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Have fun in Krakow! Greg and Tom Beer House Hostel

Krakow is well known for its vibrant nightlife - the center has more bars and clubs per sq. km than any other city in Europe. Where else you can have fun if not in Krakow? Make sure you hit all the hottest spots of the city and have a great fun in Krakow with these Tours!

You are definitely going to have fun in Krakow

Meet new people, enjoy a great atmosphere and high quality services

Take one of the tours below and have Fun in Krakow!

 What else to do in Krakow?

XY Things to Do in Krakow

Recommend you to stay at the Greg&Tom Beer House Hostel


Greg&Tom Party Hostel!

Krakow pub crawl - Have fun!

Krakow Polga Europe Wagon Cab Horse Area Center

Please note the Dress-code: (no sports clothes) essential for the clubs. For pub crawl you must be over 18 years old.

What is included in this Party Tour in Krakow

  • English speaking guide(s)
  • Welcome shots for the very beginning to get warm
  • 60 minutes of unlimited beer, wine and free shots - This is the time you get drunk
  • Last stop is always a club open until 4-5 am
  • FREE entrance to the Club.

The Tour cost only €14,14 per person and you can BOOK HERE

Club and Bar Crawl Tour in Krakow

This guided Krakow club & pub crawl visits four different nightclubs. The tour includes a 1-hour open bar, free welcome shots, professional party guides, a photographer and VIP Club entry.

With this setup you are definitely going to enjoy the night!!

An age old recipe for a wild time, join us for a naughty night of dancing, drinking and all the extras you probably wouldn't want your mother knowing about - please note that you have to be 18+ to join the Kraków Krawl tour.

This Tour starts from €15 per person and you can BOOK HERE

Krakow Vodka and Culture Tour (3 hours)

This is for higher level drinking and having fun. Highly recommended for people above 35 that are interested in culture and nice drunk conversations with other people.

The Polish people often drink vodka in shots, and sometimes use the expression “dodna I nozdarowye,” which roughly translates to “to the bottom.” It’s not an easy phrase to spell or pronounce, but we’ll work on it during the tour, and you’ll have it down by the end.

Discover the delectable bites and cultural delights of Krakow on a 3-hour vodka and culture tour.

At four traditional Polish restaurants and pubs, you’ll sample 7 different types of vodka and feast on food selected to complement Poland’s national beverage. 

During the small-group tour — limited to only eight participants — you’ll learn about the significance of vodka in Poland's culinary culture and receive personalized attention from your knowledgeable guide.

Did you know that Polish vodka is widely believed to be some of the best in the world? We certainly think so! If you’d like to find out for yourself, you should definitely join us for our vodka and culture tour.

On this 3-hour walking, talking, and drinking tour we’ll take you to 4 local pubs and restaurants, sampling quality vodkas paired with snacks.

This tour start from €52 per person and you can BOOK HERE.

More fun tour ideas in Krakow

  • Vodka Festival Tour Krakow - Best Vodka selection served in a private common area! -  Book Online from €11,79
  • 3-hour walking and drinking tour through 3 of the coolest craft beer pubs that allow you to taste 10 different types of craft beer. - Book From €37

Talking about having Fun in Krakow

Stay in one of the two amazing Party Hostels of Krakow

1. Greg & Tom Party Hostel Krakow

-- and --

2. Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel

Mostly for young people or people who feel young!

This is where they start the Crawling!

 party hostel krakow

Let's find some good reasons why someone should book the Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel or the Greg & Tom Party Hostel if it's going mostly to have fun in Krakow.

  • Excellent Locations - Both Greg & Tom Beer House Hostel and Greg & Tom Party Hostel are located in the Old Town of Kraków. Also located close to many worth to see in Krakow!!
  • Really friendly staff - This is very important, specially when you travel alone - party friends
  • In order to Have Fun in Krakow, you need to be in the right place with the right people.
  • Great Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - The most important meals of the day, specially after a good party and before the next one!!
  • Great Reviews means Satisfied clients
  • Last but not least, they are very Clean Hostels with WiFi and Happy party people!!
  • Cheap accomodation option in Krakow!

Wait no more. Book it and Have Fun!

Greg and Tom Party Hostel Krakow

 Hopefully all you need to light-up a party is in this page, the rest is up-to you!

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