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Kid running on the lovely sandy beach in Sopot Poland

Weekend in Sopot with Kids + Dog (Family)

An awesome weekend in Sopot, Poland with kids and a dog during the end of May in 2022. Camping at the Baltic sea in a dog and kids friendly environment in Poland.

Sopot, Kids and Pet Friendly place in Poland

Wondering where is a nice place in Poland to relax, enjoy the sea-side with your kids and maybe your dog? Sopot is a great place with a pet-friendly, and kids-friendly environment, since in every place there is something for the kids and everyone is strolling with their dogs.

dog stroller sopot beach entrance

We stayed at the Park 45 camping, but in a proper room with a private toilet / shower, normal bed, tv and a sofa bed. Plus, they also installed another bed for the small one (1,5 years old) on demand. :-). Definitely, there are plenty of amazing hotels in Sopot but that was a nice place at a great price.

sopot center family dog

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beach restaurant Sopot stroller kid

Why Sopot?

Sopot, indeed, is a wonderful place for children, families and dogs.

family walk dog sopot poland

First of all and despite the bad weather of Poland in many cases, which of course can keep you in. Sopot has a amazing long, clean sandy beaches where the dogs and kids can freely play and enjoy the sun. I can't say the sea, because it is freezing at any time, but bathing is safe.

kid playground sopot camping hotel

Since I come from Cyprus, the water in Poland during the summer is a few times colder than the water in Cyprus during the winter, so there is no way to enjoy swimming in the sea. But the kids can jump in a little and get wet. This is so much fun for them. When I was living in Cyprus, I never swam during the winter, but after trying the Polish sea, I was able to comfortably swim in December in Cyprus.

architecture sopot

Except for the amazing sandy beach, just next to the sea, there is a very long walk-path covered in green which goes from the city center to Gdansk. If you have small kids in a stroller, this is the best place to walk, watching the sea through every entrance, the people and the restaurants / cafeterias and bars along the way.

sopot pier poland

During the summer, the place is packed with people, so we were lucky we had a few days of good weather during May when the place was not so crowded and we enjoyed long walks, eating out and playing with the kids on the sandy beach.

beach volley sopot poland

Even on the days when the weather is not so good, Sopot offers a wide variety of indoor attractions like the Aquariumindoor swimming pools and numerous spa centers which are located in different hotels.

long beach sopot poland

What are we doing in Sopot for 3 days?

Honestly, we did nothing special. We were waking up in the morning, going for breakfast at the camp and then walking to the city center, playing at the beach and at the different playgrounds, eating out and sleeping early after a glass of wine.

dog bed hotel sopot

One day, I visited the famous Sopot's pier with the small Mia and I was wondering why you need to pay entrance and whether people who are going to visit the restaurant which is located there are paying entrance to go eat. Unfortunately I never found the answer to this one.

hotel electric cars sopot

We also passed just outside the 'Little Crooked House' (Krzywy Domek), which might be worth seeing inside when you have older kids that might be interested, but in our case nobody cared to enter the house. Maybe next time we visit Sopot, because definitely it has to be the 2nd time to visit this amazing city, possibly during the summer months.

krzywy domek crooked house sopot

In my to do list for the next time in Sopot is also the Aquapark, maybe when Mia will be at least 5 years old, but I want also to visit the fort, which is a remnant of a fortified settlement which existed from the 8th to the 10th centuries and is Sopot’s oldest artefact.

kid eat sopot pasta restaurant

Finally, I would like to have a bit of a taste of the Sopot's nightlife, which seems to be centered around the Monte Cassino.

sopot center poland

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