.

Food Tour Highlights

  • Learn about pierogi, gołąbki and schabowy
  • Try a variety of delicious Polish cheeses
  • Discover what a traditional Polish dinner consists of
  • Go to 4-6 carefully selected establishments to eat the equivalent of a full meal
  • Learn what a traditional Warsaw dessert has to do with a bridge
  • Get written information about the dishes you try

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People sitting on a Table with a lot of Polish food


  • Approximately 10 tastings plates (including starters, appetizers, soups, main courses, and dessert)
  • Bilingual guide
  • Water in most venues
  • Tasting of Polish vodka
  • A written summary of the tour and tips on recommended places

The golden rule of Polish hosts is to serve the amount of food that will make a table collapse.

If you enjoy Polish food, you may be sure that a tour makes for a full meal with a dessert.

It will be a good idea to eat just breakfast. Please, skip lunch or you won’t be able to try everything

Minimum 2 people - Book this food Tour in Warsaw

From €79 p.p.

The Ultimate Warsaw Vodka Tour

Get to an amazing Polish Vodka journey in Warsaw. Get familiar with the vodka culture of Poland on a 3.5-hour vodka tasting tour in Warsaw.

People make cheers with shots of Polish Vodka

Visit 3-4 different shot bars to taste 6-7 different types of vodka.

Listen to some drinking stories and anecdotes and ask any vodka related question you like! It will be a lot of fun!

Minimum 2 people to Run - Start Time at 17:00 - This is not a Pub Crawl, It is a cultural Tour

Tour Highlights

  • Taste different kinds of vodka and typical appetizers
  • Visit the best and most distinctive shot bars in Warsaw
  • Discover Warsaw and Poland from a different perspective

A local guide will take you to the best bars, and tell you stories and anecdotes along the way.

Do you know that Poland is one of the world’s best vodka producers?

Many people believe that the Poles have a glass of vodka for breakfast, then one for lunch, and another before going to bed!

People drinking shot of Polish Vodka

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During the Vodka taste tour in Warsaw

  • Learn to separate fact from fiction
  • Discover which Polish vodkas are the best, or indeed if they have any flavor at all.
  • Learn how vodka is produced
  • Vodka was invented in Poland or Russia? You are going to find out!

Meet at 17:00 at the Charles de Gaulle roundabout (it's the one with a big palm tree in the middle). You have to be above 18 and healthy!

From €79 p.p.

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Interested to learn the secrets of the Polish cuisine? 

Polish Cooking Classes in Warsaw Is the best Travel souvenir from Poland

Find out also the secrets of Polish Pierogi

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