Beautiful Sunset View from the Room of the Best Hotel in Cyprus | Sea and Pool view

Best Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus with Kids

Are you going for summer vacation in Cyprus and you are thinking which is the best hotel in Paphos to go with your kids? Let's discover one of the best choices.

 Best Hotel in Cyprus, Paphos (Kids Oriented)

We are living in Poland the last 8 years and we booked a package through TUI in order to go to Paphos for 7 nights. In the package except from the Flight Tickets and the Airport Transfers, we also got all-inclusive at the Atlantica Mare Village 5* Hotel which in my opinion is one of the best hotels in Cyprus to go with kids!

Let's see why I could stay my whole life in this hotel, if I could afford it one day ...

Welcome Night at the Hotel

1. Awesome Food

Wondering what your kids will be eating in Cyprus and if it worth's to go all-inclusive? In Atlantica Mare Village will be no issues at all. Definitely the amazing bouffe will get you all you need for both the kids and you. There are many sections for every taste.

  • Separate kids section bouffe which is lower than the rest and the kids can easily see what they want. Nuggets, potatoes, soft-cooked meat, fruits, sweets, pasta and much more.
  • Salads bar where you can find a lot of different type of salads for every taste.
  • Sauces section where you will definitely find all the local source, like tahini, tzatziki, olives, hummus and many more.
  • Pizza bar where they are preparing 2-3 different types of pizza.
  • Main bar where you will find the day / night specials which they change every day of the week.

awesome athens burger

All the food is selected and it is fresh and cooked in the best way. We even found local food that I missed during my stay in Poland, like bamies, faki, village pasta and fasolakia.

When it comes to drinks, usually there is some issues to find something good to drink since when taking all-inclusive, you are served not original branded alcohol, but there is a way to not drink all those copy alcohol and survive your stomach.

buffet part

So, I suggest to go for one or more from the choices below:

  • Drinking cocktails like: Mojito, Pina Colada and other mixers where you don't feel so much the taste of bad alcohol.
  • Beer. In the hotel they serve local beer like KEO which is a good beer to drink.
  • Brandy sour is my favorite, since the brandy is originally made in Cyprus and it is ok for the stomach.

Finally, it worth to mention that during a 7 nights stay, you have the ability to book through the Hotel's application one night at the TAVERNA, which serves amazing and well-cooked food served and explained by the waiters and they also gave as to try on arrival local Zivania and Commandaria. Don't miss to book this night.

desert burger place

Except from one night at the taverna, you are also allowed to book one evening at the burger place which is located in the water park of the hotel and it serves amazing burgers and good red/white wine.

Last but not least, it worth to mention that the service in all the place is just amazing 5* service and you will never be disappointed. All the staff love and talk to the kids and they don't see them at any case as a problem. This one of the main reasons, I consider the hotel one of the best Hotels in Cyprus.

From the 7 days of our stay, only once there was a queue in breakfast.

eating taverna hotel

2. Best Service / Staff / Rooms

I can't find anything bad to say about the staff of the best hotel in Cyprus. From the reception area to the bartenders and the cleaning staff, all of them was just service oriented professionals. There was a few cases where the life guards saw it a little bit like police officers, but this is expected since they have the most responsibilities when it comes to safety.

Cleaning people were cleaning the room every day except if you ask them to not clean. The bartenders and waiters was very kind and helpful and they was always talking and playing with the kids in order to make them feel comfortable.

rooms private pool

Furthermore, I never felt that the hotel was understaffed, something that may happen everywhere, especially during those difficult times that it is so much uncertainty in the word and in the travel industry.

Finally, the rooms of Atlantica Mare Village in Paphos are huge and very comfortable with nice large beds.

3. Beautiful Sunsets

Everyone talks about the amazing sunsets of Santorini, but I never seen anyone getting so excited about the equally amazing sunsets of Cyprus. Honestly, I have seen the whole setup to be nicer in Cyprus rather than in Santorini.

First of all, in Santorini it is overcrowded and you cannot really sit in a nice place and enjoy the sunset, while in Cyprus, every corner on the seaside is a nice quiet view point to enjoy the sunset with your loved ones. You can even watch the sunset from most of the rooms of the best hotel in Cyprus, Atlantica Mare Village.

sunset beach paphos

4. Excellent Wi-Fi Coverage / Speed

I was never expected to have such a good Wi-Fi coverage and availability in any hotel. It was just amazing. As soon as you was connected, then it was working very fast all the time and without any interactions. I was also able to work without any problems all the time.

