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How to Cut on Travel costs and Travel More

Cut on Travel Costs and Travel More. Would you like some inspiration for your next trip? Book a cheap trip to escape. Best Flight comparison engine and the world's leading Hotel Comparison engine. Have you tried Nightly.Travel?

Tools to help you Plan a Cheap Trip

Life is short. At the end of we are going to regret things we didn't do. Risks we didn't take and ideas we didn't act on.

Do you know some general Travel Secrets that you like to Share? Please write in the comments below!!

Technology has improved a lot.

Now we are able to check in a few minutes many companies at once. Find sorted Flights and Hotels according to Price or Recommendation.

Find the cheapest flights and cheapest hotels using the search engines below. If this is in the budget, then book the trip!

See also: Main Flights Page and the Main Hotel Comparison Page (mostly for Poland).

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Best Flight comparison Engine - When you know your Dates

In the first place, I am sure that everyone knows that flight comparison engines exist. Possibly you already know about Skyscanner. Well, all the flight and comparison engines do more or less the same.

They compare different companies on specific dates for a specific destination and they should give you the results. Finally, the results can be sorted according to your preferences.

I think this is not as simple as that. There are a lot of things we do not know about. Commissions, marketing, competitions, different deals and etc.

What I know is that the engine below pays nearly nothing in commissions and it is one of the best. Feel free to check it out for your next destination.

General Tips for booking the cheapest Flights

  • After the Comparison Engine will get you the cheapest flights - Go directly to the company website and check them there. It is 95% that they are going to be even cheaper.
  • Set Flight Alerts and get notified when a price change. You have now the ability to set alerts for your favorite destinations at once. Every time the price change, you are going to get an email.
  • When the exact days are not a problem, try to search ranges. See below the Kiwi Engine.
  • Check also Ctrip - This is only for specific destinations. Used for Flights, Hotels, and Trains.

Booking a Holiday Package (Flight and Hotel)

Definitely there are times when booking holiday packages can save you time and money.

Rather than going to the local office, you can check some packages online. I have some options for you here, but there are thousands of online options.

  • One good option to find and book cheap holiday packages is Expedia-UK.

But there are many companies and the internet is full of such holiday packages.

Cheap flights to Top Destinations - Not Sure Where?

The Kiwi Engine is awesome. We used Kiwi many times for our own flights, it’s absolutely reliable.

Sometimes you can find deals here that you can’t find anywhere else! Confirmation and support for your flight booking and tickets are excellent.

Please note the ability to search for Ranges in both Departure and Return Dates.

This allows you to find the best prices when the exact dates don't matter. Finally, note that dates when searching for a hotel.

The engine will also give you some inspiration about top destinations and the price for tickets. 

Find the Cheapest Hotels - Best Hotel comparison Engine

World leading hotel comparison engine, search and compare hotels in a few minutes.

All available hotels in your destination sorted ready to book the cheapest hotel.

The engine uses all the well-known hotel providers. It is the winner of the "World’s Leading Hotel Comparison Website" award for the past five years.

This includes 2017 as well. It worth to spend one minute to check it out!!

Tips to Get Cheap Hotels and Holiday Deals

Booking.Com has an easy interface that lets you quickly find a hotel room that fits your needs. But let's see some tricks that will make better use of it.

  • Once you book five separate trips on, the site upgrades you to a Genius member.
  • Ude the Free Cancellation no Prepayment Policy and Search Again. Users often reserve multiple rooms and release them on a later date. A day before the deadline, search for a better deal and cancel any previous.
  • Use the price matching deal. If you find the same hotel room for a lower price somewhere else, will change your price to match the lower one. To Search for Cheaper Hotels, try the amazing Hotels Combine Comparison Engine.
  • Check the Map view for the Hotels in order to Save on Transport Expenses.
  • Pay Attention to Date Suggestions.
  • Check other sources for Hotels and Apartments in our Page.
  • Try a new service called Nightly.Travel

Nightly.Travel - Stay In Two Hotels instead of One - Save up-to 70% empowers travelers to combine two hotels in a single trip in order to save money, enjoy upgrades, and experience more.

By switching hotels once during their trip, travelers can save as much as 70% vs staying in a single hotel while experiencing more of the cities they visit, getting more from their travels.

Nightly Travel Banner - Switch Hotels and Save Money on Accomodation

Book an apartment instead

Are you traveling with a group of friends and you want to be all together? Looking for a holiday home that allows a dog?

Or for any other reason, you need to book an apartment or a Holiday Home?

I bet you know already AirBnb, right. I will give you then an alternative to check. Signup and get Free 100 zł Travel Credit from Airbnb Now!!

Boat House Cottage Waters Lake Scotland Blue

Have you seen the TripAdvisor Rentals?

