Ready Table for the Polish Cooking Courses in Warsaw - The best way to learn the Polish culture

Polish Cooking in Warsaw - The best Travel Souvenir from Poland

Cooking is fun in Warsaw! Join these amazing Polish cooking classes and enjoy your time being creative. Meet awesome people and spent a unique time of fun and amusement. It is not by accident, number one attraction on Trip Advisor and Top 7 cooking classes worldwide.

Polish Cooking Classes

Number one attraction in the last years says that is the Top 7 cooking classes worldwide

Best Travel Souvenir you get from Poland!

400 plus reviews and a score of 99% positive


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Pierogi Workshops Warsaw

About Polish cooking courses in Warsaw

Help people master their culinary skills and familiarize themselves with Polish cuisine in a fun and casual style. Show you that cooking is neither boring nor difficult and provide top-level services.

polish cooking in Warsaw - Make grandmas Pierogi and learn the secrets of the Polish cuisine.
Run cooking classes in English, Polish, German and Spanish. Scenario range is wide enough for everyone to find something for himself: touristic classes, team-building workshops, family events, kids' parties and private courses.

In order to meet your requirements elements of the classes can be added or subtracted. Remember, you do not have to have any cooking skills, they will teach you everything you need from scratch.

Have fun in the Polish cooking courses in Warsaw

Love to cook and we would like to share our passion with you!

Traditional Polish cooking

Polish cuisine is one of the tastiest around the world. We would like the whole world to learn our techniques for preparing some of the most traditional dishes such as Pierogi!

We will share all our secrets which have been handed down from generation to generation. Be ready for a feast of a lifetime!

polish cooking classes in Warsaw. Have fun with a group of people and learn some History!

Cooking Classes Price List

Basic: 199 PLN / person

Polish breakfast -- Meat and "Russian style" pierogi -- Polish dessert

Standard: 249 PLN / person

Polish breakfast -- Meat and "Russian style" pierogi -- Polish dessert -- Polish liquors tasting

All-inclusive: 299 PLN / person

Polish breakfast -- Meat and "Russian style" pierogi -- Polish dessert -- Polish liquors tasting -- Apron

Classes are in English and take 4 hours

The classes take place

every Wednesday and Saturday at 10.30 AM

and every Friday at 6:00 PM

More Info

The dishes are prepared by the participants of the class under the supervision of talented chefs. The ingredients are pre-measured and the recipes are tested so that even beginner cooks can turn out delicious meals.

People cooking on the Polish cooking classes

You will discover many new ingredients and spices and also learn a great deal about the history of each dish you are making.

Extra Services

Describe what culinary workshops you would like to organize. Or just trust us, we will organize an unforgettable event for your friends or your team.

Commemorative aprons -- Price: 47 PLN

Alcohol tasting -- Price: 49 PLN

Open Bar Drinks and Wine -- Price: 69 PLN

People cooking under chefs supervision in Polish cooking courses in Warsaw

Team Building

An integrated team is the backbone of any business and nothing builds bonds like some old-fashioned kitchen rivalry. The workshops bring together delicious food with great integration challenges.

Work like a team, challenges, drinking and fun in the cooking workshops


Pierogi Cooking Workshops in Warsaw

Since January 2019, we can also provide Pierogi cooking classes in Warsaw. The workshops last for about 2 hours and they are conducted in English.

The guests are going to prepare their own Pierogi dumplings from scratch. They will be supervised by a qualified chef with the option to make meat or a vegetarian one.

One of Poland’s national dishes is its delicious stuffed dumpling specialty of “pierogi”.

They’re available widely in restaurants, but rather than just tasting them, get more out of your time in Warsaw by learning how to make them.

This cooking class provides all the ingredients and utensils you need, so no need to bring anything with you, just turn up and have fun.

pierogi workshops warsaw

Why is one of the most POPULAR EXPERIENCE IN WARSAW?

  • Pierogi is the number one Polish dish.
  • Comfort food, delicious and fun to make.
  • Surprise your family and friends and serve them homemade dumplings after you come back from Warsaw. They will love it!
  • Learn about the origins of pierogi and more.
  • Prepare dumplings with meat and vegetarian fillings.
  • Get to know how to knead the dough and then learn various techniques for folding the dumplings.
  • Discover hacks that make them really tasty.
  • Finally, enjoy a plate full of pierogi, so make sure you come to the class HUNGRY.
  • As a bonus, participants will get a list of personal recommendations for Warsaw: sights and places off the beaten track.

What Do People Say?

«Great Way to Experience Local Cuisine

A fun 2-hour session learning how to make Pierogi, with lots of hints, tips and history included. Cooking in a small group makes it easy to learn and ask questions.

And the best bit.... getting to eat lots of different flavors of Pierogi after making them (Hint: Don't have a big breakfast before you go!!).»

Cost per person: €40 euro.

The classes are conducted in English (Duration: 2 Hours)

The maximum number of participants is 10 people.


Special December ONLY Workshops

For December, we have a special Christmas dinner offer for tourists visiting Warsaw (English or French).
Dumpling workshops combined with tasting of Polish Christmas Eve dishes.

Guests will be able to try several types of herring, eat red borscht with dumplings and home-made dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, and finally, they will be served with poppy seed or kutia.

During dinner, we will tell you about Polish Christmas traditions, and after the visit, we send recipes for Christmas Eve dishes and a link to photos taken during dinner.
In addition, you can order wine or beer, we also offer to taste of Polish tinctures.

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