Furthermore it worth to mention that I could easily talk through Viber and Facebook Messenger with all my relatives in all the areas of the hotel and without any problems.

If you are looking for a great hotel to working from then it might be a great choice. I highly recommend!

5. Nice Beach with a Hotel Bar

Despitte the 6 different swimming pool areas of the hotel, if I remember correctly, except offcourse from the private swimming pools that many rooms have, you have a beach with a hotel beach bar and sunbets that you can use for free.

hotel beach

The beach is not quite acceptable for the standards of the area. I was checking the beach bar reviews and I have seen only one review about a Greek salad which was very small and costed €6. Well, who goes to a 5* remote beach bar to eat a Greek salad?

For the guests of the hotel is just the perfect place to swim in the sea and relax in the sun and sand, while during the night is an amazing place with beautiful lights to walk.

hotel beach bar

Indeed, the beach is a bit far from the hotel, but this is due to the location of the hotel, plus a little walk after all this food, will not hurt anyone. At least you have a place to go to enjoy the sea.

hotel private beach

6. Bus Connections / Location

Just outside the hotel, there are two bus-stops. Only the Bus 615 will pass and goes the route from Coral Bay, which is the most famous beach in Paphos to the Paphos Harbor.

  • From the opposite side of the street, the Bus goes to the Paphos Harbor. Paphos Harbor is about 9KM from the Hotel.
  • From the same side of the street, the Bus will take you to the Coral Bay. Coral Bay is about 4,3 KM from the Hotel.

sea side night

More information and schedules of the Coral Bay to Paphos Harbor Bus 615. One-way ticket costs €1,50. Children below 18 years have 50% discount and children under 5 travel for free. Check all the Ticket options here.

Also, the Tombs of the Kings is about 1,6KM walk from the Paphos Mall and about 6KM from the Hotel.

Finally, the distance to the Paphos Airport is about 24 KM from the Hotel which is a bit far.

food wine taverna hotel

With a Taxi

Distance to the Kings Avenue Mall from the Hotel is: 7,6 KM and the cost with taxi is around €15. From the MALL, you can easily walk about 2KM and get to the Paphos Castle and Harbor where are all the nice fish restaurants, while on your way there, you can pass from the Archaeological Site of Nea Paphos.

If we assume that for 7,6KM, a VAN taxi (Mercedes Vito) takes about €15, then the cost is about €2 per kilometer. The prices were taken during the summer of 2022 when the gas prices was very high.

Tested to be good - Taxi Contact in case you need it: COSTASTAXI [Phones: +35799781412 & +35799141566 & +35726020690 -- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.].

7. Many Pools and a Waterpark

First of all, you have a main big swimming pool which is connected to some smaller swimming pools on the sea side with an awesome view to the sea. Next to this swimming pool, you have a smaller swimming pool which is safe for the small kids.

hotel waterpark

Furthermore, you have another smaller swimming pool next to this main one and another one the same size on the other side of the hotel where the taverna is in order to cover the last apartments of the village on the other side.

Additionally, you have another smaller size swimming pool which is located behind some pools with a nice bar where you can enjoy a more peaceful environment without many kids and noise.

pool sea view hotel

Finally, you have an awesome waterpark that also has an additional small swimming pool and a great cafe-bar where you can get a nice iced coffee and snacks the whole day.

8. Entertainment for Kids

While during the whole day your kids can enjoy playing around in the many different swimming pools of the best hotel in Cyprus and the amazing waterpark, after the dinner, the entertainment continues inside with awesome shows, dancing and games.

taverna cypriot food

Additionally, you have the ability to drop off your kids to the experienced ladies of the day care for a few hours every day and enjoy some free-time just for you. The kids can play and learn / do different activities in a safe environment with trained people while you can do something you really wanted without your kids. Just ask and book your spot at the reception.

9. Nice Market Just Opposite

Why is it important to mention this market just across the street? Everyone wants to buy some souvenirs, snacks and toys for the kids. Additionally, you might want to buy some quality alcohol and tobacco since in the all-inclusive, they are only serving copy and non-branded alcohol which may cause some complications.

night colors sunset

Honestly, this market has anything you might need. I personally bought pampers and tissues for the kid, tobacco, snacks and souvenirs at much better prices than at the Paphos airport.

Also, the owner has suggested to me a nice Zivania to buy and drink with my neighbor here in Poland. I highly recommend this marker.

Hope I helped you find the Best Hotel in Cyprus!
Enjoy your Stay and Have Fun!
Check the Amazing Atlantica Mare Village in Paphos


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