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Boy Nomad at the Desert of Egypt Hurghada holding his camel

Egypt Hurghada: Family Visit to Albatros Palace Resort

An all-inclusive visit to Egypt Hurghada with family at the end of July, beginning of August. We stayed at the Albatros Palace Resort hotel and we been on an amazing boat trip to Orange bay.

We booked an all-inclusive package through Coral Travel in Warsaw. We stayed at the beautiful and family-friendly hotel Albatros Palace in Egypt, Hurghada. Another highly recommended hotel is the Fort Arabesque Resort.

The most amazing experience of our 7 days vacation in Egypt, Hurghada was our boat trip to Orange Bay, while the Quad and Camel ride in the desert was not so pleasant experience but it was very interesting.

Recently, a friend visited the new airport, and the necessary Covid-19 tests on arrival are handled in the package, but you need to stay in your hotel room until the results will be ready around 16 hours. Why Not, check it out...

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Camel Riding in the desert of Hurghada in EgyptCamel Ride in Hurghada Desert

Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada is a beach resort town stretching some 40km along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. It’s renowned for scuba diving and has numerous dive shops and schools in its modern Sekalla district.

There are many restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, while the old town, El Dahar, is home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks. Hurghada was founded in the early 20th century and for many decades it was a small fishing village, but it has grown into a major Red Sea resort.

lying water boat tripRed seawater has a different feeling - it holds you up

Hurghada is well known for its watersports, nightlife, and warm weather. The daytime temperatures are on average 25 °C, and it is warm most of the year. During July and August temperatures can reach over 40 °C and in some cases, it is even hotter than Cyprus.

During the period of December–February is warm, but in the evening's temperature drops even to10 °C. November, March, and April are comfortably warm. May and October are hot and the period from June to September is very hot.

With mild-warm winters and very hot summers, Hurghada is a popular holiday destination for Europeans, especially during the winter, and some spend Christmas and even New Year there. Many of Hurghada's newer hotels, restaurants, and shops are located along the El Mamsha.

Source of Information: Hurghada.

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Introduction: Travel to Hurghada in Egypt

First, remember about getting dollars, as you will need to pay for VISA at the airport. People in the street and at the hotel take everything, (dollars, euro, Egyptian pounds) but at Orange bay, in order to buy a drink, we should exchange for Egyptian pounds on the side.

I would like to say that Coral Travel from where we booked the all-inclusive package to Egypt Hurghada was very nice and I was impressed established they are in Egypt from the time you arrive and until you depart for home. Anything you need, they can help you with. Of course, they make money out of everything.

Boat trip - Hurghada Egypt

At the airport, the situation was a little bit chaotic with the VISA's. Suddenly the price of the VISA got higher, people were waiting in the queue and, in general, the airport of Hurghada in Egypt where we landed was not so pleasant experience. Get Your Electronic VISA to Egypt.

As soon as we got out of the airport, the buses were waiting for us in order to deliver us to our hotels. There are many different hotels in Hurghada (Egypt), but we chose one at the beach with things to do with kids. It was not the cheapest one, but it was a good decision.

Something to remember is that we were instructed to only using bottled water, in order to avoid getting sick from the dirty water of Egypt.

We didn't have a problem following, so nobody got sick. Just remember every night to collect a few bottles for the morning and take them to your room and even wash your teeth using bottled water.

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Our Captain of the boat Trip in Hurghada, Egypt enjoying the fresh sea air in the front of the boatThe captain of the Boat

Things to Do from Hurghada in Egypt

Activities to Choose in Hurghada Egypt

Spending the whole time at the hotel, might not be the best, as Hurghada offers a variety of amazing activities to do with your family and children, without getting tired and they are at relatively good prices and with FREE hotel pickup from any hotel.

First, we have been on an amazing boat trip with Snorkeling, which included a visit to the famous Orange bay and also included lunch and drinks. We picked this tour exactly at the beach of the Albatros Palace Resort, and it was just an amazing experience, especially for my son.

In case you are not staying at this hotel, don't worry, because you can book the Orange Bay & Paradise Islands Half-Day Boat Trip with a FREE hotel pickup from any hotel in Hurghada.  It is highly recommended to book this tour, even if you only want just one activity.

Here I would like to mention that the people operating the tours are very professional. I was at some point swimming in the opposite direction and lost our boat while starting to get tired. Our leader saw me and he came fast to me and offered me the safety vest, and drive me back to our boat.