Trip Advisor Rentals Banner

How to get from the Airport to your Hotel or Travel to another city?

Definitely nobody wants to pay a lot of money to a TAXI driver for a 15 - 20 minutes ride.

This is what happens in many places in the world. In some cases, you can even pay less for the flight than for the TAXI.

Unfortunately, every destination can be different but with some planning, you can find the best option for sure.

edsel ranger old yellow taxi

For example, if you are going to visit Warsaw, you can get from Chopin Airport to the City center with just 1 euro.

Not because you found my blog, but if you look you can find.

Facebook groups already there for nearly every destination and people are usually willing to help and give information.

For transports between different cities, we recommend checking GoEuro - Trains, Buses and Flights and also Rail Europe.

When you are a group of people it might a great idea to check the Kiwi Taxi for a more convenient option.

Finally, renting a car might be the best option for some destinations. Check our page and get a free quote for renting a car.

Last but not least, make sure to see the important sites of the place

This can be tricky and requires some investigation in advance. Some people go with the flow.

They land, get to the hotel and they are just looking around for flyers and things to see.

That's fine but I will not make sure you get the best you can get. Life is an adventure and is nice to discover the unknown.

Exotic Boat Trip Phuket

But let's see some places where we can get some inspiration for the most widely seen attractions in the place we are going to visit.

The best place to find all the main attractions is definitely a tour provider. Yes, you do not have to book anything from here, except if you really want to.

Some of the best Companies that they sell tours, just like Trip Advisor

You can find reviews and many different tours in your preferred destinations. This can be used as inspiration on what to see but why not booking something interesting.

Personally I prefer Fun Tours, Culture Tours, Food Tours and Party Tours rather than historic tours :)

GETYOURGUIDE - This is one of the nicest company and I think they have very good prices.

You can find anything you want anywhere you want it :)

You can cancel most bookings for free up to 24 hours before they start. They also have a great customer service available 24/7 in multiple languages.

Tickets Bar - Good variety of tours, attractions, museums, combo tickets, city passes and more. Top destinations in Europe and America.

Expedia UK - Things to do are not Only for UK citizens. Anyone can book it. Actually they have some very interesting tours in Krakow I haven't seen in other companies.

VIATOR - This is a very famous company for tours and activities in the whole world.

MUSEMENT - Another good company where you can find awesome things to do in nearly every corner of the planet.

New York City Brooklyn Bridge Night Skyline

Tips for booking a good Tour

  • Check for Free Tours. In every big European city, you might find Free Walking Tours. Just check it out on Google or on Facebook and you will find. They usually depart from a specific location on specific times. You can tip the person after the tour as much as you feel it deserves.
  • It's obvious that we need to check the reviews of the tour. But note that sometimes people lower the rate of their review because of their own issues. For example, I was reading somewhere. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend the tour at the end, because we didn't have time. 3* out of 5*. But that was a problem with the tour provider?
  • The most reliable site to check reviews for a place is Trip Advisor. I guess everyone knows Trip Advisor. But Trip Advisor might not be the cheapest place to book a tour. Yes, Trip Advisor is a very helpful place where but in most cases the price of the tours increases due to commissions.
  • The cheapest source for booking a tour is the local company that provides the tour. For tours in Warsaw and also tours from Warsaw, I cooperate with local businesses here.
  • Cheapest is not the best. You can see there are some tours at different prices. Read carefully the descriptions. One might depart from your hotel but the other might depart from the city center. One might have lunch included and others might be not. Also, many other details that can make a difference.
  • Also, note that some tours are new and they do not have yet any review. Maybe they deserve their chance.
  • Finally, might be fake reviews. If a tour has only 1 or 2 reviews, it might be fake reviews to start with. But I am not saying that the tour will be not good.
  • Usually, in most of the companies it is written who is doing this tour. You can check the reviews of the tour provider as well. Also, you can find possibly the tour from the provider on their page cheaper.

Caribbean Curacao Tropical Exotic Palm Trees

Traveling for your favorite concert?

If I don't make a mistake when booking your tickets online and in advance they should be cheaper, right?

It can be even more convenient as you are not going to wait in a long queue to buy a ticket. But you probably know much more than me.

In case you are looking for some alternatives for buys concert and festival tickets online.

I suggest to check: and also "TicketNetwork – Huge selection of tickets for Concerts, Sports, and Theater events".

Finally about culture and entertainment tickets. I recommend taking a look at

Tickets to culture and entertainment from your smartphone. No printing, no waiting. Worldwide.

In Conclusion, do not listen to me. Make your investigation and testing.

I hope you were able to find at least one useful information on this article.

Make that trip reality!!

Thanks For Reading!!

In case you found something useful, share this with other travel birds.

In case you think that was crap, please let me know - I will try to improve.

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