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How to Kill your Early Arrival - Late Check-in in Krakow

Usually, apartments and even hotels are giving rooms around 15:00. It happens that our flight will arrive around 10:00 at the airport and we have a gap of at least 4 hours. Not only this, but we have also our luggage to deal with.

Krakow Arrival: Solve the Early Arrival Late Check-In

When dealing with the early arrival at the Krakow airport, and you have a late check-in, there are 3 problems to solve:

(a) Airport transfer to your hotel or apartment, (b) Luggage Handling until you actually get your room, and (c) What to do during the waiting time. Right?

Let's see some great ideas on what you can do in order to overcome the above-mentioned problems. An option for every pocket: Cheapest Way -- Hybrid Solution -- Solve it Like a VIP.

Krakow Airport Transfers - Kill an Early Arrival

A. Cheapest Way

Transfer from Krakow Airport to City Center: Get a train (KML - it takes 20-45 minutes) or a bus (208 - from Dworzec Głowny w Schód) from the airport and arrive at Krakow's central station (Kraków Główny). This will cost you only €1 per person.

Drop your luggage safely at the Luggage Storage Kraków Train and Bus Station (you need to book this online in advance). It cost 20 PLN per bag / per day and you are ready to see the city, go for a coffee or breakfast.

Get to Krakow City Center from Airport at the best prices

Finally, go pick up your luggage and go to your hotel or apartment for check-in. You might replace the luggage storage service with a drop-off at your hotel or apartment if this is allowed and is convenient. Most places might allow it. Just check it in advance.

Above we have solved all the problems, but it might be very tiring following the above schedule, especially if you have children with you. Let's see an improved solution below.

B. Hybrid Solution

Replace the train or bus with a taxi service and make your transfer from the Krakow Airport to your hotel or to the Luggage Storage Kraków Train and Bus Station more convenient and less tiring.

We highly recommend the Krakow Private Airport Transfer. Skip the lines for taxis on arrival at Krakow Airport, and enjoy the safest, most economical, and convenient way of traveling to the city center. It is €19,55 for 1-3 people and €26,13 for 4-7 people. Prices may change.

Krakow Airport Transfers at the best Prices

After dropping your luggage, do the same as mentioned earlier in option A. It is definitely a more convenient option than the one described above, but still, there will be a lot of walking till you finally arrive at your hotel or apartment in Krakow.

Let us now see the most convenient option to go. Solve it like a VIP and pay a normal price.

Book Transfer

Discover Warsaw With a Greek Guide

C. Solve it Like a VIP

We are going to provide you with 2 different ways to go. In both cases, you will arrive like a VIP. An English-speaking driver will pick you from Krakow's Airport and be at your disposal for around 4-hours. He will finally deliver you safely to your hotel or apartment in Krakow.

Note: All Transfers are Private.

(i) KRA Airport Pickup - 4 Hours Tour (No Guide) - Hotel in Krakow

Our professional English-speaking driver will pick you from Krakow Airport (Katowice Airport is also possible). You are going to see some very interesting spots in Krakow and its surroundings for about 4-hours.

Kosciuszkos Mound Hill Monument Wall Fortress

Then you will be taken to a great restaurant with Polish food and then you will be delivered to your hotel or apartment in Krakow.

Suggested spots (can be changed on demand):

  • Nowa Chuta - See: Unique Cities of Poland
  • KL Płasów - Nazi concentration camp operated by the SS in Płaszów, a southern suburb of Kraków.
  • Kościuszko Mound - An artificial mound modeled after Kraków's prehistoric mounds of Krak and Wanda.
  • Kraków Ghetto - Podgrórze guarter with Ghetto Old Wall.
  • Kazimierz -  historic Jewish quarter.
  • Visit a great Polish restaurant.

Cost and Policy

  • Total Price for Groups (1-8 people): €150. Price does not include food, drinks, museum entrances, or a professional guide.
  • Pre-pay only €30 and pay the rest to the driver.
  • Cancel 24-hours before your arrival and get a full refund without any questions.

Note: A professional Guide is not included, but it is possible to have it for an additional cost of €130 (Greek-speaking Guide is also available. Note that it will require one sit in the VAN.

Book Now

(ii) KRA Airport Pickup - Wieliczka Salt Mine - Krakow Hotel

Take the Wieliczka Salt Mine out from your travel list by combining it with your airport pickup. It might be the best way to kill your early arrival - late check-in in Krakow.

Our professional English-speaking driver will pick you from Krakow Airport (Katowice Airport is also possible). You are going to be transferred to the famous Wieliczka Salt Mine for a 2 hours tour in your language of preference and finally, return to your hotel in Krakow.

Note: Read Here: For a Greek-speaking tour to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, since an official guide is not offered, you will need an extra guide for translation.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Entrance

Cost and Policy

  • Total Price for Groups (1-8 people): €130. Price does not include food, drinks, entrance tickets, and a professional guide.
  • Pre-pay only €30 + Tickets with Guide (if you prefer that we pre-book them for you) and pay the rest to the driver.
  • The cancellation policy for the tickets if pre-booked is subject to the Policy of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.
  • Cancel the transfer 24-hours before your arrival and get a full refund without any questions.
  • Available languages: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Greek with an extra escort.

Note: Entrance Tickets + guides are not included in the price. Prices and information about the Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour are listed here.

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