In case you are not interested to include Orange Bay as we did, then maybe a swimming with dolphins & snorkeling tour will be more suitable, but there are hundreds of such tours from Hurghada to choose from and most of them have a free transfers from any hotel in Hurghada, Egypt.

People diving in the sea from a boat trip

Secondly, we have been for a Quad Ride + Camel Ride in the desert. It was a little bit difficult but a very interesting experience. We had to take care of the kid on the same bike and we needed to run in order to catch the rest of the group, while the sand was all over our face and mouth and we could not see well.

In the end, everything went smoothly. It was very interesting to visit the Beduin village and we also made some beautiful pictures of the camels.

It might be a better idea, if you don't like the sand of the desert, to book a Sunset Quad Tour Along the Sea and Mountains instead of riding in the desert, as definitely the view will be better than a cloud of dust. Maybe it will also more calm and easy to follow.

Finally, we talked to some people who have been to Cairo in order to see the pyramids that the tour didn't worth it as they started around 3:00 in the morning and they spent most of their time on the bus. Not much pleasure, so it is not recommended especially if you have a child that will easily get bored.

Quad Riding in the Desert of Hurghada, EgyptQuad Riding in the desert

Cyprus, Another Warm Destination

Hurghada Hotel: Albatros Palace Resort

Except for the quality of the drinks, which I believe is the case in all the low-budget all-inclusive destinations, I highly recommend the Albatros Palace Resort in Hurghada, Egypt. Hmm, maybe another minus is that in those hotels, 95% of the staff are guys.

Our little captain

Some of the most important factors that lead me to recommend this hotel are listed below:

  • It is located on the sea-side of the street, so you do not have to get out of the hotel to go to the beach.

It is important as I believe it is a bit dangerous being a tourist and walking on those streets, as there is nothing around, the only desert. Once I got out for a while during the day to walk, and one guy was running after me trying to sell me anything or take me anywhere for €1 or $1.

  • Despite the fact that most men are employed in the hotel, the service is great and the people are pleasant and always with a smile. If you are a woman, you will have more advantages visiting :)
  • The Wi-Fi is good, fast, and FREE.
  • I liked the bar inside the pool, where everyone gathers around and that you can enjoy your drink while swimming in the pool. Despite the quality of the drinks, it was a nice experience.

dwarf entertnainment hotelDwarf which works at the entertainment of the hotel.

  • Food is awesome and there are many different restaurants with different food, so you try something different every day. Mexican, Moroccan, Egyptian, Pizza, and more. Some restaurants require to book in advance.
  • Rooms are big, clean, and comfortable for a whole family and they are all around the pool. Also, the cleaning services are very efficient.
  • Every night there is entertainment, especially for kids, but they also do some parties on Saturdays.
  • Safe pool for the kids and a playground so the kids can play without much worrying about them.

round bar in the pool hotelThe nice pool bar in the middle of the swimming pool

  • Finally, they also have cafeterias and bars, even a bar with Nargile and also shops within the hotel, so you do not have to get out at all.

I definitely recommend the Albatros Palace Resort in Hurghada Egypt, especially if you are a family with kids.

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Hurghada or Not Hurghada

In my opinion, especially if you are with kids, it is more likely to spend most of the time in the hotel. Just outside the hotel there is nothing around to do and see and I would rather say that might a little dangerous to get out and walk alone.

I suggest booking the best hotel, in order to be able to relax, enjoy the warm weather, eat, drink and have fun. Definitely, I highly recommend the boat trip or any other trip into the red sea in order to break the monotony of the hotel and discover the Red sea.

Drinking beer at the Orange Bay - Hurghada, EgyptDrinking beer at the Orange Bay

The major advantage is that you can find low-budget all-inclusive packages to Hurghada in Egypt, and you are going to have warm weather most of the year, good food and you will also enjoy the warm seawater and the rich underwater life of the Red sea.

Definitely, if you are looking for the best party places, maybe you should book in Sharm el-Sheikh instead of Hurghada. Also if your major reason for visiting Egypt is to see the pyramids, then maybe Hurghada is not the most convenient place to book.

Finally, it is a place to relax, charge your batteries, make snorkeling because you are definitely going to see some dolphins and other beautiful fishes, as the red sea has a very rich underwater life. Don't forget the great food :)

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Thanks For Reading!
Hope You Enjoyed Hurghada in Egypt
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