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Greek Guide in Auschwitz

Are you looking for a Greek guide in Auschwitz? Since you might visit Auschwitz once in a life-time, you might want to make it a unique experience with a Greek-speaking tour where you will be able to solve all your questions.

 Auschwitz in Greek with a GUIDE!

We provide tours with Greek- speaking guides to the Nazi Concetration and Exterimation camps in Oswięcim (Auschwitz) from Krakow, Warsaw and other cities in Poland.

In Auschwitz, around 1,300,000 people lost their lives, including 55,000 Greeks mostly from Thessaloniki. Some of them worked as Sonderkommando and very few survived to give un-deniable testimonies about the atrocities and the crimes of the Nazi German's.

Let's discover Auschwitz together in a very unique tour which will be delivered to you exclusively in the Greek language!

Read Everything In Greek about all the options for Greek Tours / Guides to Auschwitz

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General Information

The tours may start from Kraków or even directly in Auschwitz by meeting our Greek-speaking guide at the Auschwitz Museum in order to start your tour.

Greek Tours to Auschwitz are usually 3,5 hours and they are broken into 2 hours at the Auschwitz Museum and around 45 minutes at the Auschwitz II, Birkenau camp. Between the 2 camps, there is a small break of 10-15 minutes. There is also ability for longer tours (6 or 8 Hours) and even shorter tours for 2,5 hour/s as well).

Our Greek tours to Auscwhitz are flexible, and you can attend using your own car rental, traveling by bus to Auschwitz or by a Private Transfer from your Hotel. People coming from another city can arrive by train to Kraków Główny or go directly to Auschwitz if it is more convenient.

There are a few different ways to visit Auschwitz with a Greek guide with us. Let's see them together with the prices and what is included in every case.

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Price Lists with Different Options (Greek Guide / Auschwitz)

Check all the Price Lists and what each option contains in Auschwitz Greek Guide Price Lists.

All the tours in Auschwitz with a Greek Guide are executed in Private Groups for 3,5 hours except if it is requested otherwise. The tour is about 2 hours at the Auschwitz I (Museum) and 1 hour at the Auschwitz II (Birkenau). There is ability for a 6 or 8 hours Greek-speaking tours with additional cost.

More details of various options with price lists and more information on what is included can be founded HERE.

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Option A: Additional Greek-speaking Guide / Escort (Bus Transfer from Central Location)

In this case, you are going to meet with your Greek Guide for Auschwitz in Krakow. The meeting point is: Vienna House Andel’s Cracow. The transfer is made with the LAJKONIK bus to Auschwitz together with other tourists. See More.

Option B: Additional Greek-speaking Guide / Escort (Private Transfer with Hotel Pickup)

We are going to pick you from your Hotel in Krakow, or the Kraków Główny in case you arrive from Warsaw with an English-speaking driver and an additonal Greek Guide for Auschwitz. On the way, the guide will speak to you about the history of the WWII.

After you arrive at the Auschwitz Museum, you are going to take a 3,5 hours Greek-speaking tour at the 2 camps (Auschwitz I and II) and finally, we are going to return you back to Kraków anywhere you prefer or to your hotel. See More.

Option C: Private Transfer with Hotel Pickup + Private Tour for 3,5 Hours (No Escort)

An English-speaking driver will pick you from your hotel in Kraków, transfer you to Auschwitz I (Museum) where you are going to meet you Greek Guide in Aushcwitz and start your tour. After the 3,5 hours tours in Auschwitz I and II, your driver will return you back to Krakow. See More.

Option D: Private Tour for 3,5 Hours (No Escort and No Transfer)

Many people rent a car when they visit Poland, so with us you have the chance to arrive at the Auschwitz on your own vehicle and take your 3,5 hours private tour at the two camps by a Greek-speaking guide. In this case, we are going to send you all the necessary information together with your tickets. See More